Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Best of Brought To Life - 025

1. THE LEWD - 'American Wino' - ICI LP - USA - 1982
The lead track from one of my favourite albums. Re-released on the excellent CD 'Kill Yourself . . . Again' on Chuckie Boy. Here's an interesting and informative interview with the band.
2. CHANNEL 3 - 'I've Got A Gun' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
The lead track from the seminal 'CH3' E.P.  It was re-released as a 7" in the UK on No Future with fewer tracks but the 12" sounds much much better.
3. M.I.A. - 'Tell Me Why?' - Smoke 7 LP - USA - 1982
Another lead track, this time taken from the 'Last Rites For Genocide and M.I.A.' split LP. M.I.A. were the better band for me and went on to release a few decent albums after this including the well-known 'Murder In A Foreign Place'.
4. CHILD MOLESTERS - 'Brenda Spencer' - Demo - USA - 1979
From the 'Legendary Brown Album' which was supposedly lost, then found and finally released in the '90s when it was issued by Sympathy For The Record Industry. This was their take on the Cleveland Elementary School shooting which gave the Boomtown Rats their second No.1 hit. Sadly, it was never likely to happen for the Child Molesters who proclaimed 'Got no friends, not a one, but you know how to handle a gun, target practice, hey that might be fun, moving targets, pick 'em off!'
5. RF7 - 'Revolutionary Worker' - Smoke 7 12" - USA - 1982
From the mighty 'Fall In' 12" E.P. After a 7" and an album which probably had too many songs and a weak production, they drafted in Geza X who managed a crisp and yet hard sound while keeping to the 8 songs that counted. Another track later, no doubt.
6. BLACK FLAG - 'Jealous Again' - SST 12" - USA - 1980
At just over 6 minutes long it could have easily been a 7", nevertheless, the 12" vinyl sure sounds good. Ron Reyes did the vocals but he'd bailed out by the time it was released so as a parting shot the remaining Flaggers used the name Chavo Pederast on the sleeve which is non-standard Spanish for pedophile.
7. CINECYDE - 'Don't Come Crying To Me' - Tremor LP - USA - 1982
From Detroit. This is the lead track from their excellent first LP. Now will someone please trade me the mp3s of the second one 'Who Goes There?' which I still haven't heard!
8. T.S.O.L. - 'Superficial Love' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
True Sounds Of Liberty from Huntington Beach, California. This stomping 6-song debut was by far their most consistent. Afterwards they slowed right down into gothic territory and then fluttered in and out of existence for decades afterwards without ever matching the glory of this disc.
9. BATTALION OF SAINTS - 'I'm Gonna Make You Scream' - Nutrons 12" - USA - 1982
Another one about the Hillside Strangler. This was the lead track from their first release, the 'Fighting Boys' 12" E.P. They came from San Diego.
10. THE VANDALS - 'Urban Struggle' - Epitaph 12" - USA - 1982
Though not the best musically at least the Vandals had humour. There was plenty on show on this track, from the theme from 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' at the start to the 'I couldn't make it as a punker' run-out at the end. All in all, hilarious. Here's some faux punk footage that sort of fits with the song.
11. THE LEWD - 'I'm Not Pretty' - ICI LP - USA - 1982
Another from 'American Wino'. 'You'll never get to drive your Ford, in a geriatric ward, when you're old you'll look young, hooked up to an iron lung!'
12. CHANNEL 3 - 'Waiting In The Wings' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
Another from their debut Posh Boy E.P.
13. M.I.A. - 'Gas Crisis' - Smoke 7 LP - USA - 1982
Another from the 'Last Rites For Genocide and M.I.A.' album.
14. CHILD MOLESTERS - 'Violent Crimes' - Demo - USA - 1981
Another from the Legendary Brown Album. 'You ask me if I wanna kill, well maybe I will, maybe I will!'
15. T.S.O.L. - 'Abolish Government'/'Silent Majority' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
