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The Best of Brought To Life - 025

1. THE LEWD - 'American Wino' - ICI LP - USA - 1982
The lead track from one of my favourite albums. Re-released on the excellent CD 'Kill Yourself . . . Again' on Chuckie Boy. Here's an interesting and informative interview with the band.
2. CHANNEL 3 - 'I've Got A Gun' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
The lead track from the seminal 'CH3' E.P.  It was re-released as a 7" in the UK on No Future with fewer tracks but the 12" sounds much much better.
3. M.I.A. - 'Tell Me Why?' - Smoke 7 LP - USA - 1982
Another lead track, this time taken from the 'Last Rites For Genocide and M.I.A.' split LP. M.I.A. were the better band for me and went on to release a few decent albums after this including the well-known 'Murder In A Foreign Place'.
4. CHILD MOLESTERS - 'Brenda Spencer' - Demo - USA - 1979
From the 'Legendary Brown Album' which was supposedly lost, then found and finally released in the '90s when it was issued by Sympathy For The Record Industry. This was their take on the Cleveland Elementary School shooting which gave the Boomtown Rats their second No.1 hit. Sadly, it was never likely to happen for the Child Molesters who proclaimed 'Got no friends, not a one, but you know how to handle a gun, target practice, hey that might be fun, moving targets, pick 'em off!'
5. RF7 - 'Revolutionary Worker' - Smoke 7 12" - USA - 1982
From the mighty 'Fall In' 12" E.P. After a 7" and an album which probably had too many songs and a weak production, they drafted in Geza X who managed a crisp and yet hard sound while keeping to the 8 songs that counted. Another track later, no doubt.
6. BLACK FLAG - 'Jealous Again' - SST 12" - USA - 1980
At just over 6 minutes long it could have easily been a 7", nevertheless, the 12" vinyl sure sounds good. Ron Reyes did the vocals but he'd bailed out by the time it was released so as a parting shot the remaining Flaggers used the name Chavo Pederast on the sleeve which is non-standard Spanish for pedophile.
7. CINECYDE - 'Don't Come Crying To Me' - Tremor LP - USA - 1982
From Detroit. This is the lead track from their excellent first LP. Now will someone please trade me the mp3s of the second one 'Who Goes There?' which I still haven't heard!
8. T.S.O.L. - 'Superficial Love' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
True Sounds Of Liberty from Huntington Beach, California. This stomping 6-song debut was by far their most consistent. Afterwards they slowed right down into gothic territory and then fluttered in and out of existence for decades afterwards without ever matching the glory of this disc.
9. BATTALION OF SAINTS - 'I'm Gonna Make You Scream' - Nutrons 12" - USA - 1982
Another one about the Hillside Strangler. This was the lead track from their first release, the 'Fighting Boys' 12" E.P. They came from San Diego.
10. THE VANDALS - 'Urban Struggle' - Epitaph 12" - USA - 1982
Though not the best musically at least the Vandals had humour. There was plenty on show on this track, from the theme from 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' at the start to the 'I couldn't make it as a punker' run-out at the end. All in all, hilarious. Here's some faux punk footage that sort of fits with the song.
11. THE LEWD - 'I'm Not Pretty' - ICI LP - USA - 1982
Another from 'American Wino'. 'You'll never get to drive your Ford, in a geriatric ward, when you're old you'll look young, hooked up to an iron lung!'
12. CHANNEL 3 - 'Waiting In The Wings' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
Another from their debut Posh Boy E.P.
13. M.I.A. - 'Gas Crisis' - Smoke 7 LP - USA - 1982
Another from the 'Last Rites For Genocide and M.I.A.' album.
14. CHILD MOLESTERS - 'Violent Crimes' - Demo - USA - 1981
Another from the Legendary Brown Album. 'You ask me if I wanna kill, well maybe I will, maybe I will!'
15. T.S.O.L. - 'Abolish Government'/'Silent Majority' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
Two tracks for the price of one, again, from their classic debut E.P.
16. ROTZKOTZ - ' The Disco Sound Is Dead' - Hipocrite LP - Germany - 1979
First released on Billy Childish's label as the 'Vorsicht! Paranoia' LP but quickly picked up and repressed in Germany with a different sleeve under the title 'Much Funny'.
17. THE LEWD - 'Climate Of Fear' - ICI LP - USA - 1982
Why not another classic from 'American Wino'? 'The economy is on the brink of disaster and the ceiling overhead is asbestos plaster, living for tomorrow is not a valid answer, when everything you eat is giving you cancer'.
18. BLACK FLAG - 'No Values' - SST 12" - USA - 1980
More excellent riffage from Mr Ginn from the 'Jealous Again' E.P.
19. THE EAT - 'She's Pissed Off' - Jeterboy Cassette - USA - 1982
Another great track from the 'Scattered Wahoo Action' tape as featured on the previous Best of BTL selection.
20. THE BASTARDS - 'Schizo Terrorist' - Zaki 7" - Switzerland - 1979
From the 'Impossibilities' 3-song 7" - one of Switzerland's best. It was re-released on an expanded album on Feathered Apple in 2006. There's also a DVD available with a 1978 show and a 2006 show - here's a great track from YouTube.
21. RF7 - '666 Head' - Smoke 7 12" - USA - 1982
RF7 crank up the speed on the 'Fall In' E.P. '666 Head, you know she's hell's daughter, she'll drain you of your after-life.'
22. CHANNEL 3 - 'Manzanar' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
Musically and lyrically sound gem from their Posh Boy debut, pointing out that there were concentration camps in the 'free' world too, not just in nazi Germany. 'Your arm bears the swastika, so vogue in this anger hype, you wanna be fuckin' cruel, why don't you wear the stars and stripes?'
23. T.S.O.L. - 'World War III' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
Well, I almost posted the whole thing, so good is this E.P. 
24. CHILD MOLESTERS - 'X Amount Of Grief' - Demo - USA - 1981
Another from the Legendary Brown Album. 'Why do I have to go though all this bullshit every day, how come I never get what I'm after, even when I ask in a real nice way?'
25. THE LEWD - 'Magnetic Heart' - ICI LP - USA - 1982
And finally, a blazing punk rock duet from Olga de Volga and J. Sats Beret. Here's the band live at Target back in the day. Don't you wish you were there?
26. THE MISFITS - 'London Dungeon'
27. THE LEWD - 'Justice/Liberty'
28. RF7 - 'Vampire Lady'
30. CINECYDE - 'Firefight'
31. M.I.A. - 'Fucking Zones'
32. THE LEWD - 'Suburban Prodigy'
33. RF7 - 'Fall In'
34. CINECYDE - 'The Final Take'
35. M.I.A. - 'Can't Take It No More'
36. THE CHILD MOLESTERS - 'Jet Trash Disco Date'
37. THE LEWD - 'Beyond Moderation'

