Friday, 31 January 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 046

1. THE VIBRATORS - 'Into The Future' - Epic LP - UK - 1977
And so begins the Vibrators first album 'Pure Mania'. It's solid rather than classic and the lyrics aren't quite as good as on 'V2' but I love the line 'You're pretty messed up for only 23, so honey won't you come along with me'. What a charmer. Here's some grainy live footage from 1977.
2. THE FASTBACKS - 'Now Is The Time' - Demo - USA - 1983
The Fastbacks are the best ever Seattle band with a Kurt playing guitar. This was finally released on a Ded Beet 7" in 1992. 
3. NIKKI & THE CORVETTES - 'You're The One' - Bomp LP - USA - 1980
Bubblegum rock from their sole self-titled album. Sounds very Californian but this all-gal trio were actually from Detroit.
4. KONTRARITAM - 'Sretne Noge' - Jugoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1982
So, how about some early Serbian ska? This is the opening track from their sole self-titled album. They did, however, make one of the most boring videos ever.
5. ROZZ & NEGATIVE TREND - 'M-16' - Demo - USA - 1978
Well, it isn't actually Negative Trend! A bunch of these Rozz demos have been released on CD, however, the only Negative Trend recordings with Rozz are the ones on the Miners Benefit compilation CD.
6. THE KICKS - 'If Looks Could Kill' - Blue Chip 7" - UK - 1981
This is actually the Incredible Kidda Band who had annoying habit of frequently changing their name. This was effectively their fourth single but the second as The Kicks. Another powerpop classic.
7. RADIO - 'Djelomičan Popis Lektire' - Diskoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1981
Bosnian alt. rock this time. The opening track from their sole LP 'Rampampila' which is so good that there'll be more tracks later.
8. PANKRTI - 'Lublana Je Bulana' - ŠKUC 7" ‎– Yugolslavia - 1978
Well, seeing as we appear to be on a tour of the former reluctant union of Yugoslavia, let's go to Slovenia for this, the B-side of their debut single 'Lepi In Prazni'.
9. THE NEWTOWN NEUROTICS - 'Does Anyone Know Where The March Is?' - Peel Session - UK - 1983
Hilarious tale recalling their attempts to play a benefit gig. 'Oh where did it go? God knows, it could have been worse I suppose, just look at us, we're standing there in our rebel clothes, singing rebel songs with a rebel pose, we were waiting for the traffic to clear, stuck outside Tesco's'.
10. ZABRANJENO PUšENJE - 'Anarhija All Over Baščaršija' - Jugoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1984
Back to Bosnia. This is from their debut album 'Das Ist Walter'. They were closely associated with the New Primitivism cultural movement and the radio and television satire show 'Top Lista Nadrealista', apparently.
11. PRAG VEC - 'Nervous' - Peel Session - UK - 1978
Another rare Peel effort from one of the fore-runners of post-punk. From their first session recorded August 1978.
12. THE CARPETS - 'Kill Hirb Cane' - Vectoplex 7" - USA - 1979
From their only 4-song E.P. Unsurprisingly they later changed their name to The Conservatives. Incidentally, the song is about Herb Caen, a right-wing San Francisco columnist. The unusual spelling of the name is probably an attempt to avoid a lawsuit, as if Herb actually cared about such punk rock childishness.
13. THE LIENKES - 'She's Not Disgusted' - Digi-Comm LP - USA  - 1982
From their 'Brothers By Choice' album. Quirky enough to be of interest and it strangely compliments some of the Yugoslavian stuff on this sample.
14. PANKRTI - 'Kaj Nardit' - ZKP RTVL ‎LP - Yugoslavia - 1983
Speaking of which, this is from Pankrti's third LP 'Rdeči Album'. I'll let you guess what that means.
15. KONTRARITAM - 'Dečaci'Jugoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1982
Another track from their sole self-titled album.
16. RADIO - 'Vatra' - Diskoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1981
Another track from 'Rampampila'. 
17. THE FASCINATORS - 'I'm Into Something Good' - Penthouse 7" - UK - 1981
I was just thinking, what this sampler lacks is a good old cover version. So here you are, their second single.
18. PRLJAVO KAZALISTE - 'Moj Je Otac Bio U Ratu' - Suzy 7" - Yugoslavia - 1979
Well, I couldn't possibly cover Yugoslavia without a track from Croatia! This is their second single. They made a ton of records but they weren't always very punky, so watch out.
19. CURTISS A - 'Land Of The Free' - Twin Tone 7" - USA - 1978
The B-side of 'I Don't Wanna Be President'. Better than the 'Spooks' E.P. that he'd played on previously.
20. PROBLEMI - 'Grad Izobilja' - ZKP RTLJ LP - Yugoslavia - 1982
Ignore what it says on the download (I can't be arsed to change it now). This is Croatian band PROBLEMI from the 'Novi Punk Val' compilation LP.
21. AIL SYMUDIAD - 'Dilyn Y Sebon' - Fflach 7" - UK - 1982
Quaint little Welsh band who released many good singles and an album back in the '80s. This is the flipside of 'Lleisiau O'r Gorffennol'. Have another song here.
22. THE FASTBACKS - 'Sometimes' - Demo - USA - 1983
Released on the same E.P. as 'Now Is The Time'.
23. THE 'B' GIRLS - 'Fun At The Beach' - Bomp 7" - USA - 1979
Another Californian-sounding all-girl band who were actually from Toronto. No surprise that Bomp records picked this up.
24. RADIO - 'Pred Polazak Na Plažu'Diskoton LP - Yugoslavia - 1981
A third track from 'Rampampila'. 
25. NICK LOWE - 'Endless Sleep' - Stiff 7" - UK - 1977
From the 'Bowi' E.P. A quiet, poignant suicide piece that I can totally relate to, especially recently. Emotional performance here.
26. ANTI-PASTI - 'No Government'
27. THE VIBRATORS - 'Sweet Sweet Heart'
29. THE DEFNICS - 'Hello From Berlin'
30. ANTI-PASTI - '1980'
31. THE VIBRATORS - 'Bad Time'

