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The Best of Brought To Life - 004

1. BABEEZ - 'Hate' - Own Label 7" - Australia - 1977 (from the 'Nobody Wants Me' E.P.)
So we're off to the land of Oz and we begin with this, one of my top 10 all-time favourite 7"s with an obligatory bad taste sleeve and 3 top notch tracks. Only 200 made. I'll add another track later.
2. THOUGHT CRIMINALS - 'More Suicides Please' - Doublethink 7" - Australia - 1979
From their get-it-out-before-we-can-play debut to their synth-laden and experimental later LPs the Thought Criminals were one of the more interesting Sydney bands. This is from the 2nd 7" - 'Food For Thoughtcrimes'.
3. PSYCHO SURGEONS - 'Horizontal Action' - Wallaby Beat 7" - Australia - 1978
The Surgeons were also from Sydney but only managed to recorded 2 measly tracks. The white cardboard sleeves for the single meanwhile were laid out in a room and a bucket of ox blood was splattered all over them. The labels are marked RH+ and RH-. Geddit?
4. RAZAR - 'Stamp Out Disco' - Own Label 7" - Australia - 1978
'Headed to the local dance, Expecting the real hot jams, Maybe do a bit of fighting, Maybe be in a punk rock band . . .'  Like all early Brisbane punk bands, Razar were persistently targeted by the police. Dave Darling, a concert promoter, remarked: '9 out 10 bands never made the final song'.
5. THE VICTIMS - 'Television Addict' - Own Label 7" - Australia - 1977
Another classic single, this is the slower of the 2 selections but not necessarily the weaker. I'll include the flipside later. Co-written by Dave 'Flick' Faulkner who went on to form the Hoodoo Gurus.
6. CELIBATE RIFLES - 'Kent's Theme' - Hot 7" - Australia - 1982
The Rifles were fairly prolific throughout the '80s and '90s. This cut is from the first E.P. which is cryptically named: 'But Jacques, The Fish?'
7. WORLD WAR XXIV - 'Azaria' - Eyebrow 7" - Australia - 1983
'Dingoes don't eat babies, although they taste dead sweet!' Yes, it's another bad taste single about the Lindy Chamberlain case from the early '80s where she claimed that a dingo had carried her baby off into the night while camping at Ayers Rock. World War XXIV didn't believe it.
8. BABEEZ - 'Dowanna Love' - Own Label 7" - Australia - 1977
As promised, another track from the 'Nobody Wants Me' E.P.
9. THE NEWS - 'Dirty Lies' - Own Label 7" - Australia - 1978
By 1978 the Babeez had morphed into The News and released this 7".
10. REJEX - 'Niagara Baby' - Doublethink 7" - Australia - 1980
Cool sleeve with doll-babies cascading over a waterfall (geddit?)  The song, however, is about a girl who cries too much.
11. THE SCIENTISTS - 'Frantic Romantic' - DNA 7" - Australia -1979
Another debut 7" from a prolific band throughout the '80s. Kim Salmon had formed proto-punk band the Cheap Nasties in August '76. He left in December '77 replacing Mark Demetrius in the Exterminators who then became the Invaders. The Invaders became the Scientists in May '78 when James Baker from the Victims replaced John Rowlings.
12. THE VICTIMS - 'Flipped Out Over You' - Own Label 7" - Australia - 1977
As promised, the hyperactive 'flip'side.
13. FUN THINGS - 'Lipstick' - Own Label 7" - Australia - 1980
Some Radio Birdman style stuff now from a band whose members eventually ended up in the Screaming Tribesmen and the Hoodoo Gurus.
14. SUICIDE SQUAD - 'I Hate School' - Doublethink 7" - Australia - 1979
You may have heard them on one of the Aberrant compilation LPs without the female singer. This time band members went on to join less successful groups like Soggy Porridge and the Candy Harlots.
15. THE MANSONS - 'I Died Four Times (But I Don't Wanna Talk About It)' - Angelwood 7" - Australia - 1982
How many diseases, conditions and syndromes can you list? This great little ditty isn't all about the title.