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The Best of Brought To Life - 024

1. SCREAMERS - 'The Scream' - Demo - USA - 1978
Since the Screamers never made any records during their short existence, all you can get are live and demo recordings. Thankfully there are quite a few. This brooding, menacing composition complete with maxed-out synths and drum machine (sorry folks, no guitars here) is legendary. See a whole crazy live show here.
2. AHEADS - 'Solid Gold Promises' - Aggressive Rockproduktionen LP - Germany - 1981
The intro of this track reminds me of a cross between 'The Sounds Of Silence' by the Dickies and track number 3, below. It's the excellent lead track from their one and only album.
3. THE SOFT BOYS - 'I Want To Be An Anglepoise Lamp' - Radar 7" - UK - 1978
Their second single, and a cracker it is too. 'In your overalls, growing little wings'. What the fuck?
4. GIRLS AT OUR BEST - 'Pleasure' -  Happy Birthday LP - UK - 1981
Another classic lead-in track from a sole classic LP. 'Decorate the walls and doors it makes them all look nice, take the cat out for a walk and help it kill the mice.' There will surely be another track later.
5. SOCIAL DISTORTION - '1945' - 13th Floor 7" - USA - 1982
'Atom bomb, T.N.T., new disease, poor city.' Hardly what you would call singalong subject matter, and yet . . .
6. THE EAT - 'Get Me High' - Jeterboy cassette - USA - 1982
From the 'Scattered Wahoo Action' tape. Is that a piano in there? I believe it is!
7. THE MISFITS - 'Teenagers From Mars' - Plan 9 7" - USA - 1979
First track on the flip of 'Horror Business'. 'Our cause is just and ancient in this B-film born invasion.' Run away!
8. STAGEBEAST - 'Belgium Aint No Fun No More' - International Bestseller 7" - Belgium - 1977
Well, was it ever ? First wave Belgian sax punk, one of my favourite genres. 'B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Belgium!'
9. ANGRY SAMOANS - 'Posh Boy's Cock' - Studio Out-take - USA - 1982
After having insulted Rodney Bingenheimer on their first record it was now Posh Boy's turn. By the time 'Back From Samoa' was released however they'd ditched the verses and the song became 'Steak Knife'.
10. DIE CRACKERS - 'Superstar' - Ahorn LP - Germany - 1981
From the 'BRDigung' album, their first. They could have all done with haircuts and major wardrobe adjustments but it was all part of the fun in those days.
11. THE TRANSISTORS - 'Sniffing Glue' - Open Circuit 7" - UK - 1981
From the 'Riot Squad' 7" - the first of two. If you've ever tried sniffing glue then it's hard to believe anyone would glorify it. But what do I know?
12. REBEL TRUTH - 'Try / In The Red' - Self Released 7" - USA - 1983
Classic 9-tracker from Sacramento which combines speed, tunes and political savvy. There's a cool discography CD on Grand Theft Audio.
13. THE NUBS - 'Dogs' - NCS 7" - USA - 1979
Not the same Nubs that did the 'Job' 7". This is the hilarious B-side of 'I Don't Need You (Cause I Got Me). 'I was born as a human and I walked on two legs, but they can't understand it when I sit up and beg, chasing animals up a tree then I sleep at the door, and when nobody's looking I can piss on the floor.' 
14. MALE - 'KH 3' - Rock-On Schallplaten LP - Germany - 1979
From Düsseldorf. This was on their only album 'Zensur & Zensur' which was re-released on Teenage Rebel in 1990. I'd love to sing along but can't make out the lyrics.
15. SPIZZENERGI - 'Where's Captain Kirk?' - Rough Trade 7" - UK - 1979
'Where's Captain Kirk?' or 'Star Trekkin''? Which is the best? Thankfully we have them both. Video (unofficial) here.
16. PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - 'Blood Money' - Demo - UK - 1980
United Artists dropped them so this didn't make it to vinyl but it later appeared on the 'Revolution By Numbers' CD on Overground.
17. GIRLS AT OUR BEST - 'Too Big For Your Boots' - Happy Birthday LP - UK - 1981
Another goodie from the album.
18. FRUIT EATING BEARS - 'Love Comes In Spurts' - Demo - UK - 1979
From an unreleased album which again appears on an Overground CD - 'Gentle Creatures, Despite Their Fierce Appearance'.
19. DEAD KENNEDYS - 'California Über Alles' - Alternative Tentacles 7" - USA - 1979
Not only did John Peel introduce me to this mighty record but he also told me who stocked it so I was overjoyed to be able to get one. My mates hated American punk but they had to concede that this one was a ripper.
20. THE MISFITS - 'Children In Heat' - Plan 9 7" - USA - 1979
The other track on the flip of 'Horror Business'. Why they all changed their names to Chicago has always been a mystery, however.
21. DIE CRACKERS - 'Phonhaus' - Ahorn LP - Germany - 1981
Another from the first album, though it was also released as a 7".
22. SOCIAL DISTORTION - 'Mainliner' - Posh Boy 7" - USA - 1981
Their first single, an ode to the dangers of heroin. Which Mike sadly ignored.
23. T.S.O.L. - 'Man And Machine' - Alternative Tentacles 7" - USA - 1982
From the 'Weathered Statues' E.P. which highlighted both their punk and goth influences.
24. SCREAMERS - 'Vertigo' - Demo - USA - 1978
Live at Target performance can be found here.
25. THE THREATS - 'Underground Army' - Rondelet 12" - UK - 1982
From Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland. This excellent song can be found on the 6-track 'Politicians and Ministers' E.P.
26. THE ANGRY SAMOANS - 'Pictures Of Matchstick Men'
27. THE MISFITS - 'Horror Business'
28. GIRLS AT OUR BEST - 'Water Bed Babies'
29. REBEL TRUTH - 'The Request'
30. THE SOFT BOYS - 'Give It To The Soft Boys'
31. THE DEAD KENNEDYS - 'Man With The Dogs'
32. THE ANGRY SAMOANS - 'Radio Ad'

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The Best of Brought To Life - 023

