Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Best of Brought To Life - 014

1. THE PORK DUKES - 'Bend And Flush' - Wood 7" - UK - 1977
Time for filth! The Pork Dukes were very childish and perverted so a lot of their songs were about sex. This meant little if any radio airplay but lots of adolescent boys thought they were very very cool. This was their first single, a different version of which appeared on the 'Streets' LP (with a much thicker organ).
2. THE NEWS - 'That Girl' - Missing Link 7" - Australia - 1980
Generally people think this is not a patch on the 'Dirty Lies' 7". People are wrong. This is every bit as good, if not better.
3. THE SALFORD JETS - 'Don't Start Trouble' - RCA 7" - UK - 1980
Not sure where this lot came from (!) but this must have been on, what, their 5th single? Love the 'whoa-oh's' on the chorus. I'll probably include the A-side later.
4.  THE REDUCERS - 'We Are Normal' - Vibes 7" -  - UK - 1978
The first of 3 singles. Lovely slightly dischordant element to this one which ends as abruptly as it starts.
5. TUBEWAY ARMY - 'That's Too Bad' - Beggars Banquet 7" - UK - 1978
Their first single, before the synths came in and the guitars went out. Oh well, that's too bad.
6. THE CUBAN HEELS - 'Downtown' - Housewives Choice 7" - UK - 1978
Their first single by a largely neglected band. Formed by ex-members of Johnny and the Self Abusers. Bet they wish they'd stayed with the then-to-be Simple Minds instead. One of my favourite cover versions ever.
7. THE DOCTORS OF MADNESS - 'Bulletin' - Polydor 7" - UK - 1977
Sort of proto-punk initially, influenced by the likes of Bowie and Roxy Music, this band were formed by the infamous Richard Strange and took their crazy live shows endlessly around Europe. The Sex Pistols supported them, y'know?
8. THE PORK DUKES - 'Throbbing Gristle' - Wood 7" - UK - 1977
The B-side of 'Bend and Flush'. If his meat really was as wide as it was long then the man was clearly a freak.
9. GIRLS AT OUR BEST - 'Warm Girls' - Record 7" - UK - 1980
Only one girl in the band actually, the gorgeous Judy Evans, who I had a big crush on at the time. Unfashionably from Leeds, but Peel favourites, a great live band and great lyrics to boot. 
10. MARTIN & THE BROWNSHIRTS - 'Taxi Driver' - Lightning 7" - UK - 1978
Hilarious sole release from this short lived Chester band. Read all about them here.
11. KEVIN SHORT & HIS PRIVATES - 'Punk Strut' - EMI International 7" - UK - 1978
Blogged to death, re-released with video to boot, but who doesn't like a tongue-in-cheek punk parody? 'There's safety in numbers, there's safety in pins, but tell me where the danger lies if everyone wins'.
12. LOCKJAW - 'I'm A Virgin' - Raw 7" - UK - 1978
You know the format - Raw records, recorded at Spaceward, re-released on Damaged Goods. From their 2nd 7" - infinitely better than the first.
13. STATIC ROUTINES - 'Rock 'n' Roll Clones' - Good Vibrations 7" - Ireland - 1979
From Dundalk. The piano comes in out of nowhere and there's lots of catchy na-na-na-na's in the chorus.
14. THE INTROZE - 'Doin' The Lambeth Walk' - Monarch 7" - UK - 1982
Another cover version, this time a good ol' cockney knees up. Read all about 'em here.
15. RIFF RAFF - 'Romford Girls' - Chiswick 7" - UK - 1978
From the 'I Wanna Be A Cosmonaut' E.P. and, yes, that is Billy Bragg singing. Guitar by Wiggy and keyboards by S.D.R. Gol'fish.
16. THE PORK DUKES - 'Makin' Bacon' - Wood 12" - UK - 1977
Yellow vinyl. But shouldn't it have been pink? Oh, that was the LP. 'A 10-inch chopper with a varicose vein'? In your dreams, stumpy.
17. THE DOCTORS OF MADNESS - 'Waiting' - Polydor 7" - UK - 1977
The flipside of 'Bulletin' with a nice bit of fiddlin' throughout.
18. THE KIDZ NEXT DOOR - 'The Kidz Next Door' - Warner Brothers 7" - UK - 1979
The B-side of the 'What's It All About?' 7" which was their sole release until Rave Up released a full-length in 2011. Produced by Jimmy Pursey with his younger brother Robbie on vocals. Read more here.
19. CELIA & THE MUTATIONS - 'Mony Mony' - United Artists 7" - UK - 1977
Yet another cover which was notable as The Mutations were actually The Stranglers. Their manager thought it would be interesting to put a 'classy lady' in front of a dirty rock band. The public were underwhelmed.
20. THE CUBAN HEELS - 'Do The Smok Walk' - Housewives Choice 7" - UK - 1978
The B-side of 'Downtown', proving that they could write their own songs too.
21. THE SALFORD JETS - 'Who You Lookin At?' - RCA 7" - UK - 1980
As promised, the A-side of probably their 5th single. Nicks the riff from 'Steppin' Stone' which is probably why it sounds good.
22. THOSE INTRINSIC INTELLECTUALS - 'Radio Iceland' - Fault Line 7" - UK - 1980
Sole release from this Inverness combo. 'No Holidays in America, no Holidays in Granada, I want to turn the wireless on to listen to the Nordic Saga'. For sure!
23. SHAKE - 'Culture Shock' - Sire 7" - UK - 1979
Formed by Jo Callis after the Rezillos split. They weren't quite as good. Also released as a 10" with 2 extra tracks.
24. THE NUMBERS - 'Government Boy' - Local Label 7" - Australia - 1979
The first single from a band which went through many line-up changes but had a core of brother and sister Chris and Annalisse Morrow. Later releases were more radio friendly.
25. THE PORK DUKES - 'Melody Makers' - Wood 7" - UK - 1978
Probably their best track and, for once ,it wasn't about sex. Sadly it was the B-side of 'Telephone Masturbator'.

