Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 058

1. THE POISON GIRLS - 'Old Tart's Song' - Small Wonder 12" - UK - 1979
Opening track from 'Hex'. 'If I had my time again, I'd like to come back as a man'. If I had my time again I'm not sure I'd bother.
2. ASTA KASK - 'Lasse Lasse Liten' - Rosa Honung LP - Sweden - 1986
Opening track from 'Aldrig En'. If my understanding of Swedish is reasonable, it's about an ugly young guy who can't get a girl so he steals a car to impress people but ends up crashing and killing himself. Oooh, this sampler's not very cheery, is it?
3. MOVING TARGETS - 'The Other Side' - Taang! LP - USA - 1986
Opening track from 'Burning In Water'. This record is often name checked as a classic of the era, and rightly so, it has elements of D.C. emo and college rock but is played much faster and with more hooks. And they were from Boston.
4. THE BUZZCOCKS - 'Orgasm Addict' - United Artists 7" - UK - 1977
The first single after Howard Devoto left. And like all Buzzcocks singles, it's a classic. 'It's a labour of love fucking yourself to death'. Uh huh.
5. RATS & DELICIOUS - 'No Time' -State 7" - UK - 1979
One-off effort that wasn't taken seriously by anyone. No that it was meant to be.
6. THE 2x4's - 'Bridgeport Lathe' - Bessemer Process 7" - USA - 1980
When people would mention 'industrial' music I thought this is what it was. Songs about factories. Shame it wasn't cos this is a classic that gets me on an emotional level that I didn't know I had. 'Your basic ordinary guys work at Bendon Gear, cos the sound of shearing metal is what they wanna hear'.
7. OMEGA TRIBE - 'Profit' - Corpus Christi LP - UK - 1983
My favourite track from their solid album 'No Love Lost'. Nice bass.
8. THE STRANGLERS - 'Tank' - United Artists LP - UK - 1978
Opening track from third album 'Black And White', my favourite Stranglers LP. Live on French TV here.
9. THE POISON GIRLS - 'Jump Mama Jump' - Small Wonder 12" - UK - 1979
Another on-the-mark feminist rant from 'Hex'.
10. ASTA KASK - 'Inget Ljus' - Rosa Honung LP - Sweden - 1986
Another track from 'Aldrig En', again, it sounds quite uplifting to the ears but the message is basically, 'I see no light, I see no hope'. Pass the rope.
11. MOVING TARGETS - 'Faith' - Taang! LP - USA - 1986
My favourite track from 'Burning In Water'. See it played live in a dank room here.
12. FRÆBBBLARNIR - 'Rebellion Of The Dwarfs' - Fálkinn LP - Iceland - 1982
This lot have been on the go since 1978 and, like many, are still at it today. This is from their album 'Poppþéttar Melódíur Í Rokkréttu'.
13. THE POISON GIRLS - 'Another Hero' - Crass LP - UK - 1980
From their 'Chappaquiddick Bridge' album, a landmark in complexity, intelligence and political awareness. A short lyrical quote won't do this song justice, so google it and understand. You might want to google the album title too.
14. THE STRANGLERS - 'Sweden' - United Artists LP - UK - 1978
Another track from the 'Black And White' album. Not sure what this video is all about though.
15. THE 2x4's - 'Zipperheads' - Demo - USA - 1979
Recorded at the same session as 'Bridgeport Lathe'. Finally released on a CD in 2007. Get it here.
16. ASTA KASK - 'For Kung Och Fosterland' - Rosa Honung 7" - Sweden - 1984
From their 3rd 7" 'Plikten Fram För Allt'. An anti-army song. 
17. THE MEAT PUPPETS - 'In A Car' -World Imitation 7" - USA - 1981
A rabid little track from their first E.P. Not much else that they did sounded like this. Not even on the rest of the E.P.
18. THE POISON GIRLS - 'Pretty Polly' - Crass LP - UK - 1980
Another classic from 'Chappaquiddick Bridge'. 'Anxious to please, genetic disease'.
19. MOVING TARGETS - 'MTV' - Taang! LP - USA - 1986
One of the faster tracks from 'Burning In Water'.
20. THE STRANGLERS - 'Curfew' - United Artists LP - UK - 1978
Another from 'Black And White'.
21. THE BUZZCOCKS - 'Whatever Happened To?' - United Artists 7" - UK - 1977
The B-side of 'Orgasm Addict'. Some of those Buzzcocks B-sides could have been singles in their own right.
22. THE ROCHDALE FAIRIES - 'Edelweiss' - SNT 7" - UK - 1982
Time for a cover version now, one from the mighty 'Sound Of Music'. This was the B-side of 'Three Green Bottles', their sole release.
23. THE 2x4's - 'Little Cities' - Bessemer Process 7" - USA - 1980
The flipside of 'Bridgeport Lathe'. 'Are the women all stuck at home reading all the f-f-fashion magazines, are the men down at the foundry r-r-r-repairing all the big machines?'
24. THE POISON GIRLS - 'Other' - Crass LP - UK - 1980
A third from 'Chappaquiddick Bridge'.
25. ASTA KASK - 'Det Är Snett' - Rosa Honung 7" - Sweden - 1986
And to end with, one from their 4th E.P. 'Än Finns Det Hopp'.
26. THE STRANGLERS - 'Walk On By'

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