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The Best of Brought To Life - 043

1. KORTATU - 'La Familia Iscariote' - Soñua LP - Spain - 1985
We open with a track from the self-titled debut album by Basque Country combo Kortatu. Big Clash fans, apparently.
2. ENERJETICS - 'Enerjetics' - Demo - USA - 1982
From New Jersey. There was some dispute whether this was actually a 1982 demo tape or whether it was a re-recorded effort from the early '90s by a couple of the old band members. Me, I don't care. The demo was on the BTL CDs and therefore the tracks qualify for this sampler, whenever they were recorded.
3. FAMILY FODDER - 'Debbie Harry' - Fresh 7" - UK - 1980
Quirky little single from this London band which consisted of a forever changing ensemble of musicians centred around Alig Fodder. 
4. THE LEGENDARY LUTON KIPPERS - 'The Sun Says' - Fulham Court 7" - UK - 1982
From their sole release, the 'Fulham Court' 4-song E.P.  Bruce 'My Life's A Jigsaw' knew more than I. See here.
5. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Candy' - Label Unknown - UK - 1982
From the mythical '100mph' E.P.  It's supposed to exist but then no-one seems to have a copy. Read more about it here.
6. THE LURKERS - 'Total War' - Beggar's Banquet LP - UK - 1978
From their gatefold sleeved debut album 'Fulham Fallout'. A much later version can be found here.
7. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'The Day I Met God' - Do It LP - UK - 1979
From their first album 'Dirk Wears White Sox'. It's a strange album on the whole, there's hardly anything from the sex/bondage era (except maybe 'Cleopatra') and instead the songs seem very arty and experimental, though it isn't a bad thing in this case. The focus the album lacked was soon remedied on the albums that followed.
8. THE TENANTS - 'Submind' - Rent's Due 7" - USA - 1981
Sole release from this San Francisco band. Mark O'Brien and Chris Burns went on to form Domino Theory, who were one of many who had a track on the Maximum R&R compilation album 'Not So Quiet on the Western Front'.
9. RUDIMENTARY PENI - 'Teenage Time Killer' - Outer Himalayan 7" - UK - 1981
From the legendary 12-song debut 7" E.P. which is full of anger, madness and nifty riffage.
10. THE BUDDY ODOR STOP - 'Buddy Odor Is A Gas' - Ariola 7" - Netherlands - 1979
This was a Dutch band fronted by Hans Vandenburg who was also in the infamous combo Gruppo Sportivo who were known for their somewhat theatrical performances.
11. THE MODERNS - 'Makt Pengar' - Parlophone LP - Sweden - 1981
From an album called 'Tro, Hopp & Fruktan'. They'd previously had a couple of singles with a mod revival theme and English titles whereas this one was entirely in Swedish and sounds all the better for it.
12. THE BLITZ BOYS - 'Eddy's New Shoes' - Told You So 7" - UK - 1980
From the Forest of Dean, no less! This was played to death by John Peel back in the day and recently it was re-released on New York based Sing Sing records.
13. THE GLUONS - 'Sue Your Parents' - Alekos 7" - USA - 1981
From Denver. I love this track but the 7" is best known for the other side which has vocals by none other than legendary poet Allen Ginsberg. I may just include it on this sampler, though it's hardly as good as 'Howl'.
14. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'Animals And Men'Do It LP - UK - 1979
Another from 'Dirk Wears White Sox'. Sounds like a load of mice running upstairs. Hectic!
15. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Big House'Label Unknown - UK - 1982
Another track from the '100mph' E.P. 
16. ENERJETICS - 'Mass Confusion' - Demo - USA - 1982
Another track from the 'fake' demo.
17. RUDIMENTARY PENI - 'B-Ward'Outer Himalayan 7" - UK - 1981
Another from the debut E.P. 'Discord in B-ward a cliché never bored, discord in B-ward siggy siggy siggy fraud, discord in B-ward a goal that's never scored, discord in B-ward excruciating smell hell!'
18. BARBI AND THE KENS - 'Pay My Bills' - 'O' Records 7" - USA - 1980
A concept group created by Bobby Orlando. You think it's gonna be terrible but then you start singing it and everything's groovy.
19. MAGGOT SANDWICH - 'Termination' - KML 7" - USA - 1986
From their second E.P. 'Suckcesspool'. With Kaptin Krap on bass.
20. THE TRANSPLANTS - 'Suicidal Tendencies' - Demo - 1978
From somewhere north of Boston. Collected on the 'Vegetable Stew' LP/CD on Rave Up in 2002.
21. SCHUND - 'Chaos' - Panza-Platte LP - Austria - 1982
From the 'Heimat Bist Du Grosser Söhne' compilation album. This blazing Schund track is the stand-out of the bunch. They disbanded when Doris, their German singer, was evicted from a Viennese squat and thrown out of the country altogether.
22. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Colours'Label Unknown - UK - 1982
And a third track from the '100mph' E.P. 
23. THE LURKERS - 'Shadow' - Beggars Banquet LP - UK - 1978
Another from 'Fullham Fallout' - much better than the single version. Here's the lads doing 'I Don't Need To Tell Her' on TOTP the same year.
24. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'Never Trust A Man With Egg On His Face' - Do It LP - UK - 1978
Another from 'Dirk Wears White Sox'. A silly tale, but it sounds so creepy and perverse that I like it!
25. THE GLUONS (with ALLEN GINSBERG) - 'Bird Brain'Alekos 7" - USA - 1981
I told you it was no 'Howl'!
26. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'Cleopatra'
27. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Blue Peter'
28. THE ENERJETICS - 'Gino's Brawl'
29. THE LURKERS - 'Jenny'
30. THE BLITZ BOYS - 'Eddy's Friend'
31. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'Catholic Day'

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