1. PORK DUKES - 'Devil Driver' - Wood LP - UK - 1981
By the time the Dukes had made it to the second LP they'd ran out of dirty sex songs and were forced to explore other subjects. With variable results. This is almost biker rock.
2. COCK SPARRER - 'Chip On Your Shoulder' - Decca 7" - UK - 1977
The B-side of second single 'We Love You'. Clearly should have been the A-side. As a result their next single wasn't released until 1982.
3. THE DEPRESSIONS - 'Screw Ya' - Barn LP - UK - 1978
How good were this band? This was the lead track from their first album. As near as they got to a love song.
4. THE 222s - 'Female' - Demo - Canada - 1979
They only managed a couple of singles at the time but there's a couple of great retrospective CDs out there, which is where you can find this great track.
5. CARSICKNESS - 'Not What We're Looking For' - TMI Products LP - USA - 1980
From the 'Shooting Above The Garbage' LP - a brief but catchy little instrumental.
6. THE CHORDS - 'Maybe Tomorrow' - Polydor 7" - UK - 1980
Whoah, when I first heard this I was mighty impressed at the anthemic quality, but it was also quite clear that it was a mod revival band. Still, I almost ran out and bought a parka. Almost.
7. THE MONOCHROME SET - 'Lester Leaps In' - Rough Trade 7" - UK - 1979
Let's have another instrumental. This was the B-side of the 'Eine Symphonie Des Grauens' 7".
8. NO IDEA - 'Class War' - Jayrem 12" - New Zealand - 1985
From the 'Hello Uglies' intro I was at once at ease with this band. OK, so it aint The Dils but it bounces along quite nicely and the sentiment is there.
9. BPEOPLE - 'Weather To Worry' - Faulty Products 7" - USA - 1981
On the flipside of 'You At Eight'. This is all about the riffage, but it also has a nice dischordant interlude which works a treat.
10. THE SUBURBS - 'Chemistry Set' - Twin/Tone 7" - USA - 1978
Twin/Tone were great at releasing multi-track 33 1/3 rpm E.P.s. Not all were great musically but this 9-track debut by the Suburbs was exceptional. 'OoooooooWOW!'
11. BUREAUCRATS - 'The Game' - Demo - Canada - 1979
Yes, they sound English because the singer was English. You can get this on a retrospective LP/CD called 'Roi'.
12. THE MISFITS - 'Night Of The Living Dead' - Demo - USA - 1979
This song was released as a single but this is one of the many demo versions available.
13. THE DEPRESSIONS - 'High Rise Living' - Barn LP - UK - 1978
Another from the classic Depressions LP. Always thought this was a single but maybe that's because Chelsea had a single under the same name?
14. SCREAMING SNEAKERS - 'Violent Days' - Screaming Sneakers 12" - USA - 1982
Lead track from the 'Marching Orders' E.P. - sadly their sole release. Lisa Nash was very nice.
15. DEVO - 'Jocko Homo' - Booji Boy 7" - USA - 1977
When Devo slithered onto the world stage most people were dumbfounded. I suppose I was too, but what weird, wonderful fun! You need to see this video, if you haven't already. If you have, you need to see it again.
16. THE PLAGUE - 'Lay Me In The Moonlight' - Demo - UK -1980
Get their restrospective CD called 'The X-Tapes' on Bin Liner records - a subsidiary of Detour Records.
17. THE SHAPES - 'Bedtime Stories' - Demo - UK - 1980
From Leamington Spa. Get their restrospective CD called 'Songs For Sensible People' on Overground Records.
18. THE NERVEBREAKERS - 'My Girlfriend Is A Rock' - Wild Child 7" - USA - 1978
From the 4-song 'Politics' E.P. The Nervebreakers were of the first Texas bands to embrace punk. They opened for the Ramones, the Sex Pistols and the Clash when they came to play.
19. PSYCOTIC PINEAPPLE - 'I Wanna Get Rid Of You' - Richmond 7" - USA - 1979
From Emeryville, California. The Psycotic Pineapple was Pyno Man, a cartoon character that appeared on their record sleeves. He also manifested himself as a bloke in a big rubber pineapple suit at their live shows. Can you spot him in the background here?
20. THE X-RAY-Z - 'Three More Glorious Years' - Suicide LP - Australia - 1980
This was taken from the 'Lethal Weapons' comp. LP but it also appeared on their own LP on Polyester records. Anyone got it?
21. THE DUM DUM BOYS - 'Let There Be Noise' - Bondage LP - New Zealand - 1982
This lot were big Stooges fans. They released one LP before transforming into the Henchmen.
22. THE DEPRESSIONS - 'Handle With Care' - Barn LP - UK - 1978
And yet another goodie from the Depressions LP.
23. BOYS NEXT DOOR - 'Masturbation Generation' - Suicide LP - Australia - 1980
Another from the 'Lethal Weapons' LP. This lot were fronted by Nick Cave before he formed the Birthday Party. His voice then just got lower and lower and lower, Ian Curtis style.
24. THE AU PAIRS - 'Monogamy' - Peel session - UK - 1979
An unusually upbeat-sounding track from their classic first Peel session. 'If you don't buy it you'll get lonely, if you defy it you're doomed to cry'.
25. KUSCHELWEICH - 'Azuboy' - GeeBeeDee 7" - Germany 1980
From their 'Live Im Studio' E.P. They also did an LP called 'Ich Küsse Dich' which is well worth finding.
26. THE CHORDS - 'In My Street'
27. THE SUBURBS - 'Memory'
28. THE PORK DUKES - 'Powers'
29. NO IDEA - 'Rugger Bugger'
30. THE SURF PUNKS - 'Can't Get A Tan'
31. THE MISFITS - 'Where Eagles Dare'
32. THE MONOCHROME SET - 'Eine Symphonie Des Grauens'

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The Best of Brought To Life - 022