16. YOUNG IDENTITIES - 'New Trends' - Shake Music 7" - Australia - 1979
From their 2nd E.P.  Only 300 copies pressed, a few of which came with a dayglo-orange and black sleeve. Be prepared to pay big money if you want one.
17. SICK THINGS - 'Committed To Suicide' - Greville 7" - Australia - Recorded 1981 / Released 1985
The Sick Things didn't hold back and are responsible for some of the gnarliest recordings ever committed to vinyl. Having adopted some wonderful punk names, the songwriting credits appear on the record as: 'Sick, Sick, Sick, Bluuuugh!!!'
18. SICK THINGS - 'Police' - Greville 7" - Australia - as above
I can't include one track without the other. I was tempted to add their version of 'The Sounds Of Silence' too which is the sound of them destroying an old classic in the loudest most shambolic way possible. Maybe later.
19. THE LEFTOVERS - 'Cigarettes And Alcohol' - Punji Stick 7" - Australia - 1979
Reputed to be the inspiration for the Oasis song of the same name. Noel Gallagher was such a plagiarist. This song however is infinitely better, being a brutal slab of no-nonsense punk rock. 
20. THE ROCKS - 'Kick Her Out' - Point Blank 7" - Australia - 1978
From the 'You're So Boring' E.P.  The sleeve is littered with spelling mistakes. Peter Davie (from the band) said: 'Some reviewer called it nihilistic and misogynistic . . . it took us about six weeks to realise that was supposed to be an insult!'
21. TACTICS - 'Standing By The Window' - Folding Chair 7" - Australia - 1979
Considered by many as an 'art-punk' band they were formed in Canberra but moved to Sydney in late '78. The line-up changed repeatedly with vocalist and songwriter David Studdert the only constant member.
22. THE LAST WORDS - 'Animal World' - Remand 7" - Australia - 1978
There's 3 different versions of this single, all with different B-sides (another on Wizard and another on Rough Trade). They quickly relocated to London but unfortunately remained relatively obscure.
23. THE NUMBERS - 'Sunset Strip' - Able Label 7" - Australia - 1978
This Brisbane band pressed 500 copies as The Numbers before changing their name to The Riptides to avoid confusion with The Numbers from Sydney. They then released a couple of thousand under the new name with a slightly cleaner mix.
24. UPSETS - 'Back To Afghanistan' - Custom Pressing 7" - Australia -1981
The Upsets were from the Ipswich area (close to Brisbane) and this was their sole release. It didn't have a picture sleeve although some copies came with a poster/flyer type thing wrapped around it.
25. THE ASSASSINS - 'Assassination' - Greasy Pop 7" - Australia - 1983
Check out WALLABY BEAT (the blog) for the full story behind this monster of a song. The B-side is the A-side played backwards.

26. THE NEWS - 'Chop Chop Chop'
27. PSYCHO SURGEONS - 'Wild Weekend'
28. RAZAR - 'Money (Never Enuff For Me)'
29. RAZAR - '(Do The) Self-Destruct'
30. THE BABEEZ - 'Nobody Wants Me'


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The Best of Brought To Life - 003

1. DIETER MEIER - 'Cry For Fame' - Periphery Perfume 7" - Switzerland - 1977
Yes, who'd have thought the singer out of quirky electropop sensations YELLO released a punk single? And a brutal one at that? Both songs blaze along with a manic sense of desperation. And he got his fame in the end. Oh yeah.
2. MIDDLE CLASS FANTASIES - 'Party In Der Gaskammer' - Aggressive Rockproduktionen 7" - Germany - 1981
From their 'Tradition' E.P. Bad taste punk rock at it's best: 'Party in der gaskammer, komm gib mir deine hand, Party in der gaskammer, gas-cocktail am zyklon-strand'.
3. GASOLINE - 'Radio Flic' - Egg 7" - France - 1977
One of the best singles of 1977. The brooding menace of the B-side 'Killer Man' is only just surpassed by this rabid attack on the French cops, I assume. Full lyrics, anyone?