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 045

1. REBELS AND INFIDELS - 'War Games' - Fowl LP - USA - 1984
Stand by for a whole bunch of tracks from this powerful album. It's called 'Corporate Picnic' and has a blue and red sleeve with the band sitting around on beat-up old sofas in an industrial wasteland. Recorded live in the studio, and it shows.
2. THE VIBRATORS - 'Judy Says (Knock You In The Head)' - Epic 7" - UK - 1978
6th single, and probably my favourite. I never expected the sax solo half way through but the guitar solo straight after it is probably the best in punk rock. Ever. Here it is live on Revolver.
3. THE KIDS - 'We Are The Prisoners' - Fontana LP - Belgium - 1978
From their second album 'Naughty Kids'. Though no longer kids, here's the band bashing it out in 2008.
4. JOSIE COTTON - 'Johnny Are You Queer' - Bomp 7" - USA - 1981
Well, he must have been if that chest didn't move him. Also released on 12" format, different labels, etc, etc. You should know the story by now. Originally a Fear song, picked up and re-written by the Paine brothers, given to the Go-Gos, taken back off them and finally making a hit with our Josie. Video here. Wasn't she in 'Grease'?
5. FLIPPER - 'Ha Ha Ha' - Subterranean 7" - USA - 1981
First single. I once said you had to be in a particular mood to listen to Flipper. Not true. Listening to Flipper can put you in that particular mood. 'What is there to do, she said, he said come on baby and i´ll show you a good time, so they went on down to one of those cheap motels and they got all gushy and wet.'
6. REBELS AND INFIDELS - 'Red Flag' - Fowl LP - USA - 1984
Another mean-sounding classic from 'Corporate Picnic'. 'We're hungry, man, gonna get us something'.
7. COCADICTOS - 'Carne Para El Exterminio' - Demo - Spain - 1983
Frantic is the word. I don't think they released any records back in the day but the demos are available on a Barofia Records white vinyl (geddit?) LP.
8. BRENT FORD AND THE NYLONS - 'C'mon Everybody' - Brum Beat 7" - UK - 1978
A light-hearted covers band from Birmingham. This was from their only release, the '19th Nervous Breakdown' E.P. There's more info plus a live performance on Revolver here.
9. THE VIBRATORS - 'Automatic Lover' - Epic 7" - UK - 1978
5th single. There was an extended album version but it didn't add much to the song. There was even a Bolivian 7" version! Watch the TOTP performance here and wonder how many times Knox had to pout to win that bet.
10. REBELS AND INFIDELS - 'Rebels And Infidels' - Fowl LP - USA - 1984
'Rebels and Infidels - don't switch your blade

Rebels and Infidels - don't trigger your gun
Rebels and Infidels - don't swing your chain
You got 'em - use your brains!'
11. THE KIDS - 'Don't Wanna Be A Fat Boy'Fontana LP - Belgium - 1978
Another from 'Naughty Kids'. Why an aspiring young punk band would want to write such a song is beyond me. Must be the Belgian sense of humour.
12. FLIPPER - 'Love Canal' Subterranean 7" - USA - 1981
The flipside of 'Ha Ha Ha'. 'We are dying, our common grave is the love canal'. Both songs laugh at the futility of reproduction while Ted Falconi seems play a completely different song on every track.
13. THE EXPLODING SEAGULLS - 'Johnny Runs For Paregoric' - Fried Egg 7" - UK - 1980
Their only single, though they did appear on a couple of compilations back in the day. Apparently, the title is a line from a gothic novel that the bass player/vocalist's sister was reading at the time. He thought the line sounded cool so he made a Subterranean Homesick Blues-style arrangement out of it. And voilà!
14. THE VIBRATORS - 'Sulphate' - Epic LP - UK - 1978
From their 2nd album 'V2'. 'He aint no commie, he aint no National Front, he's into medicine, that's all he wants'.
15. REBELS AND INFIDELS - 'Modern Man' - Fowl LP - USA - 1984
A fourth from 'Corporate Picnic'. 'I want this I want that, bleed the system dry, one for one, all for none, ya steal, ya cheat, ya lie'.
16. THE SLIDE - 'Superman's Shoes' - Crash 7" - UK - 1980
Catchy powerpop single. Don't know any more about it than Bruce.
17. YOUTH BRIGADE - 'Sink With California' - Better Youth Organisation LP - USA - 1983
From the second version of their debut album 'Sound and Fury'. Also released a few years later as a single. 
18. THE KIDS - 'Naughty Boy' - Fontana LP - Belgium - 1978
Another from 'Naughty Kids'.
19. THE VIBRATORS - '24 Hour People' - Epic LP - UK - 1978
Another from 'V2'. 'They're living in the city, they know the whole thing's trash, they don't want their new subculture messed around for cash'. Maybe not, but inevitably it happened.
20. REBELS AND INFIDELS - 'American Citizen' - Fowl LP - USA - 1984
And a fifth from 'Corporate Picnic'. 
21. UNTERROCK - 'Tiger Hose' - No Fun LP - Germany - 1980
From the 'Mach Mal Deine Schnauze Auf' LP. Unterrock were a staunch feminist band from Hannover who reputedly only played live for audiences of women. The words 'preaching' and 'converted' spring to mind.
22. BRENT FORD AND THE NYLONS - 'Big Rock Candy Mountain' - Brum Beat 7" - UK - 1978
Another from the '19th Nervous Breakdown' E.P.
23. FLIPPER - 'Sex Bomb'Subterranean 7" - USA - 1981
The second single, and if you think it's long, this is the short version. I imagine this is live at Target.
24. THE VIBRATORS - 'Destroy' - Epic 7" - UK - 1978
The B-side of 'Automatic Lover'. 'Well you might just blow up the world!'
25. REBELS AND INFIDELS - 'Mother's Child' - Fowl LP - USA - 1984
And a final stomper from 'Corporate Picnic'.
26. THE VIBRATORS - 'Feel Alright'
28. THE VIBRATORS - 'Wake Up'
29. REBELS AND INFIDELS - 'Last Rites'
30. THE VIBRATORS - 'Flying Duck Theory'
31. REBELS AND INFIDELS - 'State Of The Union'

