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The Best of Brought To Life - 026

1. RHYTHM PIGS - 'I Can Fly' - Unclean 7" - USA - 1984
From their 6-song debut E.P. 'An American Activity'. It's a varied little blighter with speed, tunes, rhythm and an identity that set it apart from a lot of generic mulch being churned out at the time.
2. FUNBOY FIVE - 'Compulsive Eater' - Cool Cat Daddy-O 7" - UK - 1980
The superior B-side of 'Life After Death'. The song appears to be about some guy who ate his way out of prison. Mind boggling stuff indeed. Lovely minimal D.I.Y. sleeve though.
3. MODERN MAN - 'All The Little Idiots' - MAM 7" - UK - 1980
New Wavey band who toured with Ultravox and released an album along with a handful of singles. This, their finest moment, was also released in Australia.
4. REVILLOS - 'Where's The Boy For Me?' - Dindisc 7" - UK - 1979
Well, there was always a '60s influence in the Rezillos but when Faye and Eugene split off and formed the Revillos (the name being a clever contractual dodge) this first single was literally drenched in '60s nostalgia. I wasn't 100% sure on first hearing until the guitar solo kicked in and that won me over. Ropey YouTube video here.
5. PVC - 'Waves' - RCA LP - Germany - 1982
From their first album (the one with the black sleeve). These early Berlin punks were pretty cerebral, this song telling us how the universe and everything in it consists of waves. Heavy man.
6. PANIC - 'Thirteen' - Universe Productions LP - Netherlands - 1978
From their sole release. No, scratch that, there was also a single released in 1980, sung in Dutch. And yes, it's about underage sex. At the end of 1978 a Rock Against Racism festival was organised at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. Crass played there among others. The lead singer of Panic came on stage wearing a 'Sinterklaas' outfit (Duch equivalent of Santa Claus). Underneath his rope he had a firework which he let off at the start of their set. Unfortunately it caused him second degree chest-burns which was cooled by the crowd with Heineken lager. There's a Christmas story for ya!
7. THE FLYS - 'EC4' - EMI 7" - UK - 1978
The superior B-side of 'Fun City' (video proof here) which is all about media manipulation. EC4 is an area of Central London which contains Fleet Street among other things. So there you go.
8. KJØTT - 'Nei Nei Nei' - Fleske-Skiver 7" - Norway - 1980
From their 4-track debut 7". So talented were this band that even the drummer, Michael Krohn, would post-Kjøtt become the lead singer in Raga Rockers, one of Norway's biggest rock bands of the 1980's and beyond. He's also released a number of solo albums.
9. THE SPYS - 'I Wanna Be Like You' - Demo - Canada - 1980
Only released one single ('Underground'/'Machine Shop') but, thankfully, Incognito released this on a retrospective collection in 2001.
10. ERAZERHEAD - 'Teenager In Love' - Peel Session - UK - 1982
Time for a cover version. Not the most original or unique choice but it's good to hear Erazerhead rattle through it with abandon.
11. SOCIAL SECURITY - 'Stella's Got A Fella' - Heartbeat 7" - UK - 1978
My favourite track about unrequited love from their sole E.P. You can however buy some other tracks in mp3 form from Bristol Archives.
12. ANARCHY - 'Not Satisfied' - Invitation 7" - Japan - 1980
I know little about this Japanese band but there's a must see video on YouTube here.
13. THE COLD - 'You' - Top Pop 7" - USA - 1980
And 'Top Pop' it is! This was the first of a number of releases, all of which are worth checking out.
14. KJØTT - 'Primitiv' - Flesh 12" - Norway - 1980
Hot on the heels of their debut 7" was this 7 track 12" E.P. Can you hear how quickly they were progressing?
15. REVILLOS - 'Motorbike Beat' - Dindisc 7" - UK - 1980
So impressed was I with this second Revillos single that I bunked off school to go and see them at a record signing at Stockton HMV. Nice folks. And before you ask, the autographed vinyl was sold on e-bay a long time ago.
16. ERAZERHEAD - 'Martian Girl' - Peel Session - UK - 1982
Well, since I included 'Teenager In Love' I'll have to include this from the same session, as it's better. Hardly any lyrics but what the fuck.
17. THE DISTRACTIONS - 'Paracetamol Paralysis' - Island 7" - UK - 1980
From 'Nobody's Perfect' - their sole LP. A rare upbeat number. Fairly 'tinny' sounding but the song quality makes up for it.
18. THE MONOCHROME SET - 'Flesh/Trash/Heat' - Demo - UK - 1978
Available on the 'Black And White Minstrels' CD. The Monochrome Set . . . Black and white . . . geddit?
19. RHYTHM PIGS - 'Radio Silence' - Unclean 7" - USA - 1984
Another from 'An American Activity'. It was hard to choose between all those great cuts on this disc.
20. THE RIVALS - 'Skateboarding In The UK' - Sound On Sound 7" - UK - 1978
Apologies for the sound but it's the best rip I have. So innocent, such fun! Their sole release - not issued with a picture sleeve.
21. CHUZPE - 'Chinese Chive' - GiG 7" - Austria - 1981
B-side of the 3rd single 'Charlie Chan' which aint half as good. Does this qualify as 'Oi?' (Check the end of the first chorus).
22. TRASTE & SUPERSTARARNA - 'Pengar' - Mesrock 7" - Sweden - 1979
Their first single. Every single one of 'em wears sunglasses on the sleeve. How much sun does Sweden get? I guess it reflects off all the snow, huh?
23. NO FUN - 'Fall For A Cliche' - Werewolf T-shirts 7" - Canada - 1978
From a 6-track 33 1/3 rpm E.P. Pretty much overlooked because of the variety of musical styles on the record but I've always liked this track, despite the rock guitar in the latter half.
24. THE FUN 4 - 'Singing In The Showers' - NMC 7" - UK - 1979
From Glasgow. A nice little twisted holocaust ditty. Their sole release, though the drummer did go on to play for Orange Juice.
25. THE PROFESSIONALS - '1-2-3' - Virgin 7" - UK - 1980
With Steve Jones and Paul Cook. Their second single. Disbanded after a serious car crash. They'd just released their second album called 'I Didn't See It Coming'. Video here.
26. THE RHYTHM PIGS - 'Military Fairy'
27. THE COLD - 'Three Chord City'
28. PVC - 'Telephones'
29. THE MONOCHROME SET - 'He's Frank (Slight Return)'
30. MODERN MAN - 'Good Time Ideology'
31. SOCIAL TASK - 'Self-Inflicted'
32. THE RHYTHM PIGS - 'Get It Now'

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