4. RATSIA - 'Lontoon Skidit' - Johanna 7" - Finland - 1979
Some non-English speaking bands sang in English for a wider appeal. Ratsia gave us this bi-lingual gem for comic effect. 'I'm so bored,' indeed. Very catchy though.
5. THE WIDOWS - 'For The Freedom' - Poko 7" - Finland - 1979
The Widows meanwhile chose the full English option. Second track on the second single. Great bass intro and riffage. Helsinki never sounded so good.
6. RAZORS - 'Banned Punx' - Konnekschen 12" - Germany - 1982
Their last record of the '80s and by far the best, having failed to get a decent guitar sound until 1981's 'Tommie's Gang' 7" (both tracks from which re-appear on this E.P.) They did reform and record a couple more singles around 2003/2004, but this is the record to find.
7. THE DOGS - 'No Way' - Melodies Massacre 7" - France - 1977
The second track from this 7" somehow made it's way onto the 'Streets' LP which claimed to be 'Select Highlights From Independent British Labels'. Whatever the story, I'm glad they included it as I was so impressed that I tracked it down and snagged a copy.
8. PEKINŠKA PATKA - 'Biti Ružan, Pametan I Mlad' - Jugoton 7" - Yugoslavia - 1979
Fantastic single from Novi Sad, Serbia. Found it hard to choose between the 2 songs but I finally plumped for the schizophrenic masterpiece 'Biti Ružan'.
9. PEKINŠKA PATKA - 'Bela Šljiva' - Jugoton 7" - Yugoslavia - 1979
On second thoughts, why do I have to choose at all? Here's the flipside.
10. SINIESTRO TOTAL - 'Ayatollah!' - D.R.O. Producciones 7" - Spain - 1982
From the 'Ayudando A Los Enfermos' E.P. The fun lyrics are easily available on the net, so run' em through Google translate and then go back to Spanish and sing: 'Ayatollah, no me toques la pirola', 'til your heart's content.
11. LILIPUT - 'Split' - Rough Trade 7" - UK - 1980
Originally called Kleenex, these Swiss girls were forced to change their name under threat of legal action from the snot-rag militia but continued to be played relentlessly by John Peel as their sound developed. 'Split', apart from being bloody brilliant, was notable for being a song made up of their favourite words and phrases rather than a narrative, an idea taken up a few years later by Kurt Cobain for 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.
12. THE REBELS - 'Mayday' - Musk Project 7" - Switzerland - 1979
From the 'Artificial Insemination' E.P. Still in Switzerland, this is more basic driving punk rock but with hilarious lyrics about wanting to screw everything except plastic dolls which 'haven't the right feeling'. Mayday indeed!
13. GUILTY RAZORS - 'I Don't Wanna Be A Rich' - Polydor 7" - France - 1978
So poor were the sales for this 7" that Polydor melted and recycled most of them leaving few original copies in existence. Seventeen records re-released it as a single CD and I've got an unreleased LP on my hard drive somewhere which I remember sounding just as mean.
14. CITY-X - 'Avis' - Irmgardz 7" - Denmark - 1981
From the 'Ude Af Drift' E.P. a song about journalistic lies which barely lasts a minute. 'Coverboy' is funnier but 'Avis' has the riff.
15. LAMA - 'Väliaikainen' - Johanna 7" - Finland - 1981
I love the Finnish language, this is a great song but it wouldn't sound half as good if it was sung in English. The whole E.P is excellent, as is the sleeve and most of their other records. Punk rock at it's finest.
16. ELECTRIC DEADS - 'Screwball' - Electro Static 7" - Denmark - 1983
From the 'Mind Bomb' E.P - their 3rd and best. Another band that improved no end when they finally got the guitar sounding right. Even Maximum Rock 'n' Roll nabbed a track for their 'Welcome To 1984' LP.
17. SLIME - 'Wir Wollen Keine Bullenschweine' - Moderne Musik 7" - Germany - 1980
One of the most controversial bands Germany has spawned. It's another 'hate the cops' tune but seems to encourage bloody violence as the answer. Youthful misguided anger or something else entirely? You decide.