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The Best of Brought To Life - 044

1. ELVIS COSTELLO - 'No Action' - Radar LP - UK - 1978
The opening track from 'This Years Model', Elvis' second album.
2. THE BLUE MEANIES - 'Pop Sensibility' - Mercury 7" - UK - 1980
Great powerpop single. Video here. More info here.
3. THE CHEATERS - '(I Wanna Be A) Policeman' - Pre-Fab 7" - UK - 1980
From Manchester. From the Triple 'A' 7" E.P.  Here's the most comprehensive thing I've found on them, direct from Discogs.
4. ORPHAN - 'I Don't Want To Go (To Work Tomorrow)' - Orphan 7" - UK - 1979
'Hanging on to Sunday by your nails, one more day and you'll be back on the rails, throw the towel in, take a dive, doctor's notes in case you skive, bye bye best years of your lives'.
5. THE ELEVATORS - 'Your 'I's Are Too Close Together' - Koala 7" - UK - 1980
From Leicester. This is a nice little ditty about a girl who thinks she's it. Read all about them here.
6. THE BOYS - 'Sick On You' - NEMS LP - UK - 1977
First track from the self-titled debut album. See it coupled with Cop Cars performed live in 2009.
7. SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - 'Nicotine Stain' - Polydor LP - UK - 1978
From their debut album 'The Scream', by far their best, which cut through all competition with it's menace and originality. See it performed live in 2009.
8. THE MONOCHROME SET - 'The Jet Set Junta' - Cherry Red 7" - UK - 1983
So suave. 'Tick-tock go the death watch beetles in él presidente’s swill, pop pop goes the Cliquot magnum at the reading of the will, hiss hiss goes the snakeskin wallet stuffed with Cruziero bills, here we come, the jet set junta!' Video here.
9. THE ROUSERS - 'Rock' n' Roll Or Run' - Ariola 7" - Netherlands - 1980
'We can make it, I know we can, we can make it, we don't need a plan'. One of those 'Come on baby, let's run away' songs. She was probably 13.
10. THE PASSIONS - 'Palava' - Fiction LP - UK - 1980
From their first album 'Michael and Miranda', much overlooked at the time and still is today. 'Talk to me in a logical way'. 
11. THE ORDINARYS - 'I Wanna Be An Ordinary' - Demo - UK - 1978
Best known for failing to make an impact on TV's 'New Faces' in 1978. Performance here. Full story here.
12. SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - 'Jigsaw Feeling' - Polydor LP - UK - 1978
Another classic from 'The Scream'. Old Grey Whistle Test performance here.
13. ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS - 'Radio Radio' - Radar 7" - UK -1978
My favourite Elvis Costello track. 'I wanna bite the hand that feeds me, I wanna bite that hand so badly'. TOTP performance here.
14. BUNK DOGGER - 'Please Don't Tease' - RCA 7" - UK - 1979
Well, I guess the only way a Cliff Richard and the Shadows track was gonna appear here was via a cover version. So, I give you Bunk Dogger!
15. THE BOYS - 'T.C.P.' - NEMS LP - UK - 1978
A track from the second album 'Alternative Chartbusters'. How about Live in Stockholm 2010? Watch out for that dry ice!
16. ALTOS HORNOS DE VIZCAYA - 'La Danza Del Camaleon' - Discos Suicidas LP - Spain - 1987
For some reason I expected horns, but no, just a catchy Spanish rock ditty. From the album 'Bichos Raros Andan Por Las Calles'.
17. THE STALIN - 'Allergie' - Climax 7" - Japan - 1982
Love the intro. Wish I had the lyrics. At least we've all got the video.
18. NORMAN & THE HOOLIGANS - 'I'm A Punk' - President 7" - UK - 1977
Yes, it's a cash-in, fake punk, etc etc etc, whatever. 'You're too old, you're too slow, so move over, it's my go'. At least the sentiment was there!
19. SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - 'Helter Skelter'Polydor LP - UK - 1978
Another prime cut from 'The Scream', this time doing a decent cover of one of the better Beatles tracks.
20. THE GYMSLIPS - '48 Crash' - Abstract 7" - UK - 1982
And now for a third cover version, another cracker, this one paying homage to the mighty Suzi Q! Is it better than the original? You decide.
21. THE CASSETTES - 'Reverberate' - Zip 7" - UK - 1981
Their only single. Let Bored Teenagers tell you all about them.
22. THE SICK AND THE LAME - 'Ate Days A Week' - Rude 7" - USA - 1979
Another Beatles cover, though hardly recognisable from the original. The B-side is called 'I Laugh At Dead Dogs'. What an 'orrible bunch!
23. SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - 'Make Up To Break Up' - Demo - UK - 1977
One of their punkier demos that didn't quite make 'The Scream'. Live, it went something like this.
24. THE BOYS - 'Terminal Love' - Safari 7" - UK - 1980
Their 5th single (also on the 3rd album 'To Hell With The Boys') shows the Boys almost grown into men with this more mature tearjerker.
25. THE ROUSERS - 'Magazine Girl' - Torso 7" - Netherlands - 1979
And to finish, the 7" version of 'Magazine Girl'. You had the LP version a few collections ago on #34.
26. THE BOYS - 'Cop Cars'
27. ELVIS COSTELLO - 'I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea'
28. THE BOYS - 'Weekend'

