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The Best of Brought To Life - 041

1. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Something I Learned Today' - SST 2xLP - USA - 1984
I hope you like Hüsker Dü cos they've got 7 tracks on this compilation. This is the opening track from  'Zen Arcade', a double concept album, though I'm not entirely sure what the concept was.
2. RIKK AGNEW - 'Ten' - Frontier LP - USA - 1982
After leaving the Adolescents for 'creative and personal differences' Rikk recorded the album 'All By Myself' on which he sang and played all the instruments. Nice riffage on this one.
3. D.I. - 'Nuclear Funeral' - Triple X LP - USA - 1986
Then Rikk joined D.I. with his pal Casey Royer. This track was recorded in '83 but didn't get released until the 'Team Goon' compilation in '86.
4. DAG VAG - 'Hellre En Raket' - Ball 7" - Sweden - 1980
Enough of America, this Swedish classic is the B-side of 'Trycke E För Mycke'. Their website says TransKontinental RockReggae so I'm assuming their later output is a tad different.
5. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Beyond The Threshold'SST 2xLP - USA - 1984
Another sprawing guitarscape from 'Zen Arcade'.
6. POPULAR MECHANIX - 'Fun To Be Dumb' - Dollartone LP - Canada - 1979
From Winnipeg. 16 catchy tracks on this, their debut self-titled album.
7. DEAD MAN'S SHADOW - 'Neighbours' - Expulsion LP - UK - 1983
This is a reworking of a track from their debut E.P. Tighter, faster and all the better for it. From their debut album 'The 4 Ps'. Here's another track live.
8. 100 FLOWERS - 'Without Limbs' - Happy Squid LP - USA - 1983
The Urinals evolved into 100 Flowers. For me, some of the lo-fi charm was lost along the way but the 'Flowers records are still decent. This is from their self-titled LP.
9. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Afraid Of Being Wrong' - Reflex 12" - USA - 1983
Well before 'Zen Arcade' was the 'Everything Falls Apart' 12" E.P. And this is a track from it. 'Not for me! Not for me! Not for me!'
10. D.I. - 'The Saint'Triple X LP - USA - 1986
Another recorded in '83 and finally released on 'Team Goon' in '86.
11. THE SOFTIES - 'Something's Gonna Change' - Charly 7" - Holland - 1978
This was on the B-side of second single 'Killing Time'. Although they were based in Holland the band did have a couple of Britishers, including, for a while, Captain Sensible.
12. POPULAR MECHANIX - 'Sermonette' - Dollartone LP - Canada - 1979
Another from their debut self-titled album.
13. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Everything Falls Apart'Reflex 12" - USA - 1983
Title track from the 'Everything Falls Apart' 12" E.P. (in case you hadn't already worked that out). Live/interview here.
14. ETIQUETTE MONA - 'Amsterdam' - Fil 7" - Sweden - 1980
Sole single by this band from Motala. No picture sleeve, though there's a picture here.
15. D.I. - 'O.C. Life' - Reject LP - USA - 1985
From the first album 'Ancient Artefacts'. It was also a song on the Rikk Agnew LP 'All By Myself' but I think this version is marginally better.
16. BLITZEN - 'Snart Fast' - Dåvhjort 7" - Sweden - 1980
From Linköping. This is from their sole 4-track E.P. 'Hitsen Från Blitzen'.
17. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Target'Reflex 12" - USA - 1983
And a third track from 'Everything Falls Apart'.
18. 100 FLOWERS - 'Fallout'Happy Squid LP - USA - 1983
Another from their s/t LP.
19. POPULAR MECHANIX - 'Safety Pins' - Dollartone LP - Canada - 1980
From their second album 'Western World'.
20. D.I. - 'Falling Out'Reject LP - USA - 1985
Another from the first album which was also a song on the Rikk Agnew LP. Again, I slightly prefer this version.
21. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Real World' - SST 12" - USA - 1983
After 'Everything Falls Apart' (but before 'Zen Arcade') they signed to SST and released the classic 'Metal Circus' 12" E.P.  So good is this track that I named my record label after it. 'People talk of anarchy and taking up the fight, I'm afraid of things like that, I lock my doors at night, I don't rape and I don't pillage other peoples' lives, I don't practice what you preach and I won't see through your eyes, you wanna change the world by breaking rules and laws, people don't do things like that in the real world at all, you aren't a cop or a politician, you're a person too, you can sing any song you want, but you're still the same'.
22. LIVIN' SACRIFICE - 'Fuck Off' - Rosa Honung 7" - Sweden - 1981
From their debut 4-song E.P. 'San'. Sounds and looks like they were fans of The Runaways. I guess this was from much later. Is that my old boss?
23. RIKK AGNEW - 'Yur Too Late'Frontier LP - USA - 1982
Another track from 'All By Myself'.
24. DE CYLINDERS - 'I Wanna Get Married' - CNR 7" - Holland - 1980
Their debut single, re-released on Sing Sing in 2009. Very fairground, very bubblegum, very good! See it live here.
25. HÜSKER DÜ - 'First Of The Last Calls'SST 12" - USA - 1983
And finally another from 'Metal Circus'. Love the guitar lick near the end.
26. D.I. - 'Richard Hung Himself'
27. ETIQUETTE MONA - 'Jag Vill Ha En Amazon'
28. HUSKER DU - 'Pink Turns To Blue'
29. BLITZEN - 'Dömd'
30. THE SOFTIES - 'Whiskey Man'
31. THE POPULAR MECHANIX - 'Negative Man'
32. HUSKER DU - 'Gravity'

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