18. RATTUS - 'Rattus On Rautta' - Poko 12" - Finland - 1981
Their first 12" platter, but the last recording of a standard punk style, after which they went hardcore. Basically it's 'TV Stars' by the Skids with different Finnish lyrics. Hilarious.
19. GOD'S HEART ATTACK - 'Treat Me Like A Doll' - No Fun 7" - Holland - 1978
No Fun was an Amsterdam record shop used as a great hangout by the punks. Sadly, they didn't sell many records and after issuing 4 singles in '78/'79 the money ran out and that was that. 
20. THE BLITZZ - 'So Free' - EMI 7" - Holland - 1978
Sounds like a London pub band from the same era. It was, in fact, recorded in London after Mick Ronson had seen them play in a seedy Amsterdam club. A great song which somehow manages to rhyme 'lion' with 'trying'.
21. ATTENTAT - 'Slå, Banka Å Sparka' - Rykkman Rekkords 7" - Sweden - 1979
Attentat were quite prolific in the late '70s early '80s but this, from their 2nd 7" is my favourite with it's 'oh, oh, oh,' backing vocals and cardboard box drums.
22. DIE TOTEN HOSEN - 'Opel Gang' - Totenkopf 7" - Germany - 1983
From the 3rd 7". I was tempted to include the mirthsome 'Bommerlunder' instead but for those of you with a copy of the Opel Gang LP I thought you might like to hear the earlier, rawer version of the title track instead. 
23. THE RUDE KIDS - 'Raggare' - Polydor 7" - Sweden - 1980
'They are nothing . . . nothing, nothing, nothing but animals . . . monkey, donkey, kangaroo . . . they have no . . .  no, no, no . . . no, no, no . . . no IQ!'
24. LILIPUT - 'Eisiger Wind' - Rough Trade 7" - UK - 1981
Almost as good as 'Split' so I had to include it.
25. ELECTRONAZE - 'Waiting For . . .' - Aaltrack 7" - France - 1984
And finally, a rousing blast of sonic mayhem from Electronaze. Great wall-of-sound guitars and pounding drumming on all 3 tracks.

26. DIETER MEIER - 'The Hook'
27. GASOLINE - 'Killer Man'
28. THE WIDOWS - 'Wall Of Berlin'
29. THE RAZORS - 'No Life'
30. LILIPUT - 'Die Matrosen'
31. LAMA - 'Paskaa'
32. THE DOGS - '19'
33. THE ELECTRIC DEADS - 'Mind Bomb'
34. ELECTRONAZE - 'On Ne Sait Plus'
35. DIE TOTEN HOSEN - 'Bommerlunder'


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The Best of Brought To Life - 002

1. THE CIGARETTES - 'They're Back Again, Here They Come' - Company Records 7" - UK - 1979
To kick off Volume 2 we have three Lincoln mods with a neat little 3-tracker. Detour Records released a full CD worth of stuff. I suggest you go find one and snap it up.
2. THE OUTSIDERS - 'One To Infinity' - Raw Edge 7" - UK - 1977
How many punk bands released an LP before a 7"? Not many. The Outsiders released an LP either side of this legendary 7" before vocalist/guitarist Adrian Borland went on to form The Sound in 1979. ' Who is reaching from one to infinity?' Not me.
3. THE DONKEYS - 'What I Want' - Rhesus 7" - UK - 1979
Imagine telling you friends you going to see the Donkeys. Wakefield 1979. Who'd have thought you were on about a powerpop band? Etched into the run-out grooves is: 'be nice to dumb animals - buy their records'. They were then snapped up by Deram who failed to release an LP despite all their wonderful demos. A travesty.
4. NEON HEARTS - 'Regulations' - Neon Hearts 7" - UK - 1977
One of the great sax-punk singles. Though their recording career never lived up to the dizzy heights of this their first 7", Paul Raven did go on to greater things with the mighty Killing Joke. The joke with this single was that it had an 8" cardboard sleeve.  Very frustrating at the time.