1. ESSENTIAL LOGIC - 'Aerosol Burns' - Cells 7" - UK - 1978
Originally a founder member of X-Ray Spex, Lora Logic (saxaphone) left the band to finish her schooling and when that was done she started up her own combo. More angular and experimental than the Spex, and therefore less commercial, the band fizzled out after an album and a few E.P.s and singles. This was the first single.
2. TELEVISION PERSONALITIES - '14th Floor' - Self Released 7" - UK - 1978
And another debut here from the marvellous Dan Treacy and Co. 'I've lived here for seven years now, and I don't know anyone, I think the bloke next door's a Jamaican, but he could be an Irishman.' Tower block isolation has never been as vivid.
3. BASCZAX - 'Auto Mekanik Destruktor' - Pipeline Product - UK - 1979
The B-side of 'Madison Fallout' with more hot sax. Formed from the ashes of Blitzkrieg Bop. Manic post-punk anyone?
4. ALTERNATIVE TV - 'Action Time Vision' - Deptford Fun City 7" - UK - 1978
Their singles were mostly great. Shame about the albums.
5. THE TWEEZERS - 'Ernie Kaboyng' - Self Released 7" - USA - 1981
First track on a 4-song E.P. Ernie made all the girls howl, apparently. Lucky fella.
6. THE DELINQUENTS - 'Food-Free Food' - Live Wire LP - USA - 1981
Have we had an album track yet? Anyway, I think they did an album with Lester Bangs before this one. 'Read the lable, if you're able, to find any food in it.' Deadbeat synth-punk at its sloppy best.
7. THE CONSUMERS - 'Teen Love Song' - In The Red LP - USA - 1995 - Recorded 1978
This album was originally going to be released by Dangerhouse but they declined after the Consumers broke up on stage at the Whiskey when singer David Wiley stormed off the stage. Guitarist Paul B. Cutler later joined 45 Grave and reworked many of the songs.
8. THE PERFECTORS - 'YT502951D' - Active 7" - UK - 1980
This was the National Insurance number of Gary, their lyricist. Wow, I thought only Stiff Little Fingers had a lyricist back in those days? Anyway it's not usually a good idea to publish the damn thing. Makes a good song though!
9. SNIVELLING SHITS - 'Terminal Stupid' - Ghetto Rockers 7" - UK - 1977
Formed by a couple of journalists, Giovanni Dadomo and Dave Fudger, and if I remember rightly, they had producer Steve Lillywhite on bass too. Get it on the Damaged Goods retrospective LP 'I Can't Come'.
10. THE 'A's - 'Teenage Jerk Off' - Arista 7" - USA - 1979
Back to the superior B-sides. Pretty harmless power pop on the whole. From Philidelphia.
11. THE DARK - 'Musak' - Fresh 7" - UK - 1981
The flip of the less-than-inspiring 'Einstein's Brain'. 'Musak is the answer to all of our ills, you won't need booze and you won't need pills.' If only.
12. ADAM ROTH and his BAND OF MEN - 'I Just Wanna Have Some Fun' - ACM LP - USA - 1981
From the film soundtrack to 'Down The Shore'. (No, me neither). Nice riffage, if somewhat derivative.
13. GARBO'S CELLULOID HEROES - 'Only Death Is Fatal' - Big Bear 7" - UK - 1978
Apparently from Birmingham though you wouldn't know from the faux cockney accent.
14. BLACK FLAG - 'Nervous Breakdown' - SST 7" - USA - 1978
Meanwhile in California, the Flag were real, tearing it up and laying down the foundations of a prolonged and prolific career. Pre-Rollins.
15. THE VALVES - 'It Don't Mean Nothing' - Albion 7" - UK - 1979
Third and final single from this much-underrated Edinburgh combo. All 3 were very different. All 3 were great.
16. TELEVISION PERSONALITIES - 'Part-Time Punks' - Kings Road 7" - UK - 1978
From the 'Bill Grundy' E.P. 'They'd like to buy the O Level single, or Read About Seymour, but they're not pressed in red, so they buy the Lurkers instead.' Weren't that the truth.
17. THE COWBOYS - 'Teenage Life' - Tet Offensive 7" - USA - 1980
And another superior B-side. Apparently the vocalist was Mark Eitzel, who went on to later fame with American Music Club and a solo career. Me, I'm none the wiser.
18. THE BULLETS - 'Grammar School Girls' - Big Bear 7" - UK - 1978
And the B-sides continue. Like the lyric which rhymes 'Wranglers' with both 'Anglers' and 'The Stranglers', though I'd have used 'danglers' myself. 
19. HANS-A-PLAST - 'Sex Sex Sex' - No Fun 7" - Germany - 1981
Though they did 3 albums this appears to be their only 7" unless anyone out there knows any different. The album to have is the one from 1979 with the burning rat on the sleeve.
20. THE BOYS - 'First Time' - Nems 7" - UK - 1977
Their second single, about cherry popping. Still, more subtle and gentle than the preceding song. Learn some German, my friend.
21. THE CURE - 'I Want To Be Old' - Demo - UK - 1977
From the Cure's first proper demo tape. Sounds nothing like what they would later become. Not sure if that's good or bad . . . on second thoughts . . .
22. THE SILLIES - 'If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You When Your Car Breaks Down, You Know Her Love Is True' - Demo - USA - 1979 
An unfeasibly long title for a Detroit punk rock act, but a nice sentiment. Get this, their single and other demos on the 'America's Most Wanton' CD.
23. THE BELL HEIRS - 'California Sun' - Visa 7" - USA - 1978
This appears to be their sole release. Cover version of the day.
24. THE CIRCLES - 'Opening Up' - Graduate 7" - UK - 1979
First single by this Brummie mod revival band formed from the ashes of the Neon Hearts. Well, it was supposed to be the next big thing . . .
25. VITAL DISORDERS - 'Prams' - Lowther International 7" - UK - 1981
From their 3-song debut 7" - the first of 3. 'Let's talk about prams and washing machines, let's talk about the end of childhood dreams'.  Video here. She needn't have worried.
27. BLACK FLAG - 'Fix Me'
28. THE ABRASIVE WHEELS - The Army Song'
29. THE DELINQUENTS - 'Sticky Situation'
30. THE TELEVISION PERSONALITIES - 'Where's Bill Grundy Now?'
31. THE FIX - 'Famous'

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The Best of Brought To Life - 021

