Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 034

1. THE HYPNOTICS - 'Hypnotics Theme Song' - Acid Rain LP - USA - 1983
And Hypnotic it is. This was from their 2nd LP 'The Expendables' that was never released by their label, Enigma. 200 copies were supposedly pressed as a promo, but it's not on Enigma so I suggest the band probably pressed the records themselves and called it 'The Expendables' as a dig at their treatment by Enigma. If you know any different, let me know.
2. SKREWDRIVER - 'Government Action' - Chiswick LP - UK - 1977
From 'All Skrewed Up'. 'Things are changing for the British kids'. The signs were there.
3. THE NITWITZ - 'Jet Set' - Vögelspin 12" ‎- Netherlands - 1981
From 'The Scorched Earth Policy' 12". Who can spot what's unusual about this rip?
4. XTC - 'Radios In Motion' - Virgin LP - UK - 1978
Opening track from their first LP 'White Music'. Quirky jerky stuff indeed. Old Grey Whistle Test performance here.
5. AGENT ORANGE - 'Too Young To Die' - Posh Boy MLP - USA - 1981
The opening track from 'Living In Darkness'. Dig that Mike Palm signature guitar sound.
6. THE ROUSERS - 'Aint Got A Minute To Lose' - Torso LP - Netherlands - 1980
The Rousers debut LP 'A Treat Of New Beat' was as consistently good as any album of 1980. Lead vocals by Cock de Jong (snigger).
7. BOB BELAND - 'Stealing Cars' - Deli Platters 7" - USA - 1980
You can go a long way with a good guitar hook. If this had been released a couple of years later it would have been way too synth-heavy but may well have made a John Hughes film soundtrack.
8. EATER - 'Anne' - The Label LP - UK - 1977
Eater meanwhile never had much of a guitar sound but it never seemed to bother anyone. This is a nice little song about necrophilia.
9. SKREWDRIVER - 'Too Much Confusion' - Chiswick LP - UK - 1977
Another from 'All Skrewed Up'. 
10. THE X-TEENS - 'Penny' - Dolphin LP - USA - 1983
From their self-titled LP. I'm not sure the break in the middle is needed but what the hell.
11. THE HYPNOTICS - 'The Quest' - Acid Rain LP - USA - 1983
Another from 'The Expendables'. You spend an age waiting for the vocals only to find it's an instrumental. How frustrating.
12. XTC - 'Do What You Do' - Virgin LP - UK - 1978
Another track from 'White Music'
13. AGENT ORANGE - 'Everything Turns Gray' - Posh Boy MLP - USA - 1981
Another from 'Living In Darkness' which was also released as a 7" with a lurid blue and orange sleeve. Positivity was nowhere to be found, yet see it performed live in Rio.
14. SKROTEEZ - 'New Town' - Square Anarchy Music 7" - UK - 1982
From the 'Overspill' E.P. Skroteez weren't very positive either, but Livingston was hardly L.A. (or Rio for that matter) so it's quite understandable in the circumstances.
15. THE ROUSERS - 'Magazine Girl' - Torso LP - Netherlands - 1980
Another from 'A Treat Of New Beat'. Also released as a 7".
16. SKREWDRIVER - 'Back With A Bang' - Boots And Braces 12" - UK - 1982
Last release that wasn't overtly racist, though having 'patriotic' in the lyrics hinted at what was to come.
17. THE WIZE - 'After School' - Becket LP - USA - 1980
Harmless powerpop from this New York 3-piece.
18. TONIGHT - 'Money, That's Your Problem' - TDS 7" - UK - 1978
Second single which was better than the first but didn't sell as many. Who said life was fair?
19. EATER - 'Queen Bitch' - The Label LP - UK - 1977
Another from 'The Album'. One of my favourite Bowie covers.
20. XTC - 'Traffic Light Rock' - Virgin 10" - UK - 1978
Excellent track from the Virgin 10" sampler 'Guillotine'.
21. THE HYPNOTICS - 'Stole A Maserati' - Acid Rain LP - USA - 1983
And a 3rd from 'The Expendables'. 'I'm gonna do 200 miles an hour without any lights'. Don't try it kids, it'll only end in tears.
22. SKREWDRIVER - 'I Don't Like You' - Boots And Braces 12" - UK - 1982
B-side of 'Back With A Bang'.
23. THE ROUSERS - 'Nothing Else To Do' - Torso 7" - Netherlands - 1980
On a free 7" which was included with 'A Treat Of New Beat'.
24. BOOMTOWN RATS - 'Mary Of The 4th Form' - Ensign 7" - UK - 1977
Second single, about wild child shennanigans. TOTP performance here. Johnny Fingers was so cool in his pyjamas.
25. AGENT ORANGE - 'THe Last Goodbye' - Posh Boy MLP - USA - 1981
Another from 'Living In Darkness'. Closes side one of the album and this little comp. too. 
26. EATER - 'Space Dreamin'
27. THE ROUSERS - 'First Thing Tomorrow'
28. CHRONIC - 'No Time'
29. AGENT ORANGE - 'Living In Darkness'

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  1. Not getting many comments, eh? Well this is my favorite new blog of the past year & there are bunch of us grabbing every compilation, so thanks again & keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Chris. I expected few comments, really, because many other blogs complain about the lack of comments and I know a lot of this stuff is familiar to many. I was turned on to many great records by the blogging community so this was just my way of putting something back. Hopefully someone just getting into all this stuff will find it a goldmine, and there's plenty in the archive to get your teeth into! I've got 100 Best Of CDs, so if the PC holds out I'll plough on through to the end of those, comments or not!

  2. Chris is right...too much of us are Consumers only.
    I know this Problem from my own Site.

    Not getting many comments is frustrating. I want to know why I'm doing it.
    For you...and you...and you...and you...and YOU.... ;o)

    So let me tell you that I really like this Blog - not only for the Music, but for the Informations to every Track!

    Thanks & keep up the great Work!

    Nolti from Berlin

    1. Thanks Nolti - I hope you do it because you love the music. And 2 of the main punk rock ethics I always followed was 'Do It Yourself' and 'Support Your Scene'. So well done to you for doing something positive.

  3. Hi No 508 includes the Band No Dice, what is the track?

    1. Hi John, on #508 the No Dice tracks are 'You Can't Help Yourself', and 'Down'n'Dry', (from 1st LP), plus 'Shooting In The Dark' and 'Bad Boys' (from 2nd LP). Also on #1063 the No Dice tracks are 'Why Sugar' and 'Down And Dry', (3rd single) plus 'Come Dancing' and 'Bad Boys' (5th single).

  4. Thanks Graeme, looking for thse tracks from the US edition of the 1st LP No Dice:
    Someone Else's Gold and Spacey Romance. I have the 2 UK LP's.

    1. Yes John, I have a digital copy of the 1st LP (US version) with those 2 tracks. If it's just the 2 tracks in mp3 form you're after, let me know and i'll upload them to Zippyshare.