5. THE DOLL - 'Don't Tango On My Heart' - Beggars Banquet 7" - UK - 1978
The B-side was included on the 'Streets' LP but both sides are top notch. The band were fronted by Marion Valentine who wore tight leopard print outfits in an effort to win our hearts. She never quite did it for me with her Lene-Lovich-crossed-with-Cher sultriness but they did go on to appear on Top of The Pops with their next single, 'Desire Me'.
6. XPRESS - 'Junked Up Judy' - Xpress 7" - UK - 1980
Their sole release, though I'm sure a couple of demos appeared on the Bored Teenagers comp LPs. Known for their high-octane performances in an around York supporting the likes of Generation X and The Revillos, had they plied their wares in the capital instead, who knows what might have happened?
7. SCIENCE - 'What A Day' - Science 7" - UK - 1980
While Xpress were pogoing around York, Science were unleashing this fascinating 7" on an unsuspecting public with multiple plays on the John Peel show. Early indie-synth-prog-punk anyone? It felt dramatic at the time but with it's genre-crossing musical attitude it remains relatively unknown, even today.
8. GLORIA MUNDI - 'Fight Back' - RCA 7" - UK - 1978
The glory of the world indeed. Reputed to be one of the first proto-goth bands, you wouldn't know it listening to this synth-punk stomper. Eddie Maelov (vocals) had connections with John Foxx but neither fulfilled their ambitions once the 80s were sanitised with New Romantic nonsense.
9. XS ENERGY - 'Imaginary' - Dead Good 7" - UK - 1979
Another great Lincoln band with great second single syndrome. I could have easily went with 'Use You' the fantastic A-side but speed won the day (as it usually does).
10. THE CORTINAS - 'Fascist Dictator' - Step Forward - UK 1979
The very first Step Forward record. The Cortinas were a young R'n'B band from Bristol who quickly picked up on punk but then began to let it go by their third single and disappointing debut LP. They did the right thing by splitting in 1978.
11. RADIATORS FROM SPACE - 'Television Screen' - Chiswick 7" - UK - 1977
The career of this Dublin band closely matched that of the Cortinas, in style and output, though they lasted a few more years, released a second LP and had marginally better songs. Still, they never topped their hyperactive debut with the biscuit-tin snare and the classic call to arms of the chorus: 'I got the right, I got the right, I got the ticket and the buck stops here!'
12. THE AUTOMATICS - 'When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again' - Island 7" - UK - 1978
Sorta proves that Steve Lillywhite didn't know how to handle punk, but it's a great song nonetheless and a great shame that they didn't write many more like it. They re-did the song for an album released in 2002. Is it any better? Not sure, the jury's out.
13. TIGER TAILS - 'Words Without Conviction' -  Snotty Snail 7" - UK -1980
One single and then oblivion. Maybe it was due to their label-mates (the fine Notsensibles) grabbing all the attention? Anyway, this is one of those simple songs where the riff somehow lifts it higher than was ever intended . . . if that makes any sense?
14. FLACK OFF - 'Montagu Jack Farmer' - Sofa Records 7" - UK - 1980
In much the same way that Tiger Tails were overshadowed by their label-mates Notsensibles, Flack Off were beaten to the punch by label-mates The Shapes who had a minor indie hit just before with (I Saw) Batman (In The Launderette) and a follow-up 'Blast Off' on Good Vibrations. Peel nevertheless played the hell out of one of the other tracks on this 3-tracker, 'The King Is Dead', but all to no avail. This was all they recorded.
15. THE JERKS - 'Hold My Hand' - Underground 7" - UK - 1977
People usually harp on about the A-side 'Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me' but since they censored the original lyrics by changing to 'woofing' for the single, the track loses points and I've plumped for the B-side instead. 'H-H-H, Hold my hand'. True love, yeah baby!