1. ERAZERHEAD - 'Apeman' - Test Pressings 7" - UK - 1981
Simple Ramones-obsessed Brit band? Maybe. Catchy though.
2. NERVOUS EATERS - 'I'm A Degenerate' - Demo - USA - 1976
Simple schoolyard chant from these Boston rockers. Available on the Eaterville Vol. I CD.
3. SNUKY TATE - 'Stage Speech' - Blackmouth 7" - USA - 1979
From the excellent 'Who Cares?' E.P. Snuky meant it. Particularly like the authentic live altercation at the end of this one.
4. THE REACTORS - 'Meltdown' - Nuclear Waste 7" - USA - 1979
Not the same Reactors as did the 'I Want Sex' 7". This however is just as good in it's own way. 5-songs in total.
5. ADAM & THE ANTS - 'B-Side Baby' - Demo - UK - 1978
Adam & Co. were great before they started to release records and then it all became chameleon-like, searching for an identity.
6. THE FRESHIES - 'Yellow Spot' - Razz 7" - UK - 1980
Chris Sievey, despite his flaws, was passionate about his music and released a lot of it himself on his own Razz records. This was one of their better singles.
7. KILLER PUSSY - 'Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage' - Sho-Pink 7" - USA - 1982
Well, anyone's gonna buy this with a title like that, aren't they? A 4-track E.P. by mostly blokes with dodgy moustaches.
8. THE MONOCHROME SET - 'Alphaville' - Rough Trade 7" - UK - 1979
The first single. Bid just has one of those irresistibly seductive voices, doesn't he?
9. THE TRAINSPOTTERS - 'High Rise' - Arista 7" - UK - 1979
The first and best of 2 singles released in 1979 by pop DJ Mike Read. If he hadn't been involved maybe it would have sold more?
10. PATRIK FITZGERALD - 'Improve Myself' - Polydor 7" - UK - 1979
By this stage in his career Patrik had moved on from his one-man-and-his-guitar persona and got a proper record deal. Still didn't sell many. As good as his early stuff. I'll add one of those tracks later.
11. THE STINGRAYS - 'Countdown' - Fried Egg 7" - UK - 1980
Bristol band formed in '77. They were onto their 4th line-up by the time this nifty little 3-tracker was released. Some tracks had a rockabilly influence.
12. JACK RABBIT BAND - 'Revenge' - Musik Project 7" - Switzerland - 1980
From another 3-tracker which was reputedly recorded in London. Mullets and bad 'taches abound.
13. THE FRESHIES - 'One To One' - Razz cassette - UK - 1980
One from the 'Rough and Ready' cassette album. Nice tune with some nice lead guitar. Love song, y'see.
14. THE ONLY ONES - 'Another Girl Another Planet' - CBS 7" - UK - 1978
Should have been a massive hit. Here's a 1996 version to look at.
15. THE HOAX - 'This Is My Life' - Hologramme 7" - UK - 1981
From the 'Blind Panic' E.P. Could have included any of the 4 tracks. Perhaps another one later.
16. ADAM & THE ANTS - 'Puerto Rican' - Peel session - UK - 1978
Not often heard because the lyrics are deemed offensive. And they are too. Back in the day it was deemed shock-tactics but I'm not convinced. Are you?
17. THE SLITS - 'Love and Romance' - Peel session - UK - 1977
This was recorded before they got too heavily into reggae and dub and sounds all the better for it. Squeal, girls, squeal!
18. THE RAINCOATS - 'Fairytale In The Supermarket' - Rough Trade 7" - UK - 1979
Chaotic, shambolic, experimental? All these things and more from the second all-girl band in a row. Shame there wasn't more of 'em. I'm sure you could see this being recorded on a Rough Trade documentary but it looks like YouTube doesn't have it at the moment.
19. PATRICK FITZGERALD - 'Babysitter' - Small Wonder 12" - UK - 1978
One of his earlier efforts from the 'Paranoid Ward' E.P.
20. G SPOT - 'Idle Worship' - IME 7" - USA - 1984
Haven't had any U.S. synth punk for a while. It's the synth that makes this one.
21. NILP - 'Gift' - Self-Released 7" - Switzerland - 1982
And how about Swiss synth-punk? From a 4-song E.P.
22. THE LICKS - '1970s (Were Made In Hong Kong)' - Stortbeat 7" - UK - 1979
Re-released a while later as the Epileptics, and then re-recorded for Spiderleg after a dispute with Stortbeat.
23. THE HOAX - 'Sick As A Dog' - Hologramme 7" - UK - 1981
Another from the 'Blind Panic' E.P.
24. SNUKY TATE - 'New Time' - Blackmouth 7" - USA - 1979
And another from the 'Who Cares?' E.P.
25. ADAM & THE ANTS - 'Christian Dior' - demo - UK - 1978
And finally another early Ants demo.
26. ERAZERHEAD - 'Rock'n'Roll Zombie'
27. THE DISTRACTIONS - 'It Doesn't Bother Me'
28. THE STINGRAYS - 'Action'
29. THE FRESHIES - 'House Beautiful'
30. THE MONOCHROME SET - 'The Monochrome Set'

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Best of Brought To Life - 020

1. ALTERED IMAGES - 'Dead Pop Stars' - Epic 7" - UK - 1981
Before they got too sickly sweet, they'd sent a demo tape to Siouxsie & the Banshees which got them a support slot and Steve Severin promptly produced this, their debut single. Recorded before but released after John Lennon's death.
2. LIQUID STONE - 'Here Comes The Weekend' - Liquid Stone 7" - UK - 1981
One single only, re-released recently on Sing Sing. Supported the UK Subs on their Brand New Age tour, apparently. I don't remember seeing 'em.
3. THE WASPS - 'J-J-J-Jenny' - Demo - UK - 1978
The Wasps did many demos, the best of which (including this track) can be found on Overground's 'Punkryonics' CD.
4. AQUI D'EL ROCK - 'Eu Não Sei' - Metro-Som 7" - Portugal - 1979
Same song on both sides of this their second single. And yes, it was covered by caustic Brazilian punks Ratos do Porão.
5. SEMA 4 - 'Capital City' - Pollen 7" - UK - 1979
From their 2nd E.P. 'Up Down Around'. From York, they were formed by Jock Marston who had earlier been in Cyanide. Retrospective CD available on Detour.
6. FRIGG A-GO-GO - 'Everything Around Me' - 360 Twist 7" - USA - 1997
Ha! Just to show you have to be careful these days. I was sent this single in mp3 form from someone claiming that the band recorded this in 1981. What was the point of telling me such bullshit? Anyway, as the music's great and they were on the BTL CDs I'm including it here regardless!
7. THE REPLACEMENTS - 'I'm In Trouble' - Twin/Tone 7" - USA - 1981
This really was from 1981. Their very first single. Here's what they sound like nowadays.
8. LOCAL HEROES - 'Blast The Pop' - Junior 7" - UK - 1980
I remember John Peel playing the hell out of this one. For all the good it did them. This was their sole release.
9. THE ACCIDENT - 'Dixie' - Demo tape - USA - 1979
Yes, it's the same band that did the 'Kill The Bee Gees' single. Available on the 'No Romance For You' CD. If it's still available.
10. YOUNG CANADIANS - 'Hawaii' - Quintessence 12" - Canada - 1979
As well as containing the excellent K-Tels 7", this 12" had a couple of decent tracks in it's own right. The 'No Escape' CD includes them all.
11. THE DISTRACTIONS - 'Maybe It's Love' - TJM 12" - UK - 1978
From the 'You're Not Going Out Dressed Like That' 12" E.P.  They sleeve shows them in bad shirts and an ill-fitting teddy-boy jacket. Appropriate.
12. ANY TROUBLE - 'Yesterday's Love' - Stiff 7" - UK - 1980
One of those bands that got to release quite a few records without selling that many. This, their first single, was surely their best.
13. TOM ROBINSON BAND - 'Up Against The Wall' - EMI 7" - UK - 1978
The second single. 'Look out listen can you hear it, panic in the County Hall, Look out listen can you hear it, Whitehall up against the wall'. Ah, if only. Great song of idealism but where's the action?
14. THE K9s - 'Idi Amin' - Dog Breath 7" - UK - 1979
They started out as Rick Rodent And The Sewer Rats. Should have kept that name! This is the stand out track on this 3-tracker. Can you say 'big black arse' these days?
15. DEMOB - 'No Room For You' - Round Ear 7" - UK - 1981
The second single. From Gloucester. Reformed post-millenium and still going, apparently.
16. BOW WOW WOW - 'C30 C60 C90 Go!' - EMI 7" - UK - 1980
Malcolm McLaren's next musical project after the Sex Pistols. This was the best thing they did. The 2-drummer Adam and the Ants-style was due to the backing band being ex-Ants.
17. THE CHEFS - 'Thrush' - Atrix 7" - UK - 1980
A not-so-pleasant song from Helen McCookerybook and Co. She was originally from geordieland but you wouldn't know it from the vocals. I got into an argument once over whether or not the Chefs were 'twee'. The sound, maybe, but not the acerbic lyrics.
18. THE AMAZING SPACE FROGS - '(I'm Into) Necrophilia' - Ribbett 7" - UK - 1979
From the 'Dirty Habit's' E.P. And, yes, there's a sexy nun on the sleeve. From just up the road in Stockton-On-Tees. 500 made.
19. JIMI LALUMIA & THE PSYCHOTIC FROGS - 'Eleanor Rigby' - Death 7" -  USA - 1979
From the 'Typically Tasteless' E.P. - their second 7". Today's favourite cover version and more sexy nuns on the sleeve!
20. THE HUMANS - 'Electric Bodies' - Beat 7" - USA - 1979
From their debut 4-song E.P. Chaotic and quirky, only let down by the unnecessarily slow bit in the middle.
21. JOHNNY CONCRETE - 'Concrete' - Dandelion 7" - Denmark - 1978
From the 'Come With . . .' E.P. Recorded with the Dream Police who had split by the time the E.P. came out.
22. HUMAN SWITCHBOARD - 'No!' - Clone 7" - USA - 1978
Synth punk from Cleveland Ohio. The superior B-side of their second 7" - 'I Gotta Know'. 'N-n-n-n-n-n-no!'
23. WHITE HEAT - 'Nervous Breakdown' - Vallium 7" - UK - 1979
The first single by a great local band. Live clip here.
24. THE PLASMATICS - 'Butcher Baby' - Stiff 7" - USA - 1978
Released in 1978 on Vice Squad but this was ripped from the Stiff 7". Of course the Plasmatics were all about the visuals, so look here. Whipped cream and pegs on the nipples. Oh yeah!
25. MATT BLACK & THE DOODLEBUGS - 'Punky Xmas' - Punk 7" - UK - 1976
Ah, Christmas novelty punk records, dontcha just love 'em?
26. THE WASPS - 'Run Run Angelica'
27. THE CHEFS - 'Boasting'
28. JOHNNY CONCRETE - 'Jeg Ved (Hvor Du Er)'
29. THE WASPS - 'She's Alarming'