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The Best of Brought To Life - 043

1. KORTATU - 'La Familia Iscariote' - Soñua LP - Spain - 1985
We open with a track from the self-titled debut album by Basque Country combo Kortatu. Big Clash fans, apparently.
2. ENERJETICS - 'Enerjetics' - Demo - USA - 1982
From New Jersey. There was some dispute whether this was actually a 1982 demo tape or whether it was a re-recorded effort from the early '90s by a couple of the old band members. Me, I don't care. The demo was on the BTL CDs and therefore the tracks qualify for this sampler, whenever they were recorded.
3. FAMILY FODDER - 'Debbie Harry' - Fresh 7" - UK - 1980
Quirky little single from this London band which consisted of a forever changing ensemble of musicians centred around Alig Fodder. 
4. THE LEGENDARY LUTON KIPPERS - 'The Sun Says' - Fulham Court 7" - UK - 1982
From their sole release, the 'Fulham Court' 4-song E.P.  Bruce 'My Life's A Jigsaw' knew more than I. See here.
5. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Candy' - Label Unknown - UK - 1982
From the mythical '100mph' E.P.  It's supposed to exist but then no-one seems to have a copy. Read more about it here.
6. THE LURKERS - 'Total War' - Beggar's Banquet LP - UK - 1978
From their gatefold sleeved debut album 'Fulham Fallout'. A much later version can be found here.
7. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'The Day I Met God' - Do It LP - UK - 1979
From their first album 'Dirk Wears White Sox'. It's a strange album on the whole, there's hardly anything from the sex/bondage era (except maybe 'Cleopatra') and instead the songs seem very arty and experimental, though it isn't a bad thing in this case. The focus the album lacked was soon remedied on the albums that followed.
8. THE TENANTS - 'Submind' - Rent's Due 7" - USA - 1981
Sole release from this San Francisco band. Mark O'Brien and Chris Burns went on to form Domino Theory, who were one of many who had a track on the Maximum R&R compilation album 'Not So Quiet on the Western Front'.
9. RUDIMENTARY PENI - 'Teenage Time Killer' - Outer Himalayan 7" - UK - 1981
From the legendary 12-song debut 7" E.P. which is full of anger, madness and nifty riffage.
10. THE BUDDY ODOR STOP - 'Buddy Odor Is A Gas' - Ariola 7" - Netherlands - 1979
This was a Dutch band fronted by Hans Vandenburg who was also in the infamous combo Gruppo Sportivo who were known for their somewhat theatrical performances.
11. THE MODERNS - 'Makt Pengar' - Parlophone LP - Sweden - 1981
From an album called 'Tro, Hopp & Fruktan'. They'd previously had a couple of singles with a mod revival theme and English titles whereas this one was entirely in Swedish and sounds all the better for it.
12. THE BLITZ BOYS - 'Eddy's New Shoes' - Told You So 7" - UK - 1980
From the Forest of Dean, no less! This was played to death by John Peel back in the day and recently it was re-released on New York based Sing Sing records.
13. THE GLUONS - 'Sue Your Parents' - Alekos 7" - USA - 1981
From Denver. I love this track but the 7" is best known for the other side which has vocals by none other than legendary poet Allen Ginsberg. I may just include it on this sampler, though it's hardly as good as 'Howl'.
14. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'Animals And Men'Do It LP - UK - 1979
Another from 'Dirk Wears White Sox'. Sounds like a load of mice running upstairs. Hectic!
15. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Big House'Label Unknown - UK - 1982
Another track from the '100mph' E.P. 
16. ENERJETICS - 'Mass Confusion' - Demo - USA - 1982
Another track from the 'fake' demo.
17. RUDIMENTARY PENI - 'B-Ward'Outer Himalayan 7" - UK - 1981
Another from the debut E.P. 'Discord in B-ward a cliché never bored, discord in B-ward siggy siggy siggy fraud, discord in B-ward a goal that's never scored, discord in B-ward excruciating smell hell!'
18. BARBI AND THE KENS - 'Pay My Bills' - 'O' Records 7" - USA - 1980
A concept group created by Bobby Orlando. You think it's gonna be terrible but then you start singing it and everything's groovy.
19. MAGGOT SANDWICH - 'Termination' - KML 7" - USA - 1986
From their second E.P. 'Suckcesspool'. With Kaptin Krap on bass.
20. THE TRANSPLANTS - 'Suicidal Tendencies' - Demo - 1978
From somewhere north of Boston. Collected on the 'Vegetable Stew' LP/CD on Rave Up in 2002.
21. SCHUND - 'Chaos' - Panza-Platte LP - Austria - 1982
From the 'Heimat Bist Du Grosser Söhne' compilation album. This blazing Schund track is the stand-out of the bunch. They disbanded when Doris, their German singer, was evicted from a Viennese squat and thrown out of the country altogether.
22. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Colours'Label Unknown - UK - 1982
And a third track from the '100mph' E.P. 
23. THE LURKERS - 'Shadow' - Beggars Banquet LP - UK - 1978
Another from 'Fullham Fallout' - much better than the single version. Here's the lads doing 'I Don't Need To Tell Her' on TOTP the same year.
24. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'Never Trust A Man With Egg On His Face' - Do It LP - UK - 1978
Another from 'Dirk Wears White Sox'. A silly tale, but it sounds so creepy and perverse that I like it!
25. THE GLUONS (with ALLEN GINSBERG) - 'Bird Brain'Alekos 7" - USA - 1981
I told you it was no 'Howl'!
26. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'Cleopatra'
27. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Blue Peter'
28. THE ENERJETICS - 'Gino's Brawl'
29. THE LURKERS - 'Jenny'
30. THE BLITZ BOYS - 'Eddy's Friend'
31. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'Catholic Day'