16. PINPOINT - 'Richmond' - Albion 7" - UK - 1979
So Arturo Bassick was kicked out of the Lurkers and formed Pinpoint instead. And it started so promisingly with this two-fingered salute to the hoi polloi. Shame the rest of their stuff didn't quite match up. 'In Richmond, where the breakfast's continental.' Oh, how the other half live.
17. THE VALVES - 'For Adolfs Only' - Zoom 7" - UK - 1977
From north of the border, The Valves released 3 very different singles but all great in their own way. This, their first, was an early put-down of nazi idiots and more power to 'em for that. There's a great old live set doing the mp3 rounds and some cracking demos too. Go find.
18. THE NOSEBLEEDS - 'I Aint Been To No Music School' - Rabid 7" - UK - 1977
OK, so you know the background: Vini Reilly played guitar on this one-off single and was later replaced by Billy Duffy (later of the Cult) while Morrissey took over on vocals. If they'd recorded anything else I doubt it would have sounded anything like 'Music School'. . . 'You think you're it, You think you're it, You think you're it, You think you're it, You think you're it, You think you're it, You think you're IT!'
19. THE PETTICOATS - 'Normal' - Blah Blah Blah 7" - UK - 1980
Ah, this is what it's all about, Stef Petticoat playing all the instruments (badly, some say). So what? The D.I.Y. ethic was the most important thing to come out of punk rock and the charm of this disc knows no limits.
20. CRISIS - 'Alienation' - Ardkor 7" - UK - 1981
I could have easily put 'Holocaust' on here but quite frankly it depresses me. This one was taken off a Peel session and does a similar job except you can dance to it. Possibly.
21. THE DOLE - 'New Wave Love' - Ultimate 7" - UK - 1978
Most punk rockers prefer the B-side with an unnecessarily long title, but how can you not love a song where the last line of the chorus goes: . . . 'And your fanny fits me like a glove.'?
22. LE RITZ - 'What A Sucker' - Lightning 7" - UK - 1977
Sounds like a bunch of wimpy bandwagon jumpers for the most part, but the intro is taken from the Trumpton Fire Station call to arms and the bass player is called Dick Tater. Nuff said.
23. THE DREGS - 'Fatal Attraction' - Disturbing 7" - UK - 1979
A primordial 4-tracker. Maybe I should have used 'Schoolgirls In Bondage' instead - no doubt I'd have got more hits from the wrong kind of people.
24. THE DAMNED - 'Love Song' - Dodgy Demo 7" - UK -1978
I've always preferred this to the 'proper' release, and the version of 'Burglar' on the flip is way better too. 
25. THE VALVES - 'Radios' - demo - UK - 1979-ish
I said they did some cracking demos, and here's one of 'em.

26. X-PRESS - 'Stop, Start And Go Back Again'
27. THE DOLL - 'Trash'
28. SCIENCE - 'Don't Keep Us In The Dark'
29. THE NEON HEARTS - 'Venus Eccentric'
30. FLACK OFF - 'The King Is Dead'
31. THE JERKS - 'Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me'


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The Best of Brought To Life - 001

1. VILLAGE PISTOLS - 'Big Money' - Nylon 7" - USA - 1981
Crash bang wallop - this is what it's all about! They were never going to make big money playing this kind of obnoxious racket but who cares, it's a belter! And they managed to merrily destroy 'Strawberry Fields Forever' on the flipside too.
2. THE HUNS - 'Glad He's Dead' - God 7" - USA - 1979
All you need to know about the JFK story. If anyone can confirm what the lines are after: 'He took his orders from the Pope' in verse 2 and 'He sent our troops to Vietnam' in verse 3 you will make me very happy. I suspect I've been singing the wrong words for a very, very long time.
3. THE EAT - 'Communist Radio' - Giggling Hitler 7" - USA - 1979
OK so I'm starting with the popular KBD classics here, but the main purpose of the blog is to spread this music to as wide an audience as is possible, so all you aficionados will have to wait for the more obscure selections which will most certainly appear . . . eventually.