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The Best of Brought To Life - 019

1. CHILLY CHIMES - 'The King And The Queen' - Broderna Surf LP - Sweden - 1978
The lead track from the 'Ljud Fran Friberga' comp. LP which, overall, isn't a classic, but once you get beyond the bar-room chaos of the intro, this track fairly rattles along as well as any euro-effort of the era.
2. SATANS RATS - 'Who Stole My Skateboard?' - Demo - UK - 1979
Available on the 'What A Bunch Of Rodents' CD. Maybe the subject matter was a bit wimpy for the punk era, as consequently a female singer was drafted in and they evolved into The Photos.
3. THE ESSENTIALS - 'Turn Off Your Radio' - Safety Net 7" - USA - 1982
From the 'Fast Music In A Slow Town' E.P.  The town in question is Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
4. SWELL MAPS - 'Let's Build A Car' - Rather/Rough Trade 7" - UK - 1979
Probably their 4th and final single if I remember rightly. Shambolic to the end, with a bit of one-key piano playing almost sounding out of place but, hey, was anything out of place in Swell Maps?
5. REBELL - 'Jag Behöver Inte Dig' - Stage and Music Production 7" - Sweden - 1979
From Nyköping. Sleeve pic (facing a firing squad) is reminiscent of the Users 2nd 7".
6. THE FLYS - 'Love And A Molotov Cocktail' - Zama 7" - UK - 1977
From the 'Bunch of Five' E.P. which has, yes, five tracks on it. A much overlooked band, the only fault with this track being that there's only one verse. Otherwise, a classic.
7. THE EJECTED - 'Have You Got 10p?' - Riot City 7" - UK - 1982
Lead track from the 2nd 7". The London scrounger punks were a bloody nuisance, right? Incidently, I hope their LP sleeve picture is supposed to be a joke!
8. THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND - 'Everybody Knows' - Psycho 7" - UK  -1978
Their sole release before they shortened their name to the Kidda Band and did songs like this.
9. THE EXECUTIVES - 'Never Go Home' - Attrix 7" - UK - 1978
From a split E.P. with Johnny and the Lubes. From Brighton, of course. The keyboard player was called Paddy Fields. Hur hur.
10. THE STALIN - 'Romunchisuto' - Climax 7" - Japan - 1982
Prolific band which ended up too 'hard rock' for my tastes, but by 1982 the riffs were just about on the punk side of metal.
11. THE FILTH - 'Don't Hide Your Hate' - Plurex 7" - Holland - 1978
Excellent 3-tracker. From Amsterdam. I know lots about Amsterdam but nothing about the Filth, though I've got a few early demos on the BTL discs somewhere.
12. METAL URBAIN - 'Hysterie Connective' - Radar 7" - France - 1979
3rd and final single from this pioneering band. Punk bands with a drum machine in the '70s? For sure. Here's some vintage footage.
13. THE BOYS - 'I Don't Care' - NEMS 7" - UK - 1977
The Boys were the alter egos of the Yobs and recorded lots of singles, albums and re-issues over the decades. This was their first single.
14. THE BERNIE TORMÉ BAND - 'Weekend' - Jet 7" - UK - 1979
I remember taking a lot of flak for having this E.P. back in the day. Clearly Bernie wasn't punk enough for my peers. I didn't care, it's a good song.
15. THE FLYS - 'Can I Crash Here?' - Zama 7" - UK - 1977
Another belter from the classic 'Bunch Of Five' E.P.
16. MARTIAN SCHOOLGIRLS - 'Life In The 1980s' - Red Planet 7" - UK - 1979
From Dorset. The first of 3 singles. Sort of has a new age feeling with an early '70s tinge to boot. Reminds me of a TV show theme so if anyone can place it, let me know.
17. NO ALTERNATIVE - 'Johnny Got His Gun' - Subterranean 7" - USA - 1979
From the S.F. Underground Vol. I E.P. They morphed out of KGB and had a 3-track single and another track on the 'Not So Quiet On The Western Front' comp, but other than a recent discography CD with demos and stuff, that's that.
18. THE TOOLS - 'Asexuality In The '80s' - Subterranean 7" - USA - 1979
From the same E.P. The Tools had 3 solid 7"s but I like this track better. 'Take it in my hand, it's just a little gland, I aint gonna sulk, I'll beat it to a pulp!'
19. THE VKTMS - 'The Ballad Of Pincushion Smith' - Subterranean 7" - USA - 1979
And yet another from the same E.P. The only track I'm leaving off is the Flipper song, not that it aint great, but you need to be in a particular mood to really appreciate Flipper.
20. THE LEWD - 'Mobile Home' - Subterranean 7" - USA - 1980
The stand out track from S.F. Underground Vol. 2. What's not to like about The Lewd? 'My neighbourhood's got the distinction of being all the same, there's rows and rows of divorcees in a metal frame . . . Mobile home, filled with foam, polyester catacomb'.
21. SATAN'S RATS - 'Sex Object' - Demo - UK - 1979
Another goodie from the Satan's Rats demos.
22. ROTTWEILER - 'Wanna Be Your Friend' - Rottweiler 7" - Sweden - 1980
From Nässjö. Love the dodgy moustache and tie on the sleeve. Scary!
23. CHRIS SPEDDING & THE VIBRATORS - 'Pogo Dancing' - RAK 7" - UK - 1976
Yes, the Vibrators first release was as Chris Spedding's backing band! Why go from side to side when you can jump up and down?
24. SWELL MAPS - 'Dresden Style' - Rather Rough Trade 7" - UK - 1978
Their second single. Almost threatens to be a tune but still oozes charm and amateur D.I.Y. defiance.
25. LUTI CHROMA - 'Siamo Tutti Dracula' - Italian Records 7" - Itlay - 1980
And finally some Italian madness. They did a couple of albums and singles but this is the one to own.
26. THE FLYS - 'Saturday Sunrise'
27. FILTH - 'Sex'
29. THE FLYS - 'Just For Your Sex'
30. FILTH - 'Nothing For Me'
31. SATAN'S RATS - 'You Make It Hard For Us'

