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The Best of Brought To Life - 057

1. THE STRANGLERS - 'Something Better Change' - United Artists 7" - UK - 1977
Competent but mean-looking pub rockers who were naturally embraced by the punk crowd. First single. Video here.
2. JOE JACKSON - 'I'm The Man' - A&M LP - UK - 1979
Joe looked nothing like your stereotypical charismatic front man but he wrote a mean song which gave him the right to perform it how he wanted. This is the title track from his second album. Hilarious bad miming on Italian television here.
3. SCREAMING URGE - 'You Make It Hard' - Raw Deal LP - USA - 1982
From Ohio. They released 2 albums but since both were untitled the first is referred to as the 'blue' album and the second is referred to as the 'black and white' album. This is from the second. Live from their final show here.
4. NAKED RAYGUN - 'I Lie' - Ruthless 12" - USA - 1983
From their debut 12" E.P. 'Basement Screams'. They were an interesting band, quite original song structures for the most part, but for me their output was consistent rather than exhilarating. Live in 2010 here.
5. THE PIGS - 'General Election' - Demo - UK - 1977
A host of their early demos were released fairly recently on Bristol Archives. They were as good as, if not better than, their E.P.
6. GRATIS - 'Downtown' - BPM 7" - UK - 1979
This sounds like they were doing a cover version of the Cuban Heels cover version! Still, it sounds great so here it is!
7. THE STRANGLERS - 'Straighten Out' United Artists 7" - UK - 1977
The B-side of 'Something Better Change'. And yet there's still a video.
8. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'Beat My Guest' - CBS 7" - UK - 1981
The flipside of 'Stand And Deliver', one of their early songs that Adam, to his credit, promised fans that he'd record and release as a B-side.
9. IVOR BIGGUN & THE RED-NOSED BURGLARS - 'The Winkers Song (Misprint)' - Beggar's Banquet 7" - UK - 1978
Chuckle, snigger, guffaw. Yes, it was Doc Cox of 'That's Life' fame. It's a dirty George Formby-style ditty, nevertheless, it still makes me smile. The B-side 'Reader's Wives' is a lyrical masterpiece but a tad dreary so I haven't included it. Instead, more dick-based humour here.
10. BLUE SCREAMING - 'Bland Hotel' - Albatross 7" - UK - 1978
Love the fairground-style cheap organ. Sole single, not about a hotel at all, but a rant against mercenary new wave bands. 
11. JOE JACKSON - 'Kinda Kute' A&M LP - UK - 1979
Another track from 'I'm The Man' which was also released as a single. Kenny Everett show performance here.
12. THE STRANGLERS - 'No More Heroes' United Artists 7" - UK - 1977
Fourth single and title track from their second album. Here's the boys taking the piss on Top Pop.
13. THE TIKIS - 'Junie' - World Imitation 7" - USA - 1981
Can't believe how many bands there have been called The Tikis. This one only released this single which is something of a travesty.
14. THE PIGS - 'Nuclear Disarmament'Demo - UK - 1977
Another great Pigs demo from '77.
15. THE STONES - 'Gunner Ho' - Flying Nun 12" - New Zealand - 1983
From their sole E.P. 'Another Disc Another Dollar' though they also were featured on the 'Dunedin Double' Flying Nun compilation.
16. THE PUPPIES - 'Atmosphere' - Stiff 7" - USA - 1981
The quirky B-side of 'Mechanical Beat', also featured on their sole album 'Fun Is Right'.
17. JOE JACKSON - 'Got The Time'A&M LP - UK - 1979
An upbeat track from Joe's debut album 'Look Sharp'.
18. THE STRANGLERS - 'Burning Up Time'United Artists LP - UK - 1977
A random track from second album 'No More Heroes'.
19 . RUDE NORTON - 'Tits On The Beach' - Rogelletti 7" - Canada - 1980
Comedy punk from Vancouver slapped together by various members of The Subhumans, D.O.A. and the Pointed Sticks. Look mom, no brain!
20. SCREAMING URGE - 'Skitzo Brain' Raw Deal LP - USA - 1982
Another track from the 'Black and White' album.
21. ADAM AND THE ANTS - 'Ants Invasion' - CBS LP - UK - 1980
I'd lost interest in the Ants by this time having realised that everything was image to Adam, but I still like the brooding atmosphere this track creates.
22. THE PIGS - 'Ran Me In' Demo - UK - 1977
And a third hyperactive Pigs demo.
23. JOE JACKSON - 'It's Different For Girls'A&M LP - UK - 1979
Classic single and second album track about the chasm betwixt men and women. Video here.
24. THE STRANGLERS - '5 Minutes'United Artists 7" - UK - 1978
Another excellent Stranglers single with a classic video here.
25. THE SUBHUMANS - 'Firing Squad' - Live - Canada - 1981
And to end with, a live cut from the Marion Hall, Winnipeg, which just goes to show how overproduced the single was.
26. RUDE NORTON - 'Sea Cruise'

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