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 042

1. TZN XENNA - 'Gazety Mówią' - Tonpress LP - Poland - 1986
We're starting this one in Poland, from the compilation LP 'Jak Punk To Punk' (the one with the circular saw on the sleeve) which also contains solid tracks from Armia, Dezerter, Rejestracja, Sikiera, Abaddon and Process. TZN Xenna however are the clear standouts for me.
2. CHARGE - 'Alone At Midnight' - Trikont LP - Germany - 1980
From the 'Caged & Staged - Live In Germany' album. This one's never really been out of print. Buy direct from Germany here. 
3. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Plastic Land' - Sonic International 7" - UK - 1980
Welsh band from Neath. Ten songs were recorded at a session for Swansea Sound radio station. Five songs were unleashed on this first E.P. and the rest were on their mythical second, '100MPH'.
4. DE STRAKS - 'Israel'Strakkies Records - Netherlands - 1980
Drom Delft, better known for earthenware pottery than punk bands. This is from their first E.P. 'Vrij, Onverteerd'.
5. CRASS - 'Do They Owe Us A Living' - Small Wonder 12" - UK - 1978
From 'The Feeding Of The 5,000' 12" E.P. Problems were encountered when workers at the Irish pressing plant refused to handle it due to what they considered was the blasphemous content of 'Reality Asylum'. The record was eventually released with this track removed and replaced by two minutes of silence called 'The Sound of Free Speech'. This almighty hoo-hah is what prompted Crass to set up their own label. 
6. THE TOURS - 'Language School' - Tours 7" - UK - 1979
Powerpop classic of ridiculous proportion. One of those simple guitar lines that stays with you forever. Get it on the 'Album Of The Year... (That Never Was)' CD on Cherry Red or the 'Language School' album on 1977 records.
7. WASTELAND - 'Ono' - Ellie Jay 7" - UK - 1979
How catchy is this one? This is from their debut 3-track E.P.  'Want Not'.  From Canterbury. This one had Tony Tarrats on vocals.
8. THE RUTS - 'You're Just A . . .' - Virgin LP - UK - 1979
From their excellent first LP 'The Crack'. See it performed live here.
9. THE TUNES - 'Elevator' - Tune's Tunes 7" - USA - 1982
From Topeka. Re-released recently on Cheap Rewards as an LP (with extra tracks, of course). Read all about them here.
10. THE RAILBIRDS - 'Lonely' - King Kong 7" - Netherlands - 1979
From a split single with the Rondos. Rare video footage here.
11. THE STINGRAYS - 'Never Do' - Circus 7" - UK - 1981
Second single by this popular (in Bristol) band.
12. CHARGE - 'Little Mr. Minor Carassment' - Trikont LP - Germany - 1980
Another track from 'Caged and Staged'.
13. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Words'Sonic International 7" - UK - 1980
Another from the 'Plastic Land' E.P.
14. THE MIRROR BOYS - 'Jumble Sale Suit' - Wortley Road 7" - UK - 1980
From their sole 3-tracker 'At Tiffany's' which was a nightclub in their home town of Leeds. That's all anyone knows about them.
15. THE SEARCHERS - 'No Dancing' - Sire LP - UK - 1979
Yes, indeed it is the same Searchers that did 'Sweets For My Sweet' back in 1963. This was from their self-titled album of 1979.
16. THE HAPPY HATE ME NOTS - 'You're An Angel' - Waterfront 7" - Australia - 1985
One of many classic singles put out by Waterfront records of Sydney in the 1980s.
17. DE STRAKS - 'Konigin'Strakkies Records - Netherlands - 1980
Another from their first E.P. 'Vrij, Onverteerd'
18. THE TUNES - 'Crowded Heart'Tune's Tunes 7" - USA - 1982
Another track from the 'Elevator' E.P.
19. THE RONDOS - 'City Of Fear' - King Kong 2 x 7" - Netherlands - 1979
From a double compilation 7" which also contained tracks by The Railbirds, Bunker, and Terminal City.
20. TZN XENNA - 'Co Za Świat?' - Tonpress LP - Poland - 1986
Their other offering from 'Jak Punk To Punk'.
21. CHARGE - 'No-One Wants To Know My Name'Trikont LP - Germany - 1980
A third track from 'Caged and Staged'.
22. WASTELAND - 'Leave Me Alone' - Invicta 7" - UK - 1980
Their second single with a different singer, Becky Gale.
23. DIE FROHLIX - 'Wo Ist Unsere Heimat?' - Herbe Scherbe 7" - Germany - 1986
From their first E.P. 'Unser Größter Fehler' E.P. There were never enough trumpets in punk.
24. THE TUNNELRUNNERS - 'Forever Crying At Love Songs'Sonic International 7" - UK - 1980
And a third from 'Plastic Land'.
25. THE RUTS - 'Staring At The Rude Boys' - Virgin 7" - UK - 1980
Classic 5th single. TOTP performance here.
26. CHARGE - 'Rather B Crazy'
28. THE RUTS - 'I Aint Sofisticated'
29. CHARGE - 'Smile At The Morning'
31. THE RUTS - 'Out Of Order'