26. THE NEWS - 'I'm So Confused'
28. THE NUMBERS - 'Guerilla'
29. GIRLS AT OUR BEST - 'Getting Nowhere Fast'

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Best of Brought To Life - 013

1. THE GERMS - 'Circle One' - Slash 7" - USA - 1978
'Ready, Aim, Fire.' And so begins the second track on the only truly great Germs record. Their first 7" was one of the worst things ever committed to vinyl, but the second was a masterpiece. 'I'm Darby Crash, a social blast, chaotic master.' 
2. ANGRY SAMOANS - 'Right Side Of My Mind' - Bad Trip 12" - USA - 1980
Ah, the 'Inside My Brain' E.P. I remember seeing it in the Zed Records catalogue in 1981 and simply had to have it. It had the same sleeve as the first Anti-Pasti E.P. (same year) but this is infinitely better.
3. A-MOMS (Algebra Mothers) - 'Strawberry Cheesecake' - Aftertaste 7" - USA - 1979
From Detroit. Full of hooks and organ-backed glory. I bet the lyrics are great too but I can't quite work them out. Can anyone help?
4. THE DILS - 'I Hate The Rich' - What? 7" - USA - 1977
Who cares that the drumming's, er, basic? The whole point of punk was that anyone could pick up an instrument and play. This is the Dils first single. This is great.
5. THE SUZANNES - 'Hippie' - De 1000 Idioten 7" - Holland - 1978
There aren't many catchy early punk records from Holland but this one's an exception. It's from the 'New Disease' E.P. which had 6 tracks in total.
6. GROUND ZERO - 'Living In Tandem' - Bung 7" - USA - 1982
From a multi-styled 4-song E.P. from Pittsburgh. This track stands out.
7. BAD BRAINS - 'Pay To Cum' - Bad Brains 7" - USA - 1980
'I came to know with now dismay, that in this world we all must pay, pay to write, pay to play, pay to cum, pay to fight.' That's supposedly some lyrics, but I need to hear it on a Maxell. (If you don't get the joke, see here).
8. THE DESCENDENTS - 'Hey Hey' - New Alliance 7" - USA - 1981
Most Descendents records are great, and this, (the 'Fat' E.P.) is no exception. 'If you think that everything's OK, then go on home and lock your brain away'. Quite.
9. ANGRY SAMOANS - 'Inside My Brain' - Bad Trip 12" - USA - 1980
The title track from the E.P. Often repressed with extra tracks but the original 6-tracker has the best sound, if that sort of thing bothers you. Vital video here.
10. BLACK MARKET BABY - 'Potential Suicide' - Limp 7" - USA - 1981
Another that's been repressed a few times. From Washington D.C. Read all about 'em here.
11. THE GERMS - 'Lexicon Devil' - Slash 7" - USA - 1978
The title track from the second 7". 'I'll get silver guns to drip old blood, let's give this established joke a shove, we're gonna wreak havoc on this rancid mill, I'm searchin' for something even if I'm killed.' The man was a prophet.
12. THE OFFS - 'Zero Degrees' - 415 7" - USA - 1978
The B-side of the second single. Liked their punkier stuff more than their reggae stuff. Like the Germs, the singer, Don Vinil died of a heroin overdose. Search out the 'Live At The Mabuhay Gardens 1980' CD for the definitive musical document.
