Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Best of Brought To Life - 125

1. DIE KREUZEN - 'Among The Ruins' - Touch And Go LP - USA - 1986
Yes, it is the same band who recorded all that hardcore wildness a couple of years previous. I do like this menacing gothic track, but for me it's by far the album's highpoint. I got to see 'em at The Riverside in Newcastle later that year and I was just praying that they'd play a mix of old and new stuff. Sadly, it wasn't to be. They played well but it was all new stuff. One of the most disappointing nights of my life. Right, we need a fast one after that!
2. THE ADOLESCENTS - 'Word Attack' - Frontier LP - USA - 1981
One of the faster ones from their debut album. There, that's better!
3. ATTENTAT - 'Omyndiga' - Rykkman 7" - Sweden - 1979
One from the 'Stila Dej Inte' E.P. They still play now and then to this day. From Askim, Gothenburg.
4. THE MISFITS - 'We Are 138' - Plan 9 7" - USA - 1978
And one from the 'Bullet' E.P. If you want some pointless fun, go join a discussion group and ask what the song's about.
5. SNIFTERS - 'I Like Boys' - Lightning 7" - UK - 1978
No ambiguity about this one. The band were rumoured to be from Holland and the singer does sound Dutch but the lack of information available could mean that it was either a joke single or perhaps they were just well and truly 'stuck in Narnia', if you know what I mean.
6. BESÖKARNA - 'Anna Greta Lejons Ögon' - Heartwork 7" - Sweden - 1979
The first of 2 singles. The Visitors, if google translate is to be trusted.
7. KRIMINELLA GITARRER - 'Silvias Unge' - Klooak 7" - Sweden - 1978
The second of 3 singles this time. There's also a CD somewhere of all their studio recordings.
8. THE ADOLESCENTS - 'Amoeba' - Frontier LP - USA - 1981
The most well-known track from their first album.
9. THE DANGEROUS PYJAMAS - 'Fashion' - Een Lantaarnpaal Is Oook Van Ijzer 7" - Netherlands - 1982
They deseve a mention for the name alone. This was the final track on their sole 6-song E.P.
10. ABKK - 'Ronny' - EFMD 7" - Sweden - 1981
And back to Sweden (Västerhaninge - to be more precise) for their first of 2 singles.
11. USCH - 'L.T.O.' - Bellatrix 7" - Sweden - 1979
From Stockholm. The lead track from their first E.P.
12. ALL - 'Postage' - Cruz 12" - USA - 1988
One from their 'Allroy For Prez' 12" E.P.
13. DE KUFFERS - 'Ik Wil Punk!' - Safety Pin / Elf Provincien 7" - Netherlands - 1977
Second single by this Dutch carnival novelty act. By the looks of them I bet they were mad, bad and dangerous to know!
14. THE BALONEY HEADS - 'I'm A Drunk' - O-No 7" - USA - 1982
Sole single, from Cleveland, Ohio. Rumour has it that they never dried out.
15. THE ADOLESCENTS - 'Self Destruct' - Frontier LP - USA - 1981
Another fast one from their first album.
16. KRIMINELLA GITARRER - 'Vårdad Klädsel' - Klooak 7" - Sweden - 1978
Their first release, often reputed to be the first Swedish punk single.
17. SHAKE - 'Glass House' - Sire 10" - UK - 1979
Shake were formed from the remnants of The Rezillos when Fay and Eugene went off to play more '60s-style stuff in the Revillos. This one's from their debut E.P.
18. RADIATION - 'Last Day' - Martin's Records 7" - UK - 1980
Superior flipside of sole single 'Johnny'. Released on clear vinyl but with no picture sleeve. Ye gods!
19. THE SHOWBIZ KIDS - 'She Goes To Fino's' - Top Secret 7" - UK - 1980
As promised previously. Written by Olga Toy Doll when he was still in this clubland band. He'd left by the time this single came out.
20. ASPHALT JUNGLE - 'Poly Magoo' - Pathe 7" - France - 1978
Their second of three 7"s. The song is about '60s French arthouse film 'Who Are You, Polly Magoo?' About a supermodel. So no-one really cared.
21. THE FLOWERS - '(Life) After Dark' - Pop Aural 7" - UK - 1979
The vastly superior flipside of debut single 'Confessions'. From Edinburgh.
22. ATTENTAT - 'Död Bland Dom Döda' - Rykkman Rekkords 7" - Sweden - 1979
The flipside of 'Ge Fan I Mej'. Their first single.
23. SNIFTERS - 'Baby Punker' - Lightning 7" - UK - 1978
The flipside of 'I Like Boys'.
24. THE ADOLESCENTS - 'L.A. Girl' - Frontier LP - USA - 1981
Another from their debut album.
25. ALL - 'Skin Deep' - Cruz 12" - USA - 1988
And another from 'Allroy For Prez'.
26. THE BALONEY HEADS - 'Life's Rough'
27. ATTENTAT - 'Hej Gamle Man'
28. USCH - 'Relationer'
29. SHAKE - 'But Not Mine'
30. THE SHOWBIZ KIDS - 'I Don't Wanna Discuss That'
31. THE ADOLESCENTS - Wrecking Crew'


  1. Hi Graeme, really been enjoying looking through you blog, you have great taste. Unfortunately I don't have much time to look around anymore. Awesome mix of music here, keep up the great work ! I noticed you were threatened over the Violators tune. I'm sure posting that song was doing some major damage......LOL!

    1. Thanks Frank. Yes, I'm happy to remove songs if bands want me to, but all that's really doing is hiding their music from the kids!

  2. I've never understood that. The music was meant to be heard, or they wouldn't have released it to begin with. It's been, in most cases 30 to 40 years since these records were released . If they didn't make their fortune by now; It's not happening! You would think they would be greatfull that someone still cares enough to post their music . I post record's that I really like, so from my standpoint it's meant, in the most complimentary way. For the most part, I get positive feedback, but I've been threatened a few times myself. At the end of the day, I understand a band has a right to privacy. If it were me though , I would be flattered.

    1. It's all about CONTROL Frank. A lot of these instances occur when the band member(s) in question aren't even that passionate about the music they created, but they ARE passionate about CONTROLLING how it's shared. Sometimes they fear loss of revenue too, but I'm 100% sure that blogging increases awareness of old records and if the bands make them officially available it actually increases what little revenue such things create these days.

  3. Super Blog, thanks!!! Please re-up item 125. Cheers