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The Best of Brought To Life - 050

1. THE ADICTS - 'Ode To Joy' - Razor LP - UK - 1985
Well, these boys certainly knew how to kick off an album. This is the opening effort from 'Smart Alex', a fine rendition of Beethoven's Ninth. Watch them open a show with it in São Paulo.
2. THE BAD BRAINS - 'I' - Alternative Tentacles 12" - USA - 1982
This was my introduction to the mighty Bad Brains, a 12" sampler from the earlier ROIR cassette containing a reggae number on one side and three punk rock smashers on the other. I'm bringing you those three punk rock smashers. It doesn't get much better than this. 'Not as much but with such intensity, I'd like to be what they would not want me to be, I'd like to cram their chivalry inside their guts, I'd like to leave it all behind with the rest of the nuts, I-I, woooaaahhh!'.
3. THE SURPRISES - 'Little Sir Echo' - Dead Dog Discs 7" - UK - 1979
From Birmingham. From their sole E.P. 'Jeremy Thorpe Is Innocent'. Here's a video for the A-side.
4. THE FLESH EATERS - 'Sleeping Sickness' - Upsetter LP - USA - 1980
Opening track from their debut LP 'No Questions Asked'. I wasn't a big fan but this one's catchy enough.
5. SMACK - 'Edward Fox' - Asprin 7" - UK - 1980
First of two singles from this Manchester band. Hilarious sleeve. Quickly picked up and repressed by Pinnacle.
6. THE ADICTS - 'Smart Alex'Razor LP - UK - 1985
Title track from the LP of the same name.
7. STRAPAZE - 'Allein' - Tritt LP - Germany - 1983
An all-girl band from Frankfurt. From their sole album 'Wild Und Weiblich'. 
8. DEVO - 'Uglato' - Demo - USA - 1977
Devo started recording their off-kilter compositions back in 1974. This and many other early demos can be gleaned from the 'Hardcore Devo' albums unleashed in 1990.
9. THE CURE - 'Foxy Lady' - Fiction LP - UK - 1979
One of my favourite Jimi Hendrix covers, and like most great cover versions it bears little resemblance to the original. From their debut album 'Three Imaginary Boys'.
10. THE TV KILLERS - 'Il Ne Se Passe Rien' - Estrus 7" - France - 1998
This is one of those selections where the dude who introduced me to them insisted that the recordings were from 1978, so I swiftly included the 'You Kill Me' E.P on the Brought To Life CDs, only to find out later that he was 20 years off! A typo? Whatever. They were a great retro-sounding band so here they are. 
11. THE ADICTS - 'Chinese Takeaway' - Razor 7" - UK - 1982
Not since 'Hong Kong Garden' had there been a greater homage to those fine eating establishments. 'Now I'm in the right shop, to stop my hunger, can't make my mind up, just pick a number!'
12. THE YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS - 'Rock 'n' Roll Pest Control' - Popllama LP - USA - 1984
Opening track from their debut album 'The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest'. Groovy intro.
13. THE BAD BRAINS - 'Sailin' On'Alternative Tentacles 12" - USA - 1982
Another from the A.T. 12"/ROIR cassette. 'That's the game, game of strife, everything is all in stride'. Amen.
14. DIE MARIONETZ - 'Peter Pimmel' - No Fun LP - Germany - 1981
From Munich. This is a track from their debut album 'Jetzt Knallts'. Here's an early live tune.
15. THE ADICTS - 'Too Young'Razor 7" - UK - 1982
A track from the B-side of 'Chinese Takeaway'.
16. DEVO - 'Fountain Of Filth'Demo - USA - 1977
You've just gotta love these early Devo demos. It was no surprise that no-one wanted to pick them up in the mid '70s, so hallelujah for punk rock which, at least musically, managed to turn the industry on it's head.
17. STRAPAZE - 'Dorothee' - Tritt LP - Germany - 1983
Another goodie from 'Wild Und Weiblich'. 
18. SMACK - 'Come Again'Asprin 7" - UK - 1980
The quirky jerky B-side of 'Edward Fox'.
19. TOREROS AFTER OLÉ - 'Chicos De La Calle' - Nuevos Medios 12" - Spain - 1983
This one will be new to many of you, but it's from a great 7-track E.P. all the way from Madrid. Their sole release.
20. THE ADICTS (ADX) - 'Odd Couple' - Sire 7" - UK - 1984
This is the B-side of the 'Tokyo' 7". When Sire picked them up they didn't like the drug connotations of the name so they were re-labelled as ADX. Sadly, it didn't make them the pop stars Sire had hoped for.
21. DEVO - 'Goo Goo Itch'Demo - USA - 1976
A third early Devo wonder tune.
22. THE YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS - 'Young Fresh Fellows Theme'Popllama LP - USA - 1984
Another from 'The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest'. 
23. AUTOMATIC SLIM - 'Julie B.' - Square One 7" - UK - 1983
From somewhere in Essex. My money says they were huge Doctor Feelgood fans.
24. THE ADICTS - 'Who Spilt My Beer?' - Fallout 12" - UK - 1985
The stand-out track from the 'Bar Room Bop' E.P. - already a live favourite at the time, proven by this live performance in Bradford from 1983.
25. THE BAD BRAINS - 'The Big Takeover'Alternative Tentacles 12" - USA - 1982
And finally, as promised, a third track from the A.T. 12"/ROIR cassette. 'So understand me when I say, there's no love for this U.S.A., this world is doomed with it's own interrogation, just another nazi test.'
26. DEVO - 'Mechanical Man'
27. THE ADICTS - 'ADX Medley'

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