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The Best of Brought To Life - 090

1. THE DICKIES - 'Where'd His Eye Go?' - A&M LP - USA - 1979
The opening track from second album 'Dawn Of The Dickies' asks what happened to the left eye of Sammy Davis Jr.? 'He used to be the star of stage and screen, but now he only sees half of everything'.
2. THE DEAD KENNEDYS - 'Too Drunk To Fuck' - IRS 7" - USA - 1981
A rare non-political song from the Dead Kennedys. 5th single. 
3. SLOPPY SECONDS - 'So Fucked Up' - Alternative Testicles 7" - USA - 1987
Another drunkard's lament from 'The First Seven Inches' E.P., their debut.
4. DAG NASTY - 'Safe' - Dischord LP - USA - 1987
From second album 'Wig Out At Denko's'.
5. 7 SECONDS - 'Skins, Brains & Guts' - Alternative Tentacles 7" - USA - 1982
Reno's finest. This is the title track from their debut E.P. of the same name. If only it were true universally.
6. THE DICKIES - 'She' - A&M LP - USA - 1979
A cover version now from 'The Incredible Shrinking Dickies', their first album. Written by Boyce and Hart and almost a hit for Del Shannon.
7. THE REDUCERS - 'Blowing The Whistle On Your Friends' - Vinyl Siding LP - USA - 1985
From the 'Towers Of New London Vol.1' compilation album, or if you can't find that, get it on the 'Redux' retrospective CD on Rave On.
8. THE SPYS - 'If I' - Robin Hood 7" - USA - 1981
There's a load of bands called the Spys and I don't know if they did anything else so just bop around in oblivion to this catchy little ditty.
9. SLOPPY SECONDS - 'Lynchtown USA' Alternative Testicles 7" - USA - 1987
Another from 'The First Seven Inches' E.P. 'Well it's open season so let's open fire, we've got shit for brains and guns for hire'.
10. THE DICKIES - 'I've Got A Splitting Hedachi' - A&M LP - USA - 1979
Another from 'Dawn Of The Dickies'. Why they refer to a headache as a 'hedachi' is a mystery to me, so if you're a Dickies enthusiast and know this sort of thing then please enlighten us. Leonard, are you out there? 
11. DAG NASTY - 'Fall' - Dischord LP - USA - 1987
Another from 'Wig Out At Denko's'.
12. THE UNDERTONES - 'Whizz Kids' - Sire LP - UK - 1980
The Undertones second album 'Hypnotised' sounds a bit pedestrian compared to their debut, but this was one of the better tracks.
13. TREKANT - 'Människor Smakar Gott' - Sista Bussen 7" - Sweden - 1982
Hailing from Stockholm, this is from their sole 3-tracker. After a year or so their guitarist passed away so the other 2 formed Köttgrottorna instead.
14. THE DICKIES - 'Walk Like An Egg' - A&M LP - USA - 1979
Another wacky composition from 'The Incredible Shrinking Dickies'.
15. SLOPPY SECONDS - 'Germany' - Herbe Scherbe 7" - USA - 1988
Considering the title, it was fitting that their second E.P. was released on a German label. A nice song about betrayal, revenge and slack girlfriends.
16. THE LONERS - 'Neighborhood Kids' - Live - USA - 1981
This lot only released one single but Noise Addiction (the blog) kindly published a show which was recorded for WERS Boston, and this is a track from it.
17. THE REAL KIDS - 'Hit You Hard' - New Rose LP - USA - 1983
Another solid Boston band. This is the title track from their third album which was released on a French label back in the day.
18. THE DICKIES - 'Shadow Man' - A&M LP - USA - 1979
Another from 'The Incredible Shrinking Dickies'. Backing vocals by Bonita Butter.
19. DAG NASTY - 'All Ages Show' - Giant 7" - USA - 1987
From a 3-tracker which also contains a competent rendition of 'Staring At The Rude Boys'.
20. SLOPPY SECONDS - 'Human Waste' - Demo - USA - 1987
I was in two minds whether to include this version or the accoustic one from the flipside of their 3rd 7". Electricity won the day. Available on 'The First Seven Inches . . . And Then Some'. 'Now, once upon a time in this village of the damned, I took my shot at greatness and the god-damned gun was jammed'. Genius.
21. THE REDUCERS - 'Invisible Rain' - Demo - USA - 1985
Available on the 'Redux' CD.
22. THE DICKIES - 'Mental Ward' - A&M LP - USA - 1979
A fourth track from 'The Incredible Shrinking Dickies'. 
23. 7 SECONDS - 'We're Gonna Fight'Alternative Tentacles 7" - USA - 1982
Another from the 'Skins, Brains & Guts' E.P.
24. THE DEAD KENNEDYS - 'Saturday Night Holocaust' - Alternative Tentacles 7" - USA - 1982
The flipside of 'Halloween'. A futurist nightmare of epic proportion.
25. THE DICKIES - '(I'm Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota' - A&M LP - USA - 1979
And finally, another track from 'The Dawn Of The Dickies'. An ode to a TV newscaster, of all things.

26. SLOPPY SECONDS - 'The Men'
27. THE DICKIES - 'Curb Job'
28. TRE KANT - 'Ryssen'
29. 7 SECONDS - 'Racism Sucks' 
30. THE DICKIES - 'I'm A Chollo'

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