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 041

1. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Something I Learned Today' - SST 2xLP - USA - 1984
I hope you like Hüsker Dü cos they've got 7 tracks on this compilation. This is the opening track from  'Zen Arcade', a double concept album, though I'm not entirely sure what the concept was.
2. RIKK AGNEW - 'Ten' - Frontier LP - USA - 1982
After leaving the Adolescents for 'creative and personal differences' Rikk recorded the album 'All By Myself' on which he sang and played all the instruments. Nice riffage on this one.
3. D.I. - 'Nuclear Funeral' - Triple X LP - USA - 1986
Then Rikk joined D.I. with his pal Casey Royer. This track was recorded in '83 but didn't get released until the 'Team Goon' compilation in '86.
4. DAG VAG - 'Hellre En Raket' - Ball 7" - Sweden - 1980
Enough of America, this Swedish classic is the B-side of 'Trycke E För Mycke'. Their website says TransKontinental RockReggae so I'm assuming their later output is a tad different.
5. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Beyond The Threshold'SST 2xLP - USA - 1984
Another sprawing guitarscape from 'Zen Arcade'.
6. POPULAR MECHANIX - 'Fun To Be Dumb' - Dollartone LP - Canada - 1979
From Winnipeg. 16 catchy tracks on this, their debut self-titled album.
7. DEAD MAN'S SHADOW - 'Neighbours' - Expulsion LP - UK - 1983
This is a reworking of a track from their debut E.P. Tighter, faster and all the better for it. From their debut album 'The 4 Ps'. Here's another track live.
8. 100 FLOWERS - 'Without Limbs' - Happy Squid LP - USA - 1983
The Urinals evolved into 100 Flowers. For me, some of the lo-fi charm was lost along the way but the 'Flowers records are still decent. This is from their self-titled LP.
9. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Afraid Of Being Wrong' - Reflex 12" - USA - 1983
Well before 'Zen Arcade' was the 'Everything Falls Apart' 12" E.P. And this is a track from it. 'Not for me! Not for me! Not for me!'
10. D.I. - 'The Saint'Triple X LP - USA - 1986
Another recorded in '83 and finally released on 'Team Goon' in '86.
11. THE SOFTIES - 'Something's Gonna Change' - Charly 7" - Holland - 1978
This was on the B-side of second single 'Killing Time'. Although they were based in Holland the band did have a couple of Britishers, including, for a while, Captain Sensible.
12. POPULAR MECHANIX - 'Sermonette' - Dollartone LP - Canada - 1979
Another from their debut self-titled album.
13. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Everything Falls Apart'Reflex 12" - USA - 1983
Title track from the 'Everything Falls Apart' 12" E.P. (in case you hadn't already worked that out). Live/interview here.
14. ETIQUETTE MONA - 'Amsterdam' - Fil 7" - Sweden - 1980
Sole single by this band from Motala. No picture sleeve, though there's a picture here.
15. D.I. - 'O.C. Life' - Reject LP - USA - 1985
From the first album 'Ancient Artefacts'. It was also a song on the Rikk Agnew LP 'All By Myself' but I think this version is marginally better.
16. BLITZEN - 'Snart Fast' - Dåvhjort 7" - Sweden - 1980
From Linköping. This is from their sole 4-track E.P. 'Hitsen Från Blitzen'.
17. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Target'Reflex 12" - USA - 1983
And a third track from 'Everything Falls Apart'.
18. 100 FLOWERS - 'Fallout'Happy Squid LP - USA - 1983
Another from their s/t LP.
19. POPULAR MECHANIX - 'Safety Pins' - Dollartone LP - Canada - 1980
From their second album 'Western World'.
20. D.I. - 'Falling Out'Reject LP - USA - 1985
Another from the first album which was also a song on the Rikk Agnew LP. Again, I slightly prefer this version.
21. HÜSKER DÜ - 'Real World' - SST 12" - USA - 1983
After 'Everything Falls Apart' (but before 'Zen Arcade') they signed to SST and released the classic 'Metal Circus' 12" E.P.  So good is this track that I named my record label after it. 'People talk of anarchy and taking up the fight, I'm afraid of things like that, I lock my doors at night, I don't rape and I don't pillage other peoples' lives, I don't practice what you preach and I won't see through your eyes, you wanna change the world by breaking rules and laws, people don't do things like that in the real world at all, you aren't a cop or a politician, you're a person too, you can sing any song you want, but you're still the same'.
22. LIVIN' SACRIFICE - 'Fuck Off' - Rosa Honung 7" - Sweden - 1981
From their debut 4-song E.P. 'San'. Sounds and looks like they were fans of The Runaways. I guess this was from much later. Is that my old boss?
23. RIKK AGNEW - 'Yur Too Late'Frontier LP - USA - 1982
Another track from 'All By Myself'.
24. DE CYLINDERS - 'I Wanna Get Married' - CNR 7" - Holland - 1980
Their debut single, re-released on Sing Sing in 2009. Very fairground, very bubblegum, very good! See it live here.
25. HÜSKER DÜ - 'First Of The Last Calls'SST 12" - USA - 1983
And finally another from 'Metal Circus'. Love the guitar lick near the end.
26. D.I. - 'Richard Hung Himself'
27. ETIQUETTE MONA - 'Jag Vill Ha En Amazon'
28. HUSKER DU - 'Pink Turns To Blue'
29. BLITZEN - 'Dömd'
30. THE SOFTIES - 'Whiskey Man'
31. THE POPULAR MECHANIX - 'Negative Man'
32. HUSKER DU - 'Gravity'

