Friday, 31 January 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 046

1. THE VIBRATORS - 'Into The Future' - Epic LP - UK - 1977
And so begins the Vibrators first album 'Pure Mania'. It's solid rather than classic and the lyrics aren't quite as good as on 'V2' but I love the line 'You're pretty messed up for only 23, so honey won't you come along with me'. What a charmer. Here's some grainy live footage from 1977.
2. THE FASTBACKS - 'Now Is The Time' - Demo - USA - 1983
The Fastbacks are the best ever Seattle band with a Kurt playing guitar. This was finally released on a Ded Beet 7" in 1992. 
3. NIKKI & THE CORVETTES - 'You're The One' - Bomp LP - USA - 1980
Bubblegum rock from their sole self-titled album. Sounds very Californian but this all-gal trio were actually from Detroit.
4. KONTRARITAM - 'Sretne Noge' - Jugoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1982
So, how about some early Serbian ska? This is the opening track from their sole self-titled album. They did, however, make one of the most boring videos ever.
5. ROZZ & NEGATIVE TREND - 'M-16' - Demo - USA - 1978
Well, it isn't actually Negative Trend! A bunch of these Rozz demos have been released on CD, however, the only Negative Trend recordings with Rozz are the ones on the Miners Benefit compilation CD.
6. THE KICKS - 'If Looks Could Kill' - Blue Chip 7" - UK - 1981
This is actually the Incredible Kidda Band who had annoying habit of frequently changing their name. This was effectively their fourth single but the second as The Kicks. Another powerpop classic.
7. RADIO - 'Djelomičan Popis Lektire' - Diskoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1981
Bosnian alt. rock this time. The opening track from their sole LP 'Rampampila' which is so good that there'll be more tracks later.
8. PANKRTI - 'Lublana Je Bulana' - ŠKUC 7" ‎– Yugolslavia - 1978
Well, seeing as we appear to be on a tour of the former reluctant union of Yugoslavia, let's go to Slovenia for this, the B-side of their debut single 'Lepi In Prazni'.
9. THE NEWTOWN NEUROTICS - 'Does Anyone Know Where The March Is?' - Peel Session - UK - 1983
Hilarious tale recalling their attempts to play a benefit gig. 'Oh where did it go? God knows, it could have been worse I suppose, just look at us, we're standing there in our rebel clothes, singing rebel songs with a rebel pose, we were waiting for the traffic to clear, stuck outside Tesco's'.
10. ZABRANJENO PUšENJE - 'Anarhija All Over Baščaršija' - Jugoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1984
Back to Bosnia. This is from their debut album 'Das Ist Walter'. They were closely associated with the New Primitivism cultural movement and the radio and television satire show 'Top Lista Nadrealista', apparently.
11. PRAG VEC - 'Nervous' - Peel Session - UK - 1978
Another rare Peel effort from one of the fore-runners of post-punk. From their first session recorded August 1978.
12. THE CARPETS - 'Kill Hirb Cane' - Vectoplex 7" - USA - 1979
From their only 4-song E.P. Unsurprisingly they later changed their name to The Conservatives. Incidentally, the song is about Herb Caen, a right-wing San Francisco columnist. The unusual spelling of the name is probably an attempt to avoid a lawsuit, as if Herb actually cared about such punk rock childishness.
13. THE LIENKES - 'She's Not Disgusted' - Digi-Comm LP - USA  - 1982
From their 'Brothers By Choice' album. Quirky enough to be of interest and it strangely compliments some of the Yugoslavian stuff on this sample.
14. PANKRTI - 'Kaj Nardit' - ZKP RTVL ‎LP - Yugoslavia - 1983
Speaking of which, this is from Pankrti's third LP 'Rdeči Album'. I'll let you guess what that means.
15. KONTRARITAM - 'Dečaci'Jugoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1982
Another track from their sole self-titled album.
16. RADIO - 'Vatra' - Diskoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1981
Another track from 'Rampampila'. 
17. THE FASCINATORS - 'I'm Into Something Good' - Penthouse 7" - UK - 1981
I was just thinking, what this sampler lacks is a good old cover version. So here you are, their second single.
18. PRLJAVO KAZALISTE - 'Moj Je Otac Bio U Ratu' - Suzy 7" - Yugoslavia - 1979
Well, I couldn't possibly cover Yugoslavia without a track from Croatia! This is their second single. They made a ton of records but they weren't always very punky, so watch out.
19. CURTISS A - 'Land Of The Free' - Twin Tone 7" - USA - 1978
The B-side of 'I Don't Wanna Be President'. Better than the 'Spooks' E.P. that he'd played on previously.
20. PROBLEMI - 'Grad Izobilja' - ZKP RTLJ LP - Yugoslavia - 1982
Ignore what it says on the download (I can't be arsed to change it now). This is Croatian band PROBLEMI from the 'Novi Punk Val' compilation LP.
21. AIL SYMUDIAD - 'Dilyn Y Sebon' - Fflach 7" - UK - 1982
Quaint little Welsh band who released many good singles and an album back in the '80s. This is the flipside of 'Lleisiau O'r Gorffennol'. Have another song here.
22. THE FASTBACKS - 'Sometimes' - Demo - USA - 1983
Released on the same E.P. as 'Now Is The Time'.
23. THE 'B' GIRLS - 'Fun At The Beach' - Bomp 7" - USA - 1979
Another Californian-sounding all-girl band who were actually from Toronto. No surprise that Bomp records picked this up.
24. RADIO - 'Pred Polazak Na Plažu'Diskoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1981
A third track from 'Rampampila'. 
25. NICK LOWE - 'Endless Sleep' - Stiff 7" - UK - 1977
From the 'Bowi' E.P. A quiet, poignant suicide piece that I can totally relate to, especially recently. Emotional performance here.
26. ANTI-PASTI - 'No Government'
27. THE VIBRATORS - 'Sweet Sweet Heart'
29. THE DEFNICS - 'Hello From Berlin'
30. ANTI-PASTI - '1980'
31. THE VIBRATORS - 'Bad Time'

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  1. Zabranjeno Pušenje! I picked up a cassette of theirs in Bosnia when I was working there in '98. Means 'No Smoking!" and there's usually a cigarette w/ red circle & slash logo. They were apparently still releasing new material & quite popular in Bosnia in the '90s. Somehow I'd never heard of Radio, really looking forward to this mix, more than the usual number of new tracks to me. Every single mix is a great mixture of classics & stuff I didn't know about... the BEST blog!

    1. Thanks Chris. I knew some of the Yugoslav stuff would be new to a few people. I like to mix up styles and countries which will hopefully broaden peoples musical tastes, and of course theses are all just my particular favourites, the tracks I've left out may be even better for others, so it's worth checking all these records out.