4. SHOCK - 'This Generation's On Vacation' - Impact 7" - USA - 1978
If I had to list my favourite track of all time then, as difficult as it would be, I can't think of anything better than this one. It's a pure adrenaline rush from start to finish, and red vinyl to boot, wowsa! I shudder to think how much the original goes for but there's a split CD with the Silencers available with all their stuff on it.
5. THE ENEMY - 'Trendy Violence' - King Tut 7"- USA - 1979
The flipside of their second single but the A-side is a fraction too 'rock' for me to be included over this one. They evolved from the Fruitland Famine Band in the mid-70s but took a harder edge and changed their name when punk rock hit town. And who can blame them?
6. CHILD MOLESTERS - '(I'm Gonna) Punch You (In The Face)' - Ace & Duce 7" - USA - 1979
How these guys were never locked up I'll never know. Saved by obscurity perhaps? Imagine if Johnny Moped was brought up in a southern U.S. swamp he'd probably have sounded something like this. Again, a B-side, but it was never gonna get on the radio anyways.
7. THE NORMALS - 'Almost Ready' - 'Lectric Eye 7" USA - 1978
I actually had a copy of this one back in the day. The Normals did live quite close to the Louisiana swamps but manage to sound more like a Boston power-rock ensemble with the 2 crunching tunes they put out on this majestic platter. Much comped, and there are a few CDs out there with additional demos/live stuff.
8. AUTHORITIES - 'I Hate Cops' - Selecta 7" - USA - 1982 - ('Soundtrack For Trouble' E.P.)
Well, don't we all? Police siren guitar leads, a punk rock staple.  '. . . We're doing nothing wrong, we're only shooting up, then along come the cops and say Put 'Em Up!'  No surprise that heroin use played a part in their downfall, but at least they left us with a cracking E.P.
9. NERVOUS EATERS - 'Just Head' - Rat 7" - USA - 1979
This is a prime example of the Boston power-rock I was talking about in the Normals piece. It had a similar thin paper sleeve too although this beauty eluded me. I'd heard their first single which sounded like an average bar band so I didn't get to hear this monster 'til way too late. Not for those of a feminist persuasion.
10. NASTY FACTS - 'Drive My Car' - Jimboco 7" - USA - 1981 
There appears to be no other recordings of this band to be found anywhere, yet they still managed to record three of the greatest hard-edged powerpop tunes ever committed to vinyl. Great riffage, pace, power, beat, cool female vocals and authentic car crash effects to boot! File under 'classic'.
11. DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS - 'Can't Stand The Mid-West' - Hardly Music 7" - USA - 1980
I was tempted to include 'Let's Go Steady' as it's the more interesting and original sounding cut from this 7" but I know you're all punk rockers at heart and just wanna pogo so I've gone with 'Mid-West' as it has a similar jerky style but infused with a bit more speeeed!
12. THE SHIRKERS - 'Drunk And Disorderly' - Limp 7" - USA - 1978
For a long time I thought this was a Black Market Baby cover but, no, this is in fact the original, maan! An appropriately clumsy-sounding tale of another drunken night that would end in the cells, with the marvellous lyric: 'There aint nuthin' wrong with me, I'm just here holding up this tree!'
13. ACCIDENT - 'Kill The Bee Gees' - No Threes 7" - USA - 1978
Well, it appears no-one took them up on their suggestion. It was nevertheless part of the great disco backlash that didn't quite have the desired impact at the time. What an intro. Maybe goes on a bit longer than necessary but, still, there's venom aplenty.
14. THE ROTTERS - 'Sink The Whales (Buy Japanese Goods)' - Rotten 7" - USA - 1979
Another second 7" classic. The first, 'Sit On My Face Stevie Nix' managed to raise the wrath of Mick Fleetwood who allegedly got them banned in L.A. after he heard it on Rodney On The Roq. 'Sink The Whales' meanwhile, though being far superior, didn't sell squat and so many copies were dumped in the trash by the band. They'll be regretting that nowadays . . .
15. THE MOTHS - 'Magazine Look' - Kakoon 7" - USA - 1980
Can't tell you anything about this combo other than it's a jerky, quirky, synth-punk ditty with the best 'whooo' since the Vibrators 'Judy Says'.