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 040

1. EDITH NYLON - 'Avorton' - CBS LP - France - 1979
Dig that futuristic synth, huh? This is the lead track from their self-titled debut album. 'Je suis un avorton' roughly translates as 'I am a runt'. You want a video?
2. 999 - 'I'm Alive' - Labritain 7" - UK - 1977
First single. This lot, for me, had more great songs than any of the first wave punk bands. 'Just about to lose my mind, working just drives me wild, watch out for me now cos I'm alive!' Here's how they did it in 1984.
3. THE FREEZE - 'American Town' - Modern Method LP - USA - 1983
Lead track from their excellent first album, 'Land Of The Lost'. They had that classic Boston hardcore sound but kept the pace down so you could actually hear what they were singing. 'They all fit one description 'cause they're cast from a singular mold, but I'm the one that's about to break it, that ain't no way to grow old'.
4. BLACK MARKET BABY - 'Drunk And Disorderly' - Demo - USA - 1986
Recorded in '86 although it did appear on a 7" in 1990. Took me a while to realise it was a cover version (see Best Of BTL - 001).
5. ANDERS ÅNGEST - 'Lyssna' - Demo - Sweden - 1980
This lot only released one 3-song 7" but I prefer this demo track to the songs on that. Vocal harmonies are almost as good as the Beach Boys.
6. THE NERVES / BREAKAWAYS - 'Walking Out On Love' - Demo - USA - 1978
Though this song appears on the Nerves retrospective 'One Way Ticket' it was actually recorded after the Nerves had broken up and the remaining band at the time were called The Breakaways, so you may consider getting their 'Walking Out On Love' retrospective CD instead. Or maybe both?
7. 999 - 'Nasty Nasty' - United Artists 7" - UK - 1977
Second single, every bit as good as the first, and on green vinyl if you were lucky. Love the guitar solo.
8. ANGELIC UPSTARTS - 'Two Million Voices' - EMI LP - UK - 1981
Lead track from the third album of the same name. 'Two Million' referring to the size of the dole queue at the time, which kept on growing under Thatcher's regime. Here's Mensi with hair!
9. THE PUSH - 'Love U' - Kraaftpop 7" - Sweden - 1978
Another coloured vinyl gem, this time in red. Don't let the intro fool you, it quickly turns into a proper punk stomper. Most of their other stuff wasn't punk so don't try too hard to find it.
10. THE PERVERTS - 'Drogbåg' - Dolores 7" - Sweden - 1980
From their second and final 4-song E.P. 'Nevergreens'. I've no idea what it's about.
11. THE FREEZE - 'Gardener And The Maid' - Modern Method LP - USA - 1983
Another track from 'Land Of The Lost'. And, yes, there'll be more!
12. 999 - 'Waiting' - Labritain 12" - UK - 1978
This was on a free 12" given away with mail order copies of their second album 'Separates'.
13. BLACK MARKET BABY - 'Backstreet Sally' - Demo - USA - 1986
Another great song recorded in '86, though there's an earlier version recorded for the unfinished second album which appears on the 'Baby On Board' retrospective LP.
14. NICHTS - 'Horrorskop' - WEA LP - Germany - 1983
From Düsseldorf. This was the lead track from their 3rd album 'Aus Dem Jenseits'. Also released as a 7" with its alternative title 'Venus Schenkt Dir Schöne Stunden'.
15. THE FANS - 'Giving Me That Look In Your Eyes' - Fried Egg 7" - UK - 1979
From Bristol. This was the first of 2 singles. Read all about them here.
16. 999 - 'Direct Action Briefing' - United Artists LP - UK - 1978
One of many great tracks from their debut self-titled album.
17. BLACK MARKET BABY - 'Nothing Lasts Forever' - Demo - USA - 1986
Another great BMB demo.
18. THE FREEZE - 'Nazi Fun' - Modern Method LP - USA - 1983
Another from 'Land Of The Lost' questioning the macho activity in the pit. 'When aggression and stupidity start working hand in hand, and other groups are ridiculed for not being a "hardcore" band, they call it hardcore justice but it's their way to gain control, we don't need police on the dance floor'.
19. CHEEKY - 'Get Outa My 'Ouse' - Woodbine St. 7" - UK - 1980
The B-side of sole single 'Don't Mess Around'. From Leamington Spa (like 'The Shapes') but they sound like they're from the heart of the East End. Chas 'n' Dave with lead guitar?
20. THE PENETRATORS - 'Walk The Beat' - E&M 12" - USA - 1981
From a 5-track 12" E.P. The synth is a bit annoying at first, almost sounding like interference if you're playing it on a PC. 
21. 999 - 'No Pity' - United Artists 7" - UK - 1977
The excellent B-side of 'Nasty Nasty'.
22. BLACK MARKET BABY - 'Just Like All The Others' - Demo - 1986
Another recorded in '86 that appeared on a 7" with 'Drunk And Disorderly' in 1990.
23. THE TWEED SNEAKERS - 'My Baby Lulu' - Bongorama 12" - USA - 1980
There's not too much rockabilly on the BTL CDs, but this was well worth inclusion. From the 'Out On The Prowl' 12" E.P.
24. THE FREEZE - 'Megawaki Cult' - Modern Method LP - USA - 1983
A fourth track from 'Land Of The Lost'. 'Guess I am the leader of the Megawaki Cult, my followers are motionless 'til they with me consult'.
25. 999 - 'Quite Disappointing' - Labritain 7" - UK - 1977
The B-side of 'I'm Alive'. Love the bass-playing on this one.
26. THE FREEZE - 'Pig Hunt'
27. 999 - 'You Can't Buy Me'
28. THE FREEZE - 'Violent Arrest'
29. 999 - 'Action'
30. THE FREEZE - 'Voices From My Window'
31. 999 - 'Chicane Destination'