13. THE BEES - 'Circuit Breaker' - Over My Brain 7" - USA - 1979
From a 4-track E.P from New Jersey. One of those quirky jerky things that grabs hold of you and doesn't let go.
14. HÜSKER DÜ - 'In A Free Land' - New Alliance 7" - USA - 1982
Like the Germs and the Descendents before them, Hüsker Dü released this after a less-than-impressive debut 7". Despite the muddy production it remains one of the best songs ever recorded.
15. THE BOLLOCKS - 'Another City' - Fetal 7" - USA - 1982
From the 'All Rockstars Should Be Drafted' 10-song E.P.  The Bollocks were the 3 Dagher brothers from Baltimore. The whole thing's got a nice D.I.Y style production and this one's a great little ska tune.
16. THE DILS - 'You're Not Blank' - What? 7" - USA - 1977
The flip of 'I Hate The Rich'. For all you guys with non-punk girlfriends: 'You're not blank, so baby we're thro-o-o-ough'.
17. SIC F*CKS - 'Insects Rule My World' - Sozyamuda 12" - USA - 1982
Some late '70s New York glam now. They lose punk points for censoring their own name, but with songs like this one and 'Chop Up Your Mother' you've gotta forgive. Here's one of their reunion performances.
18. THE REACTIONS - 'Marianne' - Reaction 7" - USA - 1981
From a 4-song E.P. from Florida. Get the CD on Cheap Rewards.
19. THE DESCENDENTS - 'Mr Bass' - New Alliance 7" - USA - 1981
Another from the 'Fat' E.P. How many punk songs are about fish?
20. ANGRY SAMOANS - 'Get Off The Air' - Bad Trip 12" - USA - 1980
And yet another from the 'Inside My Brain' E.P.  The Samoans did not schmooze with the stars.
21. SHATTERED FAITH - 'I Love America' - Posh Boy 7" - USA - 1981
A solid band rather than great, but I love the sinister simplicity of this song.
22. THE GERMS - 'No God' - Slash 7" - USA - 1978
The final track from the 'Lexicon Devil' 7" and what a nihilistic masterpiece it is. 'Don't want God, give me a jury,' snarls Darby as the drums crash and the guitar riff scythes through the whole shambolic mess. Exhilarating.
23. BLACK MARKET BABY - 'Youth Crimes' - Limp 7" - USA - 1981
The flip of 'Potential Suicide'. Pounding drums and the obligatory police siren guitar.
24. THE NEON BOYS - 'Love Comes In Spurts' - Shake 7" - USA - 1980
Way before punk, this proto band included Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine. Definite Velvets influence. This was released in 1980 as a split E.P with some rubbish by Richard Hell and The Voidoids.
25. S.V.T. - 'New Year' - Unknown Label 7" - USA - 1979
And finally some Frisco powerpop. Released on red vinyl. Their bassist was in Jefferson Airplane y'know?

26. THE ANGRY SAMOANS - 'Hot Cars'
27. THE DESCENDENTS - 'My Dad Sucks'
28. THE NECROS - 'Conquest For Death'
29. NO ALTERNATIVE - 'Make Guns Not Love'
30. THE ANGRY SAMOANS - 'Gimme Sopor'
31. THE DESCENDENTS - 'I Like Food'
32. SIC F*CKS - 'Chop Up Your Mother'
33. THE NECROS - 'Take 'Em Up'
34. THE ANGRY SAMOANS - 'You Stupid Asshole'
35. THE DESCENDENTS - 'Der Wienerschnitzel'
36.  SHATTERED FAITH - 'Reagan Country'

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Best of Brought To Life - 012

