Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 077

1. CRACKER JACKS - 'Drink Beer' - Human 7" - Japan - 1987
Let's start this one with some singalong Japanese pop-punk. From their only vinyl, a 3-track 7", though they had appeared on a compilation cassette the year before.
2. XL CAPRIS - 'My City Of Sydney' - Axle 7" - Australia - 1979
A Tommy Leonetti cover version, no less. Their first release. Video here.
3. THE TRACKS - 'Bombs Away' - Blue Door 7" - USA - 1977
Their only release, the flipside of 'Brakes On You', which is almost as good so I'll probably include it later. Love the lazy-sounding vocals.
4. THE AFFLICTED - 'Summer Of Love' - Infra Sonic LP - USA - 1986
The opening track from sole album 'Good News About Mental Health'. From Frisco.
5. MANDEVILLE MIKE & THE MENTAL BLOCK - 'Does She Or Doesn't She?' - Oblique LP - USA - 1980
From the excellent 'N.O. Experience Necessary' compilation, one of New Orleans' finest samplers.
6. THE NEWS - 'Trying To Ride The New Wave' - Demo - USA - 1979
An excellent track which was meant to be their second single. From Wyoming. Many thanks to Eddy Delbridge and Bruce over at My Life's A Jigsaw.
7. THE MONITORS - 'Telegram' - Monitunes 7" - UK - 1979
Quaint little single. It was picked up by RSO but it never really sold and so that was it.
8. THE VACUUMHEADS - 'Preppie Girls' - Modern Method LP - USA - 1981
From the 'A Wicked Good Time' compilation album.
9. THE FLIRTS - 'We Just Want To Dance' - 'O' 7" - USA - 1982
The Flirts were a Bobby Orlando creation which he fronted with a revolving cast of dodgy female singers. Cheeeeeeesy but fun.
10. THE SKEPTIX - 'Routine Machine' - Zenon 7" - UK - 1982
So let's cleanse our palate with some straight ahead punk rock from Stoke. Their first single. 
11. WILLI WARMA - 'Ich Sprenge Alle Ketten' - Atom 7" - Austria - 1981
The B-side of 'Stahlstadtkinder'. How much catchy Austrian stuff is out there?
12. THE CONTENDERS - 'Little Murders'Oblique LP - USA - 1980
Another goodie from 'N.O. Experience Necessary'.
13. THE RESTRAINTS - 'Cancer Dancer' - Panic LP - USA - 1980
This one's from another cool compilation, the 'Standard Deviation' LP. Their other track's good too so watch out for it later.
14. THE KNEECAPPERS - 'Urban Kill' - Demo - USA - 1979
From Cleveland, Ohio, where nearly every band was legendary. Released posthumously on an album by Buckwheat Headlock Productions in 1996.
15. THE REAL KIDS - 'Taxi Boys' - Red Star LP - USA - 1977
One from their debut self-titled album. Worth it for the sleeve alone. They don't do hair like that anymore.
16. BLYTH POWER - 'Stand Into Danger' - All The Madmen LP - UK - 1986
There's something not quite right about drummers doing lead vocals, but let's not get hung up on it, alright? From the 'Wicked Women, Wicked Men and Wicket Keepers' LP.
17. PASTICHE - 'Psycho Blonde' Modern Method LP - USA - 1981
Another track from 'A Wicked Good Time'. It's all wicked on this one.
18. DESTINATION ZERO - 'Kicks' - Bitzcore LP - Germany - 1988
From the 'Suiciety' debut album. After a couple more Elf went back to the reformed Slime.
19. SMART ALEX - 'Chitter Chat' - Lickey Split 7" - USA - 1978
Wonderfully catchy sole release. Read all about them here.
20. THE RESTRAINTS - 'I Cannot Be A Nun'Panic LP - USA - 1980
Me neither. Their other track from the 'Standard Deviation' LP. 
21. LEUZEMIA - 'Un Lugar' - Virrey LP - Peru - 1985
Opening track from probably the only Peruvian album I've ever heard. Influenced by Kidnap from France, if you ask me.
22. THE NEWS - 'Modern Toys' - Polydor 7" - UK - 1980
Another one of the million bands called The News. This was their second and last single (the first being '50% Reduction').
23. THE TRACKS - 'Brakes On You'Blue Door 7" - USA - 1977
As promised, the A-side of 'Bombs Away'.
24. THE FREEZE - 'American Town' - Modern Method LP - USA - 1981
From 'A Wicked Good Time' Volume 2'. Slower than the 'Land Of The Lost' version. 'You can choose your way to stagnate in your American town, if the army doesn't get you be a factory clown, they're all standing still while the world goes around, they try tuning me up but I'm turning them down'.
25. THE BATTERED ELVES - 'We're Gonna Kill Santa Claus' - Epic 7" - Canada - 1978
Novelty single by (possibly) the Battered Wives, incognito. A Christmas classic.

26. THE MONITORS - 'Compulsory Fun'
27. THE NEWS - 'Stereo Generation'
28. WRECKLESS ERIC - 'Rags And Tatters'
29. THE SKEPTIX - 'Curfew' 
30. BLYTH POWER - 'Probably Going To Rain'

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  1. Hey Man!
    Really great Comp as always!
    Do you want to hear the german Original of the WILLI WARMA-Song (Nr.11)?
    Hahaha...it's from 1971, I think. Look here:
    All the Best,
    Nolti from Berlin

    1. Nice trousers! So, now we know where your true musical tastes lie, Nolti!