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Monday, 20 January 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 039

1. OINGO BOINGO - 'Aint This The Life' - I.R.S. 10" - USA - 1980
And off we go with a choice bit of ska-punk from 1980. The 10" has this demo version whereas the 12" has a shorter, newly recorded version. See them in all their glory from the film Urgh! A Music War.
2. THE MONKS - 'Spotty Face' - EMI LP - UK - 1979
From the first album 'Bad Habits'. An unsympathetic bunch they were. 
3. ANGELIC UPSTARTS - 'I'm An Upstart' - Warner Brothers - UK - 1979
Second single. Here's them still bashing it out at Durham punk festival in 2010.
4. PANORAMA IN BLACK - 'Going For A Song' - Cassette Demo - UK - 1983
Rather than waxing lyrical about this bunch you can read all about them here.
5. JUAN FOOTE 'N' THE GRAVE - 'Teenage Frankenstein' - Caveman 7" - UK - 1981
A Bristol band, from their sole 3-tracker 'He Seeks His Revenge'. Read all about them here. 
6. ABURADAKO - 'Bei Nisuto' - Japan Record Co. LP - Japan - 1983
Well, 2 bands stood out for me on Great Punk Hits. One, of course, was Gism, the other was Aburadako. Here is their first track.
7. ABURADAKO - 'Kurisutaru Nahato' - Japan Record Co. LP - Japan - 1983
And here is the second.
8. SPLIT ENZ - 'Message Boy' - Mushroom 7" - Australia - 1978
On the B-side of the Australian release of 'I See Red'. If only all of their records sounded like this.
9. RAZZIA - 'Nacht Im Ghetto' - Weird System LP - Germany - 1983
From Hamburg-Langenhorn, formed in 1979. This is from their debut album 'Tag Ohne Schatten'.
10. ARTISTIC DECLINE - 'Excuses' - Deco LP - USA - 1987
From the 'Random Violence' LP - recorded in '83 but not released until '87. Cover art by Raymond Pettibon.
11. THE PAGANS - 'I Don't Understand' - Demo - USA - 1979
Well, it doesn't quite have the impact of some of their singles but it's a good song nonetheless. Available on various Pagans comps.
12. HONEY BANE - 'Girl On The Run' - Crass 7" - UK - 1979
From the 'You Can Be You' E.P. 'Pay No More Than 65p'. Those were the days. Later releases went in a more commercial direction.
13. ANGELIC UPSTARTS - 'Teenage Warning' - Warner Brothers 7" - UK - 1979
Third single. I remember at the time I never thought I'd see the Upstarts on Top Of The Pops. How wrong I was. 
14. THE ALIENS - 'Follow That Girl' - Mushroom 7" - Australia - 1980
The second of 3 singles. From Melbourne. Read all about them here.
15. GISM - 'Death Exclamations' - Japan Record Co. LP - Japan - 1983
Madness and mayhem from 'Great Punk Hits'. Vocalist Sakevi was (is?) a troubled character. This track was the madness . . .
16. GISM - 'Fire' - Japan Record Co. LP - Japan - 1983
And this was the mayhem. I sense an air guitar moment . . .
17. PANORAMA IN BLACK - 'City Of Dreams' - Cassette Demo - UK - 1983
Another track from 'Going For A Song'.
18. NINA HAGEN BAND - 'Pank' - CBS LP - Germany - 1978
Last track on the self-titled debut LP. The band were Lokomotive Kreuzberg but it was Nina's strong stage presence that stole the show. Eventually she went solo.
19. RAZZIA - 'BRD & Co KG' - Weird System LP - Germany - 1983
Another track from 'Tag Ohne Schatten'.
20. HANS-A-PLAST - 'Gut Im Bett' - No Fun LP - Germany - 1983
3 German tracks in a row! This is from their solid 3rd album 'Ausradiert'.
21. THE PAGANS - 'She's A Cadaver (And I Gotta Have Her)' - Demo - USA - 1979
Another song about necrophilia. What was it with punk bands, was it pure fantasy, shock tactics or were sick punks with hard-ons really breaking into morgues everywhere? 
22. THE ROUSERS - 'Susan's Day' - Torso 7" - Netherlands - 1980
Another pop-punk classic from the De Jong brothers. Video here.
23. THE VECTORS - 'Busy In The Kitchen' - Demo USA - 1981
I wasn't that impressed by the Vectors records but they sure got the sound right on tape this day. Available on the Death To Disco LP on Rave Up.
24. RAZZIA - 'Pro-Future' - Weird System LP - Germany - 1983
A third track from 'Tag Ohne Schatten'.
25. BAD RELIGION - 'It's Only Over When . . .' - Epitaph LP - USA - 1983
From the legendary 'Into The Unknown' album which was universally slated on release. Rightly so? Well, probably. I always liked this track though.
26. THE MONKS - 'Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face'
27. THE ANGELIC UPSTARTS - 'Never 'Ad Nothin'
28. BUNK DOGGER - 'Mobile Home'
29. RAZZIA - 'Southern Command'
30. BAD RELIGION - '. . . You Give Up'

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