1. THE SICK THINGS - 'Bondage Boy' - Chaos 7" - UK - 1983
This EP was recorded in September 1977 at Spaceward studios and was due to be released on Raw Records as RAW 28, but the label folded and it was finally released on Chaos Records in 1983. Not a lot is known about the band, but Damaged Goods re-issued a lot of Raw records and here's what they know. Another track later.
2. NOTSENSIBLES - '(I'm In Love With) Margaret Thatcher' - Redball 7" - UK - 1979
Well, we all thought it was a hoot at the time but, rather than a novelty single, most of the Notsensibles songs were, er, not too sensible. This one quickly sold out of it's 1,000 pressing and was quickly re-issued on Snotty Snail. It finally re-appeared in the 'Iron Lady' film (2011) and thus was re-released in vinyl and download form to mark the occasion, and then re-promoted after Thatcher's death in 2013 at which point the song was endorsed and promoted by Thatcher supporters who just couldn't see it was all tongue-in-cheek. At the end of the song is 'Concerto No.2' - a track not credited on the label or sleeve.
3. ALBERTOS Y LOST TRIOS PARANOIAS - 'Snuffin' Like That' - Stiff 7" - UK - 1977
From the 'Snuff Rock' E.P.  'Council estate, filled with hate, gonna kill myself before it's too late'. No, they weren't serious either.
4. THE SCABS - 'Amory Building' - Clubland 7" - UK - 1979
About the trials and tribulations of Exeter University. I love this song and yet, like The Huns, I'm still not sure of all the lyrics. If James, John, Simon, Steve or Patrick are reading this, can you help, pleeeeeze?
5. NEON - 'Bottles' - Sensible 7" - UK - 1978
A unique little record from a band based in County Durham, where I was born. This, the first of only 2 singles was a three tracker. You can read more here. 
6. THE CRABS - 'Victim' - Peel Session - UK - 1978
This lot were a regular support act at The Roxy and The Vortex but despite having a track on 'Farewell To The Roxy' they didn't manage any records of their own, unless you count the Fulham Furies 7" which is reputed to be them. They did however manage to get a Peel session, from which this excellent track is taken.
7. THE FRESHMEN - 'You've Never Heard Anything Like It' - Release 7" - Ireland - 1979
And this was played relentlessly on Peel's shows too. They were actually a successful Irish showband but this upbeat knees-up punk pastiche somehow became their last hurrah.
8. SHRINK - 'Valid Or Void' - A&M 7" - UK - 1979
A bit of art-punk now. Shrink wore a silver foil body suit, painted his face gold, played a flying V and made some strange recordings. The offbeat Oval records had a production deal with A&M and that's how the single came about. There's a legendary video here.
9. THE TOY DOLLS - 'Tommy Kowey's Car' - GBH 7" - UK - 1980
Stifled as a guitarist in the club act 'The Showbiz Kids', Michael 'Olga' Algar left to form his own band and spread mirth around the globe for decades afterwards. Being local, I saw them more times than any other combo and they were never less than fantastic. This was their first single.
10. JOHNNY CURIOUS & THE STRANGERS - 'In Tune' - Illegal 7" - UK - 1978
From a 4-song E.P. (another track later). Yet another classic recorded at Spaceward. You can read some history here.
11. JOE 9T & THE THUNDERBIRDS - 'Joe 90 Theme' - Gemme 7" - UK - 1979
From a split single with They Must Be Russians. 'Joe 90, Joe Joe Joe 90, I've been away for a while and gone right out of style and now I'm punky Joe 90!' Probably could have been funnier but I'll settle for any such D.I.Y. amateurish nonsense.
12. ALIEN KULTURE - 'Culture Crossover' - RAR 7" - UK - 1979
Second-generation immigrant youths caught between two cultures. They wrote songs about racism as well as arranged marriage, leading to attacks from both the National Front as well as other Asians who felt they were a disgrace to their community. 
13. A.D. 1984 - 'The Russians Are Coming' - Voyage International 7" - UK - 1979
Whereas this lot were lyrically less than inspiring. The CND logo on the back is somewhat confusing but as it sounds good I've included it. The best thing they did.
14. THE NIPS - 'Happy Song' - Test Pressings 7" - UK - 1981
Shane MacGowan's first band. This was their 4th and final single as by the time it was released they'd split up.
15. FINGERPRINTZ - 'Who's Your Friend?' - Virgin 7" - UK - 1979
One of those well-honed bands of the era who got to release a load of stuff, and good stuff too, but didn't quite make it. They did nick the 'b-b-b-b-baby' bit from Devo's version of 'Satisfaction' however so maybe the kids just didn't trust 'em.
16. THE SICK THINGS - 'Street Kids' - Chaos 7" - UK - 1983
As promised, another track from the Sick Things E.P.
17. RAPED - 'Raped' - Parole 7" - UK - 1977
From the 'Pretty Paedophiles' 4-song E.P. - recorded at Spaceward. They had a hard time of it back in the day as everyone took offence to the name and title until finally they changed their name and style and morphed into Cuddly Toys. Very underrated. 
18. TRASH - 'Priorities' - Polydor 7" - UK - 1977
After punk hit, some of the majors panicked and signed up any old band that sounded remotely punk. Trash were one such band but neither of their 2 singles made any impact.
19. NOTSENSIBLES - 'I Thought You Were Dead' - Snotty Snail 7" - UK - 1980
Their 3rd of 4 singles (although they did get back together to record a Limited Edition EP commemorating the Railway Workers in 2005).
20. AIRSHIP - ' Get Out, Take Your Mother With You' - Decca 7" - UK - 1979
Pub-rock played by 30-somethings but it was all part of what was going on at the time. Chas and Dave with guitars, anyone?
21. JOHNNY CURIOUS & THE STRANGERS - 'Jennifer' - Illegal 7" - UK - 1978
As promised, another track from the E.P.
22. THE SCABS - 'Leave Me Alone' - Clubland 7" - UK - 1979
Ditto for the above.
23. THE BEEKEEPERS - 'The Trouble With You' - Rundown 7" - UK - 1981
From a 3-tracker from Whitstable in Kent. The band evolved from The Ignerents (see Best of BTL 011).
24. NEON - 'I'm Only Little' - Sensible 7" - UK - 1978
Another track from the Neon E.P.
25. ALBERTOS Y LOST TRIOS PARANOIAS - 'Kill' - Stiff 7" - UK - 1977
And to end with another from the Snuff Rock E.P.  Classic video here.