Two tracks for the price of one, again, from their classic debut E.P.
16. ROTZKOTZ - ' The Disco Sound Is Dead' - Hipocrite LP - Germany - 1979
First released on Billy Childish's label as the 'Vorsicht! Paranoia' LP but quickly picked up and repressed in Germany with a different sleeve under the title 'Much Funny'.
17. THE LEWD - 'Climate Of Fear' - ICI LP - USA - 1982
Why not another classic from 'American Wino'? 'The economy is on the brink of disaster and the ceiling overhead is asbestos plaster, living for tomorrow is not a valid answer, when everything you eat is giving you cancer'.
18. BLACK FLAG - 'No Values' - SST 12" - USA - 1980
More excellent riffage from Mr Ginn from the 'Jealous Again' E.P.
19. THE EAT - 'She's Pissed Off' - Jeterboy Cassette - USA - 1982
Another great track from the 'Scattered Wahoo Action' tape as featured on the previous Best of BTL selection.
20. THE BASTARDS - 'Schizo Terrorist' - Zaki 7" - Switzerland - 1979
From the 'Impossibilities' 3-song 7" - one of Switzerland's best. It was re-released on an expanded album on Feathered Apple in 2006. There's also a DVD available with a 1978 show and a 2006 show - here's a great track from YouTube.
21. RF7 - '666 Head' - Smoke 7 12" - USA - 1982
RF7 crank up the speed on the 'Fall In' E.P. '666 Head, you know she's hell's daughter, she'll drain you of your after-life.'
22. CHANNEL 3 - 'Manzanar' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
Musically and lyrically sound gem from their Posh Boy debut, pointing out that there were concentration camps in the 'free' world too, not just in nazi Germany. 'Your arm bears the swastika, so vogue in this anger hype, you wanna be fuckin' cruel, why don't you wear the stars and stripes?'
23. T.S.O.L. - 'World War III' - Posh Boy 12" - USA - 1981
Well, I almost posted the whole thing, so good is this E.P. 
24. CHILD MOLESTERS - 'X Amount Of Grief' - Demo - USA - 1981
Another from the Legendary Brown Album. 'Why do I have to go though all this bullshit every day, how come I never get what I'm after, even when I ask in a real nice way?'
25. THE LEWD - 'Magnetic Heart' - ICI LP - USA - 1982
And finally, a blazing punk rock duet from Olga de Volga and J. Sats Beret. Here's the band live at Target back in the day. Don't you wish you were there?
26. THE MISFITS - 'London Dungeon'
27. THE LEWD - 'Justice/Liberty'
28. RF7 - 'Vampire Lady'
30. CINECYDE - 'Firefight'
31. M.I.A. - 'Fucking Zones'
32. THE LEWD - 'Suburban Prodigy'
33. RF7 - 'Fall In'
34. CINECYDE - 'The Final Take'
35. M.I.A. - 'Can't Take It No More'
36. THE CHILD MOLESTERS - 'Jet Trash Disco Date'
37. THE LEWD - 'Beyond Moderation'

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  1. Thanks so much for this blog! Every post is about half stuff I have & have don't. Incredible series!

    I'm 42 & live in the US, cut my teeth on '80s HC, punk & thrash. This blog is a new favorite! What were your zines? Maybe some of us recall them...

    1. Thanks Chris, I just hope I can get a few more posts in before my failing hard drive gives up permanently. The zines I did were' 8-9-10-11 Years On' from '84-'87 and 'No Pretentions which was around '91-'92. In between I did 'Real World Records' releasing 5 EPs in '87-'88 before the taxman put a stop to it.

    2. Graeme - I recall seeing the X Years On zines reviewed frequently in other zines, but don't believe I ever had a copy myself. Thanks again for the excellent blog!

    3. Well, the biggest print run was 1,000 and not many made it over the pond due to shipping costs. My stuff wasn't essential reading but I felt I was doing my bit!

  2. Yep, most of them have expired I'm afraid. Probably a good thing as I was always in danger of getting the whole blog deleted. If people had participated more I might have attempted to make it as permanent as blogs can get, but not many were that fussed (despite it being a comprehensive document of the best music ever) and all I really got were constant re-up requests and Asian entrepreneurs offering their web design services. Neither of which appeal to me.