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Friday, 22 November 2013

The Best of Brought To Life - 018

1. THE BARRACUDAS - 'Summer Fun' - Zonophone 7" - UK - 1980
Classic intro and a great song by a London surf band, no less! Dodgy quality Top of the Pops appearance here.
2. THE AVENGERS - 'The American In Me' - White Noise 12" - USA - 1979
Released just after they'd split. Produced by Steve Jones. 'Ask not what you can do for your country, (but) what your country's been doing to you.'
3. PELLE MILJOONA & 1980 - ' Mulla Menee Lujaa' - Love 7" - Finland - 1979
I can't understand Finnish but I love singing along to it. I hope you do too! Great live video here.
4. POP DETECTIVES - 'Twist' - Breakwater 7" - UK - 1980
Great song, but due to the recording drop-out (that you'll hear) it was only the B-side, therefore the single was largely overlooked.
5. THE FIRST STEPS - 'Airplay' - English Rose 7" - UK - 1980
Second three-tracker from the band who brought you 'The Beat Is Back'. Another B-side classic.
6. THE FRUIT EATING BEARS - 'Door In My Face' - DJM 7" - UK - 1978
Entered as a hopeful in the 'Song For Europe - Eurovision Song Contest British heat' in 1978. You don't believe me? See here.
7. NEW HEARTS - 'Just Another Teenage Anthem' - CBS - UK - 1977
Yes, I suppose it is. After this they went on to become mod revival group Secret Affair with misguided illusions of grandeur. Still, it's the tunes that count.
8. NO TAG - 'Oi Oi Oi' - Propeller 12" - New Zealand - 1982
Is this the first New Zealand track in the series? Anyway, no British Oi! dross here, though the sleeve does suggest they may have looked like Judas Priest. They did some backing vocals on the Dead Kennedys 'Bedtime For Democracy' album too, bizarrely.
9. THE FALL - 'Psycho Mafia' - Step Forward 7" - UK - 1978
Ah, The Fall, you either love 'em or hate 'em. Or both, like me. Some great off-kilter tunes were usually coupled with one or more slow droning compositions that were hard to get into. This gem was on the classic 3-tracker 'Bingo Masters Breakout' (their very first single).
10. THE GAS - 'Ignore Me' - Polydor 7" - UK - 1981
This lot released a few singles and a couple of LPs but still largely went under the radar. Worth checking out more of their stuff.
11. BORED GAMES - 'Joe 90' - Flying Nun 12" - New Zealand - 1982
And here's another one from New Zealand, from the 'Who Killed Colonel Mustard' 12" E.P.  For those of you not old enough to remember, Joe 90 was a Gerry Anderson puppet-spy in the 1960s who was frequently seen stumbling around the floor trying to find his glasses. Why not watch a whole exciting episode here.
12. THE HEAD - 'My Girlfriend Loves Billy Idol' - Quarry Hanger tapes - UK - 1980
Great band who of course didn't get far. Get the LP/CD on Detour - here's what they have to say about it, and here's a 2008 live version.
13. B.T.P. FOLDERS - 'All Of A Sudden' - Future Earth 7" - UK - 1980
Blue Transparent Polyurethane, apparently. Again, another great B-side.
14. TSUNEMATSU MASATOSHI - 'Iikagen' - Gozira 7" - Japan - 1979
And yet another superior B-side, this time from a one-time member of Japanese art-punk band Friction.
15. HOLLY & THE ITALIANS - 'Tell That Girl To Shut Up' - Oval 7" - UK - 1979
An American band who tried to find fame and fortune in England supporting Blondie, but never quite found it.
16. THE WEIRDOS - 'It Means Nothing' - Punk Vault 7" - USA - 1988/(Recorded 1977)
From the first demo session, classic punk 'n' roll from a first wave L.A. band that released one of the greatest singles ever.
17. THE SECRET - 'I Wanna A Car Like That' - Arista 7" - UK - 1978
You know the score, 2nd single, superior B-side, released plenty but never really sold enough to 'make it' . . .
18. GYPPO - 'High Rise Love' - UA 7" - UK - 1979
In case you were unaware this was actually the Gerry Rafferty Band incognito (yes, he of Baker Street and Stealers Wheel fame). Gerry himself wasn't actually present at the recording, apparently they knocked this off while waiting for him to turn up at the studio one day.
19. THE TEENBEATS - 'I Can't Control Myself' - Safari 7" - UK - 1979
The first of 2 singles by this mod revival band from Hastings. A Troggs cover, of course.
20. THE NERVES - 'TV Adverts' - Lightning 7" - UK - 1978
They would have been a one-hit wonder . . . if this had been a hit. 'They must think we're dumb!'
21. JILTED JOHN - 'Jilted John' - Rabid 7" - UK - 1978
A local Manchester novelty hit that was quickly snapped up and re-released on EMI. First TOTP apperarance here. There were follow-ups to the tale but the public just weren't interested. Graham Fellows (singer) went on to become a comedy actor and created such legendary characters as John Shuttleworth.
22. MAGIC MICHAEL (with Rat Scabies and Captain Sensible) - 'Millionaire' - Atomic 7" - UK - 1980
Also had Algy Ward on Bass but he wasn't 'famous enough' to get a mention on the front sleeve. Michael and the Damned had the same management at the time.
23. TEMPO - 'Waitin' For The '80s' - Tempo 10" - Germany - 1979
From the 5-song 'Beat Beat Beat' E.P. They continued and released an album on Polydor in 1980 but it didn't sell much so they were dropped and finally disbanded in 1981, when they wrote the theme song for the movie Kalt wie Eis by Carl Schenkel.
24. FRæBBBLARNIR - 'False Death' - Limited Edition 7" - Iceland - 1980
My first Icelandic entry. See some punkier video footage of them here.
25. ADVERTISING - 'Lipstick' - EMI 7" - UK - 1977
Don't know squat about this band but they did release another single and an LP called 'Advertising Jingles' in 1978. Has anyone got 'em?
26. THE FALL - 'Bingo Masters Breakout'
27. NO TAG - 'Legalised Dogs'
28. THE AVENGERS - 'Corpus Christie'