26. THE NOTSENSIBLES - 'Gary Bushell's Band Of The Week'
27. THE NOTSENSIBLES - 'Little Boxes'
28. THE NOTSENSIBLES - 'I Make A Balls Of Everything I Do'
29. THE NOTSENSIBLES - 'Teenage Revolution'
30. THE NOTSENSIBLES - 'Lying On The Sofa'
31. THE NOTSENSIBLES - 'Death To Disco (Single Version)'

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Best of Brought To Life - 011

1. THE DEPRESSIONS - 'Family Planning' - Barn 7" - UK - 1977
We're starting with a B-side by those handsome blokes from Brighton. Managed by Chas Chandler, no less, for all the good he did them. I'm guessing the band wanted this as the A-side but the label wanted 'Living On Dreams'. Typical. 'You know my brother he's in prison, my sister's in the club, my momma's taking pills and my daddy's at the pub'.
2. THE DESPERATE BICYCLES - 'The Medium Was Tedium' - Refill 7" - UK - 1977
This, their second single, was one of the most important moments in punk, defining the D.I.Y. ethic as succinctly as possible: 'It was easy, it was cheap, GO AND DO IT!' They did, I did, thousands did, and still do.
3. THE MACHINES - 'True Life' - Wax 7" - UK - 1978
Recorded in half an hour at 8 quid an hour. The Machines sure took notice. Hailing from Southend. 4 solid tracks, re-issued a couple of times on vinyl and CD. Another track later.
4. THE CARPETTES - 'Small Wonder' - Small Wonder 7" - UK - 1978
Originally from just up the road in Houghton-le-Spring, this is their 2nd single in honour of the label that signed them. Neither a move to London nor some solid follow up records for Beggars Banquet got them the recognition they deserved.
5. THE USERS - 'Sick Of You' - Raw 7" - UK - 1977
Raw records sprang out of Cambridge by releasing this classic single by their best local punk band, recorded at Spaceward. Only one other single followed, though a retrospective CD did come out on Bin Liner/Detour in 2008.
6. SOME CHICKEN - 'New Religion' - Raw 7" - UK - 1977 
The 7th Raw single, with vocals by Ivor Badcock. The drummer, it seems, was only just learning to drum but it only adds to the messy charm of this platter. Repressed on Damaged Goods.
7. CYANIDE - 'Your Old Man' - Pinnacle 7" - UK - 1979
By far the best thing they ever did. And the last. Some solid drumming by Steve Roberts just before he left to join the UK Subs. 'Your old man's got money in The Midland, I bet he's got a pretty penny put aside, and he's got gas-fired central heating, it keeps him warm when it's cold outside'. It didn't take much to spark jealousy in the '70s.
8. THE ZEROS - 'Hungry' - Small Wonder 7" - UK - 1977
Back to Small Wonder now for the second release on the label. This track appeared on the 'Streets' LP too, if I remember. They did another split single and a Peel session but, sadly,  that's it.
9. THE KILLJOYS - 'Johnny Won't Get To Heaven' - RAW 7" - UK - 1977
The third Raw 7", re-issued again on Damaged Goods and again recorded at Spaceward, was a highpoint of 1977. The fact that the singer was a brummie musical chamaeleon and later responsible for Dexy's Midnight Runners is neither here nor there. This blows away anything Johnny ever did. Live snippet here.
