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The Best of Brought To Life - 028

1. RED KROSS - 'Linda Blair' - Smoke 7 LP - USA - 1982
The lead-in track to their great trashy first LP. 'You were born innocent girl, and that ain't all, you got it for the first time baby, in a shower stall.' Poor Linda. Good job there weren't many listening.
2. (IMPATIENT) YOUTH - 'In Your Back Yard' - Demo - USA - 1980
From a great retrospective compilation 'Don't Listen' on Lost and Found records. More info here.
3. HUBBLE BUBBLE -'Little Jeannie' - Sinus LP - Belgium - 1978
Howsabout this for a bit of punk rock craziness. Hard to believe the band included Plastic Bertrand. From the first LP.
4. THE TRAGICS - 'Mommi I'm A Misfit' - Black & White - USA - 1981
From a 4-tracker from Albany, New York. For some reason they originally called themselves the Misfits but by the time the sleeves were printed up Danzig had gotten wind of it and they were forced to change their name to the Tragics and amend the sleeve accordingly.
5. BIG BALLS & THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT - 'Rock'n'Roll Madness' - Nova LP - Germany - 1977
From Hamburg. So what if they looked like gay bikers? They made a couple of cool LPs, this being from the first.
6. CYANIDE - 'No Progress' - Pye LP - UK - 1978
Cyanide however only made one distinctly average LP. This is probably the best track on it.
7. NO DIRECTION - 'Tear Gas Justice' - No Direction LP - USA - 1983
From their first (best) album. I'm reliably informed they were from a one-horse town in South Dakota.
8. THE WALL - 'Ghetto' - Fresh 7" - UK - 1980
'Ghetto, barbed wire ghetto!' After touring with Stiff Little Fingers maybe this was inspired by them. Or maybe not.
9. IMPATIENT YOUTH - 'The Workbell's Ring' - Demo - USA - 1980
Another goodie from 'Don't Listen'.
10. STRASSENJUNGS - Spießer' - Tritt LP - Germany - 1979
From the second LP 'Wir Ham Ne Party' and it does have that party feel too it. Absolute classic album sleeve.
11. MISSION OF BURMA - 'Academy Fight Song' - Ace Of Hearts 7" - USA - 1980
Strange story. I got this back in the day from Zed records because of the sound of the name and the look of the sleeve. On first listen I was slightly disappointed that it was bordering on college rock, but it was definitely a grower, and imagine my surprise to find out later that this radio-friendly track was quite an anomaly and Burma were actually much more interesting and original than that. The B-side 'Max Ernst' should have told me this from the start.
12. BIG BALLS & THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT - 'Hey Dr. Frey' - Nova LP - Germany - 1977
Another jaunty little number from the first album. If you understand German, watch this. If you don't, watch it anyway as there's some live stuff at the end.
13. RED KROSS - 'White Trash' - Smoke 7 LP - USA - 1982
Another from 'Born Innocent'.
14. THE FRESHIES - 'I'm In Love With The Girl On The Manchester Virgin Megastore Checkout Desk' - Razz 7" - UK - 1980
Well, the title was a mouthful and the pressing quality wasn't the best, but when MCA picked it up for a re-release they were forced to change the vocal track to remove the Virgin reference. Why it would be an issue with such an inoffensive pop song, who knows?
15. (IMPATIENT) YOUTH - 'Rat Pack' - Demo - USA - 1980
And another goodie from 'Don't Listen'.
16. ISM - 'Herpes Simplex II' - S.I.N. LP - USA - 1983
From their only full length album: 'A Diet For The Worms'. The shock sleeve pic of 'the majesty of birth' is actually a clever play on the title.
17. BLACK RANDY & METROSQUAD - 'San Francisco' - Dangerhouse LP - USA - 1979
So, Black Randy was musically, ahem, limited, but with an album titled 'Pass The Dust, I Think I'm Bowie' I simply had to include at least one track.
18. BIG BALLS & THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT - 'Aint Impressed' - Strand LP - Germany - 1978
From the second LP 'Foolish Guys'. The musical leap forward on this platter is almost noticeable.
19. HUBBLE BUBBLE - 'Pogo Pogo' - Sinus LP - Belgium - 1978
Ah, the Plastic Bertrand thing now becomes more apparent . . .
20. THE REACTORS - 'Bite The Hand' - Nuclear Waste LP - USA - 1980
The lead-in track from their only LP. Artifix were supposed to be releasing a CD of all their stuff. Is it out yet?
21. MISSION OF BURMA - 'That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate' - Ace Of Hearts LP - USA - 1982
Final blazing track from their interesting debut full-length 'Vs.'
22. (IMPATIENT) YOUTH - 'The Same' - Demo - USA - 1980
From 'Don't Listen' again.
23. BIG BALLS & THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT - 'Linda' - Strand LP - Germany - 1978
Another from 'Foolish Guys'. Linda sounds like quite a piece of work.
24. RED KROSS - 'Notes And Chords Don't Mean A Thing' - Smoke 7 LP - USA - 1982
Another goodie from 'Born Innocent'.
25. THE FRESHIES - 'Children Of The World' - Razz 7" - UK - 1979
If their last one didn't have a long enough title, this 7" (that preceded it) was from an E.P. called: 'The Men From Banana Island Who's Stupid Ideas Never Caught On In The Western World As We Know It.'
26. IMPATIENT YOUTH - 'Just Another Joe'
28. NEON - 'Hanging Off An O'
29. IMPATIENT YOUTH - 'Yankee Go Home'
30. THE FRESHIES - 'Wrap Up The Rockets’/‘It's Gonna Get Better'

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