Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 031

1. REALLY RED - 'Too Political' - C.I.A. LP - USA - 1981
'No More Ghettos!' The opening track from one of the more essential early American punk albums.
2. THE WIDOWS - 'I Wanna Be Your Friend' - Poko LP - Finland - 1980
Less essential is the sole Widows LP. One side studio, one side live. The live side is probably better, bar this excellent track.
3. LEGAL WEAPON - 'No-One Listens' - Arsenal 12" - USA - 1981
From their debut E.P. 'No Sorrow'. They weren't quite there just yet.
4. HANS-A-PLAST - 'Rank Xerox' -  Lava LP - Germany - 1979
Excellent track from the solid debut release from this Hannover band - the one with the 'burning rat' sleeve. Some live fun here.
5. ASTA KASK - 'Hjärndöd' - Pang 7" - Sweden - 1982
From their debut 4-song E.P. - 'För Kung & Fosterland'. Youthful punk rock energy abound.
6. DEZERTER - 'Szara Rzeczywistość' - Tonpress 7" - Poland - 1983
Wow, spelling tests must be hard in Poland. This was from their  first classic E.P. on the state-owned Tonpress label.
7. BRIARD - 'Philosophy' - Hilse-Levyt LP - Finland - 1979
One of the best tracks from the 'Hilse' comp LP. Blazing stuff.
8. DMZ - 'From Home' - Sire LP - USA - 1978
DMZ were part of the late '70s Boston rock scene and, though competent, I can't imagine them ever blowing the Nervous Eaters off stage or anything.
9. LEGAL WEAPON - 'War Babies' - Arsenal LP - USA - 1982
Now they were there. This is one of the many excellent tracks from the 'Death Of Innocence' LP. Side 2 is almost perfection.
10. NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA - 'Hyvästi Huominen' - Beta LP - Finland - 1984
Lead-in track from their sole s/t LP with a fast catchy punky chorus that was somehow unexpected after their debut 7" a few years earlier.
11. PETER & THE TEST-TUBE BABIES - 'Banned From The Pubs' - No Future 7" - UK - 1982
Time for some Brighton chaos from the Oi-band days. The only time I saw these 'erberts was pretty much spoiled by the less-than-welcoming Sunderland skins, but many a gig was ruined by idiots back in the day and there was so many of 'em that you couldn't really do much about it.
12. ELTON MOTELLO - 'Panic In The Classroom' - Attic LP - Belgium - 1980
The second LP 'Pop Art' was a bit of a disappointment, and they really should have got a bunch of kids in to do the backing vocals, I reckon.
13. LEGAL WEAPON - 'No Sorrow' - Arsenal LP - USA - 1982
Another from 'Death Of Innocence'. This is the CD version of the track with the expanded intro. It doesn't work as well as the original vinyl version, however.
14. DEZERTER - 'Wojna Głupców' - Tonpress 7" - Poland - 1983
Another from the debut E.P.
15. WORLD WAR XXIV - 'Heart Attack' - Aberrant LP - Australia - 1983
One of the better tracks from the 'Flowers From The Dustbin' comp. LP.
16. REALLY RED - 'Teaching You The Fear' - C.I.A. LP - USA - 1981
Title track from the debut LP. Paints a devastatingly cruel picture.
17. PETER & THE TEST-TUBE BABIES - 'Moped Lads' - No Future 7" - UK - 1982
Another from the 'Banned From The Pubs' 7". 'If you hit 'em they tell their dads'.
18. LEGAL WEAPON - 'Wanna Be' - Arsenal LP - USA - 1982
Another from 'Death Of Innocence'.
19. GEZA X & THE MOMMYMEN - 'I Hate Punks' - Final Gear LP - USA - 1982
One of the best producers of early California punk with one of the better songs from the 'You Goddam Kids!' LP. More craziness here.
20. HANS-A-PLAST - 'For Ne Frau' - Lava LP - Germany - 1979
Another from the debut LP.
21. ASTA KASK - 'Psalm 474' - Pang 7" - Sweden - 1982
Another track from 'För Kung & Fosterland'.
22. LEGAL WEAPON - 'Equaliser' - Arsenal LP - USA - 1983
One of the better tracks from the 'Your Weapon' LP.
23. BRIARD - 'Anarchy In The UKK' - Demo - Finland - 1979
Appears on the CD Version of 'Miss World' which has the sexiest LP sleeve ever.
24. NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA - 'Silminnäkijä' - Beta LP - Finland - 1984
Another from the debut LP - better than the 7" version.
25. DEZERTER - 'Spytaj Milicjanta' - Tonpress 7" - Poland - 1983
And to end with a third track from the classic debut Dezerter E.P.
26. LEGAL WEAPON - 'Hand To Mouth'
27. REALLY RED - 'Decay'
28. WORLD WAR XXIV - 'Fun Outta Da Sun'
29. HANS-A PLAST - 'O o o'
30. LEGAL WEAPON - 'Daddy's Gone Mad'

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  1. Great great great blog!
    Thought I was an expert on all things punk, but turns out I knew next to nothing, oh lordy.
    Anyway, any chance of a wee re-up?
    Ta from a fan!

  2. There's too many dead links to re-up everything, but if there's only one or two in particular you need then let me know which ones.

  3. Now, please do not get me wrong, since I am ever so grateful (not only delighted, mind), but I do feel like a pathetic sarny short of cheese and mayo. Pts 31 thru 61 are gone gone gone. Odd, but sad:(
    Hope to find them some day, somewhere.
    Finally, exquisite job, mate, especially with non-Anglo-Saxon material...
    ...And, I've enjoyed your comments - to the point and not unlike Peeley's. Better than any "rock" "critic's" in the past three decades.
    Ta again, and all the best to you and all who cherish your effort/these tunes.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Yeah, it's a shame cos we no longer have broadband and my limited library time has to be used for Jobsearching (except 1 day a week when I should be able to do a new post). I still have the Best Of files and sleeves though and my CD burner still works, so if you have Paypal and the inclination I can burn the CDs for £1.00 each (plus postage) if you like. The CDs will be new Maxells, freshly burned with a PVC and picture insert with full tracklisting. Oh, and the 'Best Of' CDs all have extra bonus tracks which bring the CD lengths up to at least 75 minutes - something which wasn't done with the blog during the first 100 as I used a template with 25 tracks - silly really as I still could have added the extra tracks like i'm doing with #101 onwards.