16. THE NEXT - 'Mr Wonderful' - Sharp 7" - USA - 1979 ('Make It Quick' E.P.)
Cheap Rewards blog tells us that no-one from the band is really sure who played bass on this record. Well, they were wild times. Steve from Terminal Mind laid the track down but the next bass player may have nipped in after that. Either way, it was a toss-up which track to use and 'Mr Wonderful' won the day.
17. Spiny Norman's MIND GAMES - 'Sorry About That, Chief' - Own Label 7" - USA - 1981
Well, we all love '60s TV show-themed novelty singles, don't we? Bored Games, Shapes, Rezillos anyone? This one's an homage to U.S. secret-agent thriller 'Get Smart' and the bumbling character of Maxwell Smart played by Don Adams (who???)  Best line: 'Chaos is all the rage . . . Shut up Scott, we don't do it that way!'
18. UNNATURAL AXE - 'They Saved Hitler's Brain' - Varulven 7" - USA - 1978
Nice German beer-keller intro before lunging into a fuzzed-out mongo 3-chord stomper. The rear-sleeve states: 'Screams on Hitler's Brain courtesy of Rita Ratt.' The song was apparently inspired by some low budget B-movie from way back whenever. Hey, I wanna see it!
19. KAOS - 'Top Secret' - What 7" - USA - 1980 - ('Product Of A Sick Mind' E.P.)
Johnny Stringray from The Controllers formed Kaos after they split. This was a great little 3-tracker which had a very small pressing as a 7", most copies were on a 12" - strange for a relatively short record. 'Alcoholiday' is a great title but 'Top Secret' is the smasher.
20. THE CONTINENTALS - 'Fizz Pop (Modern Rock)' - CBS 7" - USA - 1979
Straight ahead powerpop on this one, but what a riff, produced by Tommy Ramone, no less. 
21. ICE 9 - 'Out Out Out' - Cool 7" - USA - 1979
Another great little 3-tracker recorded by Eddie Jetson, Danny Dungeon, Count Vertigo and Anonymous!  'Out of the sewer, out of the drain, out of disco, drives you insane!'
22. THE PAGANS - 'Street Where Nobody Lives' - Drome 7" - USA - 1978
So great that it just has to be their second single. They came from Cleveland and sounded like it. Stripped-down balls-out punk rock. GNARLY! ***Be warned*** if you get the official CD comp. they cut off the '1-2-3-4' intros from both the A and B-sides, and yes, it does make a difference!
23. THE MAD - 'I Hate Music' - Disgusting 7" - USA - 1979
'Eyeball' or 'I Hate Music'? I pondered this for all of 5 minutes before the toss of a coin decided the latter. Screamin' mad vocals by Screamin' Mad George! It's all completely MAD!!!
24. THE SKINNIES - 'I'm A Dullard' - 'Lectric Eye 7" - USA - 1978 - ('Kill The Beat')
Yes, New Orleans wasn't just jazz my friends, it also spawned great punk rock bands like the Skinnies. A double A-side called 'Kill The Beat' though confusingly neither track had that title.
25. THE URINALS - 'I'm A Bug' - Happy Squid 7" - USA - 1979
No doubt influenced by the previous Skinnies song, this one appeared on the second great Urinals E.P.  Everyone now, fold back your arms, start flapping and sing: . . . 'Buzz! Buzz!'

26. NERVOUS EATERS - 'Get Stuffed'

27. THE MAD - 'Eyeball'
28. SHOCK - 'I Wanna Be Spoiled'
29. THE PAGANS - 'What's This Shit Called Love?'
30. THE EAT - 'Catholic Love'
31. THE SKINNIES - 'Out Of Order'
32. THE NORMALS - 'Hardcore'
33. THE ENEMY - 'Bang Bang You're Dead'
34. CHILD MOLESTERS - 'Hillside Strangler'
35. NASTY FACTS - 'Get To You'
36. NASTY FACTS - 'Crazy 'Bout You'