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The Best of Brought To Life - 084

1. THE MISFITS - '20 Eyes' - Ruby LP - USA - 1982
Right, the only problem with 'Walk Among Us' is deciding which tracks to showcase, it's such a fantastic album. We'll begin with how the album begins. B-movie bliss.
2. PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - 'Radar Bug/Metropolis' - United Artists LP - UK - 1979
'Laughing Academy' is also a masterpiece. The best album ever recorded, bar none. How Killing Joke got so big and Punnilux didn't is a mystery to me. One of the biggest regrets of my life is not getting a chance to see their crazy 1979 stage performance. Some of my schoolmates saw them but I wasn't one of the cool kids so I only found out about it later. Rats! Anyway, more from this classic disc later.
3. THE BUZZARDS - 'She's The One' - Rock 'n' Rok 7" - USA - 1982
From Iowa. From their lone release, a 3-song E.P.
4. THE NELSONS - 'Sister Sister' - Southpaw LP - USA - 1982
From Texas. This was from a mini-album called 'Bag Your Face'. They entered and won one of the earliest rounds of MTV's Basement Tapes competition for unsigned bands with their DIY video for the song 'I Don't Mind'.
5. THE MISFITS - 'All Hell Breaks Loose' Ruby LP - USA - 1982
A second from 'Walk Among Us'. 'I sent my murder-gram to all these monster kids, it comes right back to me and it's signed in their parents blood'. Don't encourage them, Danzig!
6. PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - 'Excess Bleeding Heart' United Artists LP - UK - 1979
And a second from 'Laughing Academy'. 'Sow the fruits of madness, they grow up in my tree'.
7. BLACK FLAG - 'Police Story' - Unicorn LP - USA - 1981
I missed this off when I was talking about the 'Damaged' album. That was a mistake.
8. THE STRIKE - 'Running Past' - Shock Rock LP - UK - 1980
From the 'Belfast' compilation album. Only 1,000 made so pick it up if you see it.
9. THE NILS - 'Fountains' - Psyche Industry 12" - Canada - 1985
Though they had their moments before and after, the 'Sell Out Young' E.P. was the Nils at their best. More tracks later from this one too.
10. PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - 'The Message' United Artists LP - UK - 1979
A third from 'Laughing Academy' about the possible repercussions of the discovery of an alien civilisation. Kind of a template for the film 'Contact'. 
11. THE MISFITS - 'Vampira'Ruby LP - USA - 1982
A third from 'Walk Among Us'. 'Take off that shabby dress, come and lay beside me'.
12. THE UNDERTONES - 'Do The Fast' - Demo - UK - 1978
A raw early 'tones track now from their pre-vinyl Derry Demo tape.
13. CASIO VILETONE - 'Fingerless Gloves' - PUSH LP - UK - 1985
From the 'Elegance Charm And Deadly Danger' compilation LP, recorded by artists from in and around St.Helens, Merseyside. PUSH is an acronym for Promotional Umbrella for St. Helens.
14. PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - 'Babalon'United Artists LP - UK - 1979
A fourth from 'Laughing Academy', this time of biblical significance. 'She's not a screen dream to hang on the wall, or a wet machine to peep beneath your pillow, she's not your girl next door or an ice queen to waste away for, she's Babalon, equal to man, she'll do what she wants to, she'll do what she can, but Gad said the word, still heard now, if she's not a virgin, well then, she must be a cow'.
15. THE MISFITS - 'Astro Zombies'Ruby LP - USA - 1982
And a fourth from 'Walk Among Us'. 'With just a touch of my burning hand i'm gonna live my life to destroy your world'. Well, I suppose we all feel that way now and then.
16. THE NILS - 'Daylight' Psyche Industry 12" - Canada - 1985
Another from the 'Sell Out Young' E.P.
17. THE BUZZARDS - 'I'm Innocent'Rock 'n' Rok 7" - USA - 1982
Another from their 3-song E.P.
18. SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - 'Arabian Knights' - Polydor 7" - UK - 1981
9th single. Video here.
19. PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - 'All White Jack'United Artists LP - UK - 1979
A fifth from 'Laughing Academy'. 'I see you try to split the people with your tricks, play hangman with yourself, crack the whip'.
20. THE MISFITS - 'Hatebreeders' Ruby LP - USA - 1982
And a fifth from 'Walk Among Us'. 'Murder one inborn into your every cell, it's in your blood and you can't shake it'.
21. KITCHEN & THE PLASTIC SPOONS - 'Blätta' - Demo - Sweden - 1980
Apparently this track was accidentally released on the 'Serve You!' 7" test pressing. It didn't appear on the final release, that's for sure, but it's available on the 'Best Off' and 'Screams to God' retrospectives.
22. THE NILS - 'Freedom'Psyche Industry 12" - Canada - 1985
A third from the 'Sell Out Young' E.P.
23. SCHMUTZ - 'Gigi' - Some Dutch or Belgian 7" from 1980
As you can see, I know nothing about this other than it's a cool ska disc!
24. PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - 'Obsession' United Artists LP - UK - 1979
A sixth from 'Laughing Academy'. More involved and disturbing than the Misfits' splatter horror. 'I'll kiss you as you're lying in the mud, I'll kiss your mouth and wipe away the blood, I'll take you home an kiss you in the night when you're cold, I'll kiss you when I'm helpless and I'm feeling 2 years old, feeling 2 years old'. It wasn't me. Honest.
25. THE MISFITS - 'Braineaters'Ruby LP - USA - 1982
And finally, a sixth from 'Walk Among Us'. Splatter is fun! Video here.


26. THE NILS - 'In Betweens' 
27. PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - 'Laughing Academy'

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