10. THE IGNERENTS - 'Wrong Place Wrong Time - Rundown 7" - UK - 1979
The B-side of 'Radio Interference, but with a better catchier chorus. From Kent. Find out all about them here.
11. KLEENEX - 'Heidi's Head' - Sunrise 7" - Switzerland - 1978
'Heidi's head is so dread, Heidi is oh so sad!' I hardly ever knew what Kleenex were on about but there's something primal about them that draws you in. See them in action here. Rough Trade did a 2-song version of this 4-song E.P.
12. DE CYLINDERS - 'Freddy Mercury' - CNR 7" - Holland 1981
Whereas we all knew what De Cylinders were on about. 'There goes Freddy Mercury, shopping in the grocery'. Throwaway powerpop, yeah, but what a tune!
13. LONDON ZOO - 'Receiving End' - Zoom 7" - UK - 1979
On the same label as The Valves, so it had to be good. This lot evolved from Blunt Instrument when they got a new (better) guitarist. Again, like Tiger Tails, the song has a simple riff which just hits you somewhere on an emotional level. Inexplicable, but great.
14. THE MACHINES - 'You Better Hear' - Wax 7" - UK - 1978
As promised, another track from the 'True Life' E.P.
15. SOME CHICKEN - 'Blood On The Wall' - Raw 7" - UK - 1977 
Followed by the great flip of 'New Religion' - the first of 4 consecutive B-sides.
16. THE ZEROS - 'Radio Fun' - Small Wonder 7" - UK - 1977
Pacier than 'Hungry'.
17. CYANIDE - 'Fireball' - Pinnacle 7" - UK - 1979
Did I mention before that this band originated from York?
18. THE KILLJOYS - 'Naive' - RAW 7" - UK - 1977
Read all about the origins of the band here.

19. KLEENEX - 'You' - Rough Trade 7" - UK - 1979
The second single, this time exclusively on Rough Trade, before they were forced to change their name to Liliput.
20. THE USERS - 'Kicks In Style' - Warped 7" - UK - 1978
Their second and last single - re-issued in 2010 on 1977 records.
21. THE CARPETTES - 'Radio Wunderbar' - Small Wonder 7" - UK - 1977
From their first 4-track E.P. Sounds slightly more polished than the second 7". Weird.
22. THE CUT-OUTS - 'We Don't Wanna Hurt Ourselves' - EMI - UK - 1979
From a three-tracker, produced by John Leckie who famously guided a lot of indie bands to great success. Not the Cut-Outs however, as this was their sole release.
23. THE DARK - 'My Friends' - Fresh 7" - UK -1979
The Dark were a frustrating band to me. I loved this single, but then the singer left and bassist Phil Langham (R.I.P.) took over on vocal duty. Of their other 4 singles, 2 were great and 2 were pedestrian, as were their LP and 12", treading ground somewhere between goth-rock and punk, but not being consistent enough for greatness. 
24. SOME CHICKEN - 'Arabian Daze' - Raw 7" & 12" - UK - 1978
Nothing like their first 7". Sounds to me like they'd been listening to their labelmates the Soft Boys with it's neo-psychedelic feel. Interesting.
25. THE DEPRESSIONS - 'Street Kid' - Barn 7" - UK - 1978
And we'll end where we started with another classic Depressions B-side which blows away the label's choice 'Messing With Your Heart'.

26. THE USERS - 'In Love With Today'
27. SOME CHICKEN - 'Number Seven'
29. THE DARK - 'The Ballad Of John Wayne'
30. THE DESPERATE BICYCLES - 'Don't Back The Front'

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