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Best of Brought To Life - 017

1.  THE VAPORS - 'Sunstroke' - United Artists 7" - UK - 1979
The B-side of the first single by this well-known British combo. Why did they spell the name that way? Was it a simple punk-rock deliberate misspelling or was it in preparation for a crack at the American market? Don't know, don't care, like the song. I'll probably stick the A-side 'Prisoners' on later.
2. PSEUDO EXISTORS - 'Coming Up For Air' - Dead Good 7" - UK - 1979
From Lincoln. The best of 4 tracks on the 'Stamp Out Normality' E.P.  Get their whole recorded output on the Overground CD.
3. AGENT ORANGE - 'Bloodstains' -  Agent Orange 7" - USA - 1980
Surrealist psycho-drama from Mike Palm and Co. Their first record. Probably the best.
4. EATER - 'Lock It Up' - The Label 7" - UK - 1977
The third of a trio of solid singles they put out in 1977. 'Whoever found pleasure, scared of too much treasure, sure you're under lock and key?
5. ARTHUR COMICS - 'Isgodaman?' - Beggars Banquet LP - UK - 1978
Now for a couple of tracks from the excellent 'Streets' comp. LP. Arthur Comics were the Snivelling Shits incognito, if you didn't know. 'Has he heard of rock'n'roll, is he wearing any pants, or would he rather be Keith Richards given half a chance?'  
6. THE ART ATTACKS - 'Arabs In 'Arrads' - Beggars Banquet LP - UK - 1978
Classic song, but in 35 years I've never met anyone who can tell me the complete lyrics. Can you? Pleeeease?
7. LA PESTE - 'Better Off Dead' - Black 7" - USA - 1978
Great Boston punk single. See it performed live and loud here.
8. THE CROWD - 'Modern Machine' - Posh Boy LP - USA - 1979
From the 'Beach Boulevard' comp. LP, though Posh Boy also released it as a 7" in the early '90s.
9. THE LAST - 'L.A. Explosion' - Backlash 7" - USA - 1978
California nostalgia: 'Well you can talk, you can joke 'bout the days of old, when kids would run in thousands to the Whiskey, the Trip, on the Sunset Strip, though the cops would swarm around us those days are gone, but I think I see the dawn and I guess you never really know when it's comin' on'.
10. THE OUT - 'Linda's Just A Statue' - Rabid 7" - UK - 1979
The B-side of 'Who Is Innocent' which has a great bassline but does go on a bit and I prefer the shorter, sharper quirkiness of 'Linda'.
11. THE DRONES - 'Lookalikes' - OHMS 7" - UK - 1977
From the 'Temptations Of A White Collar Worker' E.P. - their first release.
12. RIK L RIK - 'I Got Power' - Posh Boy 7" - USA - 1979
From the ex-F-Word and Negative Trend front man. Read the whole story here.
13. THE HASKELS - 'Taking The City By Storm' - Milwaukee Hits 7" - USA -1980 
The best song from their 4-tracker. Full story here.
14. DEFNICS - '51%' - Terminal 7" - USA - 1981
From Cleveland Ohio. Their sole release on Mike Hudson's Terminal Records, though they also had a track on the Cleveland Confidential compilation. '51 per cent of everything, is all it'll take for me to be king'.
15. CHILD ABUSE - 'I'm Not Your Contraceptive' - Reforce 12" - USA - Recorded 1977
Appears to be from an old demo which was finally released in 2005. Well, you try googling it to find out more!
16. THE DRONES - 'Bone Idol' - Valer 7" - UK - 1977
This was definitely released in 1977. Great sleeve, great riff.
17. THE LAST - 'She Don't Know Why I'm Here' - Backlash 7" - USA - 1978
The first single and very 60s influenced, especially with that organ.
18. X - 'White Girl' - Slash 7" - USA - 1978
By 1978 X had really hit their stride: 'Easy to fall when part of your skull starts to break away, cheaters walk down the block behind this evil street'.
19. THE GIZMOS - 'Muff Divin' - Gulcher 7" - USA - 1976
Meanwhile back in '76 the Gizmos were much less sophisticated: 'Let her know she's your favorite gal, stick your tongue in her birth canal'. 
20. THE EDGE - 'Leave Home' - Smear 7" - USA - 1983
From a rough little 3-tracker, originating in Cincinatti. Recorded on a 4-track in a basement laundry room. That's punk rock!
21. '63 MONROE - 'Hijack Victim' - Nardem 12" - Canada - 1980
Originally called N.F.G. (No Fucking Good) they were the bad boys of the London Ontario scene. With a new name they developed a more glam-punk image but this was the standout track of their musical career.
22. THE VAPORS - 'Prisoners' - United Artists 7" - UK - 1979
As threatened, the A-side of their first single.
23. THE 101'ERS - 'Keys To Your Heart' - Chiswick 7" - UK - 1976
Joe Strummer's band before he left to join The Clash. As good as this is, that was probably a wise move.
24. 48 CHAIRS - 'Psycle Sluts' - Absurd 7" - UK - 1979
The B-side of 'Snap It Around'. You'd probably call it art-punk, but it's just so damned quirky!
25. FEAR - 'Fuck Christmas' - Slash 7" - USA - 1982
As the season is approaching, why not? The B-side was a censored version called 'Beep Christmas', just in case the radio stations wanted to play it. New Wave Theater version here.
26. THE DRONES - 'Hard On Me'
27. RIK L RIK - 'Meathouse'
28. THE HASKELLS - 'Daddy's Girl'
29. THE EDGE - 'Death To A.O.R.'
30. THE PSEUDO EXISTORS - 'Pseudo Existence'
31. THE OUT - 